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AMG Monks could be dubbed the ultimate go-to place for all anime, manga, and gaming enthusiasts. Here at AMG Monks, we are a team of passionate anime lovers who love to share their knowledge (along with the worldly stuff) in the form of the latest news, explainers, breakdowns, reviews, and more. We aspire to become the primary source of information any individual visits as soon as they even think of anime. And we are trying our best to make the platform convenient for both seasoned viewers and the ones who are new to this world.

Latest Anime News on the go

Get your daily dose of the latest anime news with AMG Monks. Stay updated with all the upcoming anime shows, recent updates related to your favorite manga, and a deep dive into the points that make these things unique.

Anime, Manga, and Game Reviews

With our review, you will be easily able to decide if you want to invest your time in the same or now. We strictly follow the honest approach without sugarcoating anything. We can say that this quality makes us stand apart from our competitors and provides us with an upper hand as well.

Explainers and Breakdowns

The explainers and breakdowns delivered by us are something that all anime fans want. All you fans want answers to questions like who is the most powerful character in JJK verse, along with a why in the background? AMG Monks focuses on those ‘who,’ ‘when,’ ‘how,’ ‘where,’ and ‘why’ aspects of your favorite shows.

Top X

AMG Monks also works on Top X articles that include the best shows, best characters, best villains, and a lot more. These articles could help you find out the next anime you are going to watch without taking a break or just simply get an idea of who is the best character in an anime or all the anime-verses combined. Now, one thing that we would like to add here is that the top 5 suggestions are not based on ranks (so don’t get offended if you see your favorite show at the bottom, mate).


Well, at the end of the day, opinions matter the most. The AMG Monks team shares their opinions on different anime shows, characters, powers, and more. These pieces could be anything ranging from a realization to a hard-hitting question that can change your narrative completely.

On a concluding note, it doesn’t matter at AMG monks whether you are an otaku or a newbie. You can join us on the journey and get the best insights available out there.

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