Blue Lock Players In Real Life; Which Football Teams They Would Join?

Blue Lock Players in Real Life

When the debate arises about the best sport in the world, the word comes from the depths of our hearts: “Football”. Meanwhile, Blue Lock is a televisual feast for every anime enthusiast who loves to watch football. What would it be if Blue Lock Players in Real Life took part in games?  Moreover, Blue Lock has been an ace in the sports anime industry.

Electrifying matches, along with intriguing and enthralling players, make this series an absolute banger. However, the plot development and storyline are the same in every sports anime. Blue Lock is on a whole new level with epic lore about players fighting with each other to fix their spot in the Japan national team. The successful run of the first season also resulted in the making of Blue Lock Episode Nagi Movie based on Blue Lock character Seishiro Nagi.

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However, if there were any chance of seeing Blue Lock players in real-life football teams, the rivalry and competition would be a cherry on top!! According to my perspective, the tournament would be phenomenal due to their world-class attributes. Let’s delve into the article, where we will discuss if Blue Lock players were real and got a chance to play in any of the real football teams!! 

Blue Lock Players In Real Life; Which Football Teams They Would Join?

Isagi Yoichi 

Blue Lock Players In Real Life

An underdog who went through many ups and downs in his life got his spot fixed in the Blue Lock Academy. With his fierce determination and analytical gameplay, Isagi got the presence he deserved. Well!! As the main character, it will be easy for him to get his spot in any club due to plot armor. However, according to his position and his gameplay of analyzing the field and smelling the chances to convert, Isagi would join Bayern Munich. The team is one of the best contenders in Europe, and Isagi playing for Bayern will make this team a zenith of peak performance!  

Bachira Meguru 

Meguru Bachira would join FC Barcelona in real life

A key character and a formidable opponent in Blue Lock, Bachira Meguru showcases his abilities to an extent. A center forward who possesses skills, ball control, and accuracy, Bachira is one of the great players in the series and has great potential. Moreover, his “Bee Shot” is a daunting skill that scares the soul out of his opponents. Meanwhile, Bachira’s peak describes how passionate he is about his football career. In my opinion, Bachira will get a fixed spot in FC Barcelona due to his rare skills and dribbling. Which will surely make this team great. As we all know, Barcelona is known for “Tiki Taka”. Bachira’s journey will be overwhelming throughout Europe.  

Barou Shouei 

The King of Blue Lock!! Or we can say (Scary Gorilla). Barou is an essential part of the series because he’s got the charm of a world-class player. Moreover, due to his willful personality, Barou strikes hard to earn what he deserves. As we witnessed Barou in the Blue Lock Facility with Isagi and Nagi, all I can say is that he is a beast.  

Though most of the fanfare hates him due to his arrogance, he adds spice to the game and makes it spellbinding. If he gets a chance to play in any of the football clubs, he will be a great asset for “Galacticos” Real Madrid. The legacy of this club is just amazing, and Barou’s appearance in this club will make the matches even better. His entrance into the world’s finest club will leave fans excited to the extreme.  

Ryusei Shido 

Shido is a player born with talent. His ranking second in the Blue Lock showcases how voracious and eccentric he is in the game. Shido is one of those guys who plays football passionately and mainly for fun. Though his attitude towards other players is far worse than Barou’s, this is what makes him special. Until now, Shido’s appearance has been shown at the last in Season 1.  

Seeing him for the first time up against Isagi accelerates the environment. Moreover, fans eagerly anticipate his debut in the Blue Lock vs Japan U20 match. However, his agility and acrobatic abilities to convert chances at any angle make him perfect. Ryusei is one damn egoist striker who will bring havoc if he joins Inter Milan. The players and their abilities in Inter Milan’s prime years will be a match made in heaven for Ryusei.  

Rin Itoshi

Rin Itoshi in real life will join Manchester City

He is a player of pure hard work who carves his way up in the Blue Lock only for revenge and redemption. Rin is a classy footballer with every skill known in the world of football. However, Rin’s playstyle makes him the most talented player in Japan. His determination and name are overshadowed by his brother Sae.  

It may be an exaggeration, but Rin is an ideal striker that Jinpachi Ego wants to create. His blunt and coldhearted answer to his teammates puts him at the top of the ranking. Moreover, his strategic brilliance on the field is top-notch (Well!! Even now, I’m speechless for this player). All I can say is that Rin’s debut in Manchester City will be pure bliss. The focus, along with peculiar ball control, is what Manchester City searches for. Rin’s pinpoint passing and long shooting will bring mess to the world of football if he joins Manchester City!! 


Blue Lock is a series packed with surprising players! This new-gen anime will take the community by storm. Moreover, the tense environment always delivers to our expectations. The list above will be updated accordingly. Till then, state your point of view on these players joining Football teams according to their playstyle. Meanwhile, read our article on “Jinpachi Ego,” which changed our perspective towards football. Apart from that, you can also have a look at our piece on Blue Lock Season 2 to know when it is coming out.

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