Demon Slayer Upper Moon 4 Nakime Is A Menace Undoubtedly; Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Upper Moon 4 in Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer Season 4 is up and running right now. Three episodes of the latest installment have already been released, and they are giving birth to new questions all around the fandom. We already know that the latest Demon Slayer Season is going to become more intense with every passing episode.

One of the most important questions that is doing the rounds of the internet these days is the Upper Moon 4 in Demon Slayer. Moving forward, we will discuss the new upper 4 demon followed by her role, which we will see in the anime. 

Who is Demon Slayer Upper Moon 4?

Demon Slayer Upper Moon four

The current Demon Slayer Upper Moon 4 is Nakime. 

In the last Demon Slayer Season, we saw that Hantengu, previous upper four demon, gets eradicated by Tanjiro and team. Following the developments from the last season, Nakime was promoted to the upper rank 4 in the twelve kizuki. She made her first few appearances in the anime, playing her biwa, whenever there was a meeting at the Infinity Castle playing music. As of now, she has not made any significant impact on anime, but manga fans are pretty much aware of her abilities. 

Nakime Upper 4 Demon Abilities [SPOILERS AHEAD!!!]

Nakime Demon slayer

The abilities of Nakime have not been revealed in the anime. However, she possesses the skill to manipulate the Infinity Castle’s dimensions with her biwa (musical instrument). This is highly important for Muzan as the castle serves as headquarters for all demons, and its location cannot be compromised. In addition, it also serves as a means of teleportation for the upper moons in Demon Slayer. 

No one can question her strength as a demon because Muzan is not someone who will randomly appoint any demon as Upper Moon 4. In the Demon Slayer Manga, Nakime goes on a war against Mitsuri and Obanai, which results in a nail-biting battle. Now, we can’t say that she is more capable in strength and Blood Demon Art than the top three upper moons – Upper Moon One Kokushibo, Upper Moon Two Doma, and Upper Moon Three Akaza. But still, we can conclude the same by saying that she is capable enough to give nightmares to our Hashiras. 

Upper Moon 4: How did Nakime become a demon?

Nakime Demon Slayer Upper Moon 4

Nakime or the current Upper 4 Demon was a musician (biwa player) before she became a demon. She used to don a kimono at the time of performances as it was a traditional outfit for musicians in her era. However, things went south when Nakime’s husband gambled away her Kimono. This made her so angry that she ended up killing her husband and going to the performance wearing blood-stained clothes. 

While the audience was not very fond of her clothes, her performance still overpowered stage fright and the obvious mental state after killing someone (that too, her husband). Well, well, well, this was the turning point in her life (As she adopted a lunatic way of life after this). She made up her mind that every time she is going to perform somewhere, first she will kill someone. And this made her cross paths with Muzan. 

She was going to hunt Muzan before a show, and she failed (he is the strongest demon, for god’s sake, poor lady). However, instead of setting her soul free, Muzan had other plans, as he was intrigued by Nakime’s aura. Muzan then offered her to become a demon, and she accepted it right away. Fast-forward to the present: She is one of Muzan’s most loyal followers and the only demon who can control the Infinity Castle.

Will Demon Slayer Upper Moon 4 make an appearance in Season 4?

Demon Slayer Season 4 Nakime Appearance

In Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 3, we get to see an eye with four written on it following two members of the Demon Slayer Corps who were on patrolling duty. Considering the manga, the Upper 4 Demon is only going to track the Demon Slayers and keep a tab on their locations. The main objective of Nakime is to find Ubuyashiki. Besides that, we are not going to see Nakime in Demon Slayer Season 4.

Wrapping up

So that’s it on Nakime or the newly appointed Upper Rank 4 from my side. We can say that she is not going to appear a lot in season 4. But she is going to play a major role when the Infinity Castle Arc gets animated. As of now, we are expecting that season 4 of Demon Slayer is going to pull the curtains off a lot of mysteries. Until the new episode comes, you can have a look at our article on Sabito and know how he played a significant role in the Water Hashira’s life. 

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