Solo Leveling Episode 12 Release Date, Time, and Episode 11 Review 

Solo leveling Episode 12 Release Date

The most hyped anime of all time, Solo Leveling, is near the end and is engraved in their fan’s hearts. Moreover, Solo Leveling Episode 10 excited the fanbase, and fans highly anticipates the upcoming episode 12 just after episode 11 solos the whole anime industry. With epic lore and cold fight scenes, Jin-Woo takes the anime to the top of the charts.  

Solo Leveling Episode 10 concluded on good terms with a unique build-up and immense world-building with a character introduction. Further in episode 11, we witness an intense battle that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats. 

Let’s delve deeper into an immense battle between Sung Jin-Woo and an Overwhelming opponent!! 

Solo Leveling Episode 12 Release Date, Time, and Platform 

Solo leveling Episode 12 Release Date and Time

As we eagerly await the end of Solo Leveling season 1, episode 12 is geared up to premiere on 30th March at 12:00 AM (JST). 

You can also catch up with episode 12 at the following times 

  • 30th March, Saturday, at 9:30 AM (PT) 
  • 30th March, Saturday, at 12:30 AM (ET) 
  • 30th March, Saturday, at 17:30 PM (GMT) 
  • 30th March, Saturday, at 18:30 PM (CET) 

You can also watch this heavenly delight on Tokyo MX Japan, GYT, BS11, and Japan YTV. Solo Leveling episode 12 can be delayed on Crunchyroll for fans worldwide, and fans need a subscription to watch this highly anticipated episode. 

Solo Leveling Episode 11 Review: “The Knight that Guards the Empty Throne 

Episdoe 11 review

With just two episodes remaining in our backpack, fanfare flocks all over the internet showcasing their excitement about the end of season 1. Solo Leveling obliterates other Isekai action-adventure genre anime and claims the crown of best new-gen anime!! 

In the opening scenes of episode 11, Sung Jin-Woo wanders in the forest, thinking about accepting the Job Chane Quest. He decides to give it a try without any hesitation. (Well!! This scene shows how our main protagonist has grown throughout the series.) In the last episode, Jin-Woo meets new characters, one of whom is Ahn Sanamin, the manager at White Tiger Guild, which really brings Jin-Woo into the limelight.  

Solo Leveling Episode 11 depicts how Sung Jin-Woo surpasses his limits to defeat a formidable opponent in a new quest prompted by the Player Development System. Rumors also say that we can also unveil mysteries about Shadow monarchs and their abilities and origins. 

The scene flips, and viewers witness Sung in grave danger up against Knights in a dungeon ordeal, whereas Yoo Jinhoo and his brother Jinsung discuss the business with their father. Disappointingly, the recruitment does not go as planned for the Yoojin Construction Guild, and the environment feels tense for the guild rooster. However, Jinsung declares an agreement with European and Middle Eastern hunters, including Hwang Dong-Soo.  

What else is there in Episode 11

Later in episode 11, Sung Jin-Woo fights in desperation, analyzing the opponents in the dungeon. This episode delivers a top-notch aura, and the stunning animations also play a vital role. Further, Jin-Woo critically analyzes the situation he’s in and encounters mages, swordsmen, tanks, and marksmen for the first time in a dungeon. 

As episode 11 gradually builds up the plot, we witness Mr. Choi meeting with other S-class hunters to execute the Jeju Island mission. This unveils that Solo Leveling season 11’send will be an elemental explosion for both manga readers and anime watchers. On the other hand, Sung obliterates the dungeon raid and receives a high-ranking knight chest plate. Though wearing such heavy armor, Sung’s agility and speed didn’t decrease a bit.  Following up, viewers unveil Mr. Woo Jinchul visiting the chairman to discuss the mission of Jeju Island, whereas Mr. Choi seeks permission to start their secret mission. 

Goodness, gracious!! The wait is over, and Knight Commander Blood-Red Igris makes his debut. This time Jin-Woo encounters a literal beast who is the strongest in the series so far. An S-class monarch who gives the same vibes that of a double dungeon ordeal. After a frantic run of 10 episodes Solo Leveling finally reveals the main plot along with the villain organization. 

Sung Jin-Woo vs. Blood-Red Igris!! 

Sung Jin-Woo vs Igris

The fight begins, and two overwhelming powers clash!! 

What a monster, Igris, a shadow monarch, showcases his animal instinct and wipes out Sung’s hard work in an instant. The speed and brute power eradicate Jin-Woo. Likewise, the choreography is on the spot. Finally, Sung catches up with Igris and decides to fight bare hands (Ego is everything; my man has balls of steel!!). 

Once again, Solo Leveling breaks the fourth wall and attracts JOJO’s fans. The first fight is everything for me, episode 11. Igris goes all out, throwing powerful punches at Jin-Woo, which leaves him on 500 hp. Over and over, Igris dominates the fight, throws Jin-Woo onto the empty throne, and slashes him with his great sword. Still, Jin-Woo deflects the attack and goes full throttle against Igris, defeating him with a final blow from his dagger (I believe this action-packed scene is one of the peaks amongst other episodes and A-1 Pictures delivered majestic animations in this fight scene). 

Solo Leveling Episode 12 Expectations!! 

Solo Leveling Episdoe 12 Expectations

Solo Leveling Episode 12 will be released on Saturday 30th, March, and fans highly anticipate the end after an incredible duel between Jin-Woo and Igris. As the lore suggests, we can see Sung Jin-Woo against more shadow monarchs, and on the other hand, we will witness the powers and abilities of the S-Class strike team on Jeju Island. Till you wait for the upcoming episode, check out our article on “Baki Hanma vs. Kengan Ashura.” 

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