JJK 260: Todo’s New Arm Becomes Best Seller On Amazon JP

Virbaslap goes viral on Amazon Japan JJK 260

JJK 260, or the Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 260, has taken the internet by storm. Whether it is about Gojo’s comeback or Yuji’s domination over Sukuna, everything about the recently launched chapter is fascinating. However, in a series of strange events, a percussion instrument named Vibraslap became the best seller on Amazon Japan after the JJK 260 release. 

The Vibraslap Musical Instrument is available on Amazon for 15,180 Yen (Roughly $97). And the reason behind the same is that Todo uses it in the manga as a replacement for his lost hand. 

JJK 260 makes this musical instrument a bestseller on Amazon

JJK 260 vibraslap
Image Credits: CrowBright5352

A Reddit user who goes by the name CrowBright5352 shared the screenshot of Vibraslap musical instrument on the platform. In the screenshot, we can clearly see that it is the best seller as of now, outclassing other musical instruments like the Xylophone and tabletop Xylophone. The user himself quoted that he invested the lunch time on Amazon JP, and there he found Vibraslap as the bestseller product. That’s not it; he even shared the Vibraslap purchase link in his post. 

Todo and the Vibraslap

The JJK chapter 260 chapter shows how Todo replaces his missing arm with Vibraslap in order to help Yuji in fighting against Sukuna. And that’s where the things went wild. Todo has a huge fan base that is different from what Jujutsu Kaisen holds. This could be a major reason for the high demand for and purchase of Vibraslap. That being said, the way it is being purchased, we could soon get to see Todo cosplayers donning the look adopted from JJK 260. The Vibraslap has also provided Todo the ability to hit 50 individuals with Boogie Woogie in a minute.

JJK 260 summary

The latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen Manga released a couple days ago. In this chapter, we get to see Todo and Yuji trying their best to take out Sukuna and put a halt to the destruction. The battle between them could be dubbed more than intense. 

However, thing take wild turn when Sukuna gets fooled by a trick pulled by Todo and Yuji hits him with the black flash at that very moment piercing the chest of the King Of Curses. 

As soon as Sukuna was trying to use Domain Expansion, he saw a figure from the past, most probably Gojo. And the chapter end here, Since then, the fans are speculating Gojo’s comeback. high chances are that we will get more details about the same with the JJK 261 leaks.  


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