Is Wind Breaker Anime Better Than Tokyo Revengers?

Is Wind Breaker Anime Better Than Tokyo Revengers?

Wind Breaker Anime made a debut pretty recently, and with just 10 episodes, the anime has wooed users all around the globe. Its comparison with Tokyo Revenger was something more than natural because of the way the characters have been written and the story setup. However, Wind Breaker protagonist Sakura is distant from Tokyo Revengers’ protagonist Takemichi as the former is on a hunt to gain power. Sakura joins Bofurin in order to become the top gun of the gang. However, the road to glory is not easy for him as he has to outclass the Bofurin boss, Hajime Umemai.

Bofurin Vs Shishitoren

Bofurin and Shishitoren are the two main rival gangs in Wind Breaker anime. Bofurin is a group of delinquents from Furin High School who are also the protectors of Makochi town. On the other hand, Shishitoren is the boss gang of the territory next to Makochi. Their rivalry is so intense that both sides are prohibited from entering each other’s territory. However, things go Haywire when Sakura and Sugishita attack a Shishitoren member in order to save a middle school kid. 

The scene gets really dense when Shishitoren’s second command, Tomagi Jo, makes a debut. And this was not going to end well because Shishitoren boss Tomiyama came to challenge Bofurin leader Umemiya for a one-on-one. And things get pretty intense when others also decide to fight alongside Umemiya and Tomiyama in 1V1 battles. The most important matches of the lineup were Tomiyama Jo Vs Sakura and Tomiyama Vs Umemiya. While other matchups were also interesting, there was a different kind of spark in Sakura Vs Shishitoren’s second command. 

The match was not a regular fight but a redemption battle for Tomagi Jo. The depth of his past and why he chose to join Shishitorent was completely different from what principles the gang started following after Choji became the boss. Surprisingly, the end of his battle against Sakura is debatable, as it seems like he deliberately missed the last punch to make Sakura win. Then came the last and the most awaited fight, Umemiya vs Tomiyama. The fight was nothing less than a spectacle. Tommiyama tried hard to take down the Bofurin leader, but the latter clearly outclassed him. 

Wind Breaker Anime: Is it better than Tokyo Revengers?

Well, the MAL and IMDB scores of both Tokyo Revengers are quite similar to those of Wind Breaker anime. Still, Wind Breaker has a lot of elements that were missing in Tokyo Revengers. First things first, Wind Breaker has more depth in the story, along with better character development. The way Tomagi Jo beats down his own gang members when he gets to know they are torturing a middle schooler is a game changer for Bofurin’s admirers. 

It clearly shows that Tomagi Jo was not a villain; he was just in the wrong place. Apart from that, Tomiyama also realizes that being the most powerful of all is not something you need to enjoy life. Until now, only ten episodes of the anime have been aired, and the tussle between Bofurin and Shishitoren is already over. It will be interesting to see where it all goes in the last two episodes of the first season, along with the details for the roadmap of Wind Breaker Season 2.


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