Ninja Kamui Episode 7 Release Date, Time, Episode 6 Review

Ninja Kamui Episode 7

Ninja Kamui episode 6 dropped a couple of days ago, and now we know the reason behind the name of the show. The sixth episode sets the plot for the upcoming second half of Ninja Kamui. Speculations are that we will see a lot of bloodshed in the Ninja Kamui Episode 7.

As of now, we can’t deny that all the fans are waiting eagerly for the seventh episode. Moving forward in this article, we will talk about Ninja Kamui Episode 7 release date, time, platforms, and expectations. But before that, we will have a look at the Ninja Kamui Episode 6 review.

Ninja Kamui Episode 6 Review

Ninja Kamui Episode 6 review

Ninja Kamui Episode 6 was something that we all wanted to see from the beginning. It starts with the revelation of the person who saved Higan from the attack. And I was damn sure that Aska and Emma were the same since the beginning; the show proved it in the sixth episode. The most surprising revelation of all was that it was Emma who helped Higan infiltrate the AUZA campus.

As we saw, Emma takes Higan somewhere safe in order to protect him from the attack. Higan can be seen in a chamber fighting for his life. Now, Emma wanted to give Higan a new life, and for that, she stole one of the strongest suits from the AUZA facility, the Kamui suit. Emma, while configuring the suit and connecting it to Higan’s brain, tells Higan how she was supposed to spy on Higan, but she chose to side with him for some reasons that she did not share in the beginning.

When Higan was connected to the suit, Lil found their location and attacked the vehicle. However, Emma takes charge as she wants Higan to get completely connected to teh suit. No doubt, Lil overpowers Emma, and right before he is going to kill her, there comes a note, narration, or whatever you may call it in Higan’s subconscious. Emma tells him that his wife once saved her life, and because of that, she wanted to save Higan.

Emma’s role in saving Higan

One of the most shocking ones was that she even tried to save Higan’s wife and kid on the night of the attack, but she got late and was only able to save him.

This message fuels something in Higan, and the process of him connecting with the suit speeds up. As soon as the screen shows 100% done, the episode ends. On an honest note, I hate these kinds of cliffhangers (I really do).

Ninja Kamui Episode 7 Release Date, Time, and Platforms

Ninja Kamui Episode 7 release date

Ninja Kamui Episode 7 is going to be released on March 23, Saturday, 2024. The episode will be launched at different times based on particular time zones. I have mentioned the timing for some of them below:

At 10:00 PM as per the Central European Standard Time (CEST).
A 3:00 PM as per the Eastern Standard Time (EST).
At 12:00 PM as per the Pacific Standard Time (PST).
At 9:00 PM as per the British Summer Time (BST).

As for the platforms to watch the show, you can stream the Ninja Kamui Episode 7 on HBO MAX by visiting the official website. For the same, you need to purchase their subscription plans starting from $9.99 for a month and going on to $149.99 per year.

Ninja Kamui Episode 7 Expectations

Ninja Kamui Episode 7 expectations

Ninja Kamui Episode 6 ended on a note where the Kamui suit got completely linked with Higan’s brain. Now, we can get to see Ninja Kamui (Higan with the suit) in action, firstly taking out Lil and then going on a killing spree to remove Yamaji, and others, along with destroying AUZA Tech.

Nevertheless, most of the fans were disappointed by the small amount of juice being served in every episode. From a fan’s perspective, it would be more than interesting to see the story move a little fast or an episode that at least has a run time of more than 25 minutes.

I can only say something with complete certainty once there is an official confirmation regarding the same. While you are waiting for the Ninja Kamui Episode 7, have a look at our article based on the upcoming Suicide Squad Anime.

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