Liked Solo Leveling? Here are five more anime shows that you should look out for

Solo Levelling
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Solo Leveling has gained popularity in recent years and created a vast fandom. People love such a series where the main character is weak and gradually becomes strong. Solo Leveling is a South Korean (Fantasy Action-Adventure) web novel (manhwa) which revolves around our main character.  

Sung Jin-Woo is an E-class hunter who accompanies his guild to hunt monsters in the dungeons to support his family. He is also known as the weakest hunter in the world. This anime is full of spirits, demons, politics and how Jin-Woo becomes the most potent individual using a mysterious system.  

Chugong’s Isekai manhwa Solo Leveling contains 14 volumes and eight light novels containing 179 chapters, aired on the 6th of January on Crunchyroll by A-1 Pictures Studio.  The webtoon premiered in 2018 through KakaoPage, which contains 179 chapters. It announced a sequel titled Solo Leveling- Ragnarok in April 2023, and the webtoon is making its debut in 2024. 

If you are a Solo Leveling fan and you still need more after completing its manhwa, here are some anime that carry the same vibes as Solo Leveling. (especially for you guys)

Gate: Thus, the JSDF fought there! 

I highly doubt that someone would have never thought about saving people around them from an attack then you should definitely go for this anime.

The Gate is an anime about an Off-duty Japanese self-defence forces (JSDF) officer and a self-proclaimed !! otaku who prefers his hobbies to doing a job. 

Itami Youji is going to attend a Doujin Convention sale in Ginza, Tokyo, when a mysterious portal appears.

Supernatural Beasts, Demons, and an army in medieval armour attacked the city. 

Though Itami saves many lives with his swift action, he misses the doujin convention and, in return, becomes the second Lieutenant and is sent to the (special region) beyond the gate as a part of the special recon team in JSDF to attain their habitat and learn new things from the other world.  

The Anime contains action comedy and Itami’s little harem in another world (who doesn’t like a bunch of girls around them). Fantasy enters reality, and reality enters fantasy.

 Filled with laughter and action, the series mainly focuses on modernized human brawls with warriors wielding medieval armour, dragons, elves, dwarfs, etc. 

And how both sides slowly established a diplomatic relationship. 

This anime is worth watching with an infamous voice cast, “Junichi Suwabe” (also voice actor of Yami Sukehiro, Grimmjow and Sukuna), Haruka Tomatsu, and others. 

 Also created by A-1 PICTURES, this anime has two seasons, aired in 2015 and ended in 2016. 

Fans are keenly waiting for season 3 to premier, but no such announcements exist.  

 Author: Takumi Yanai  

 Genre: action, adventure, fantasy, isekai, harem  

Log Horizon 

A fantastic game isekai anime concept is more likely as Sword Art Online. If you like fantasy, isekai, magic and gaming, this is one of those anime you should put on your watch list.  

The series starts when 30000 gamers, along with our main protagonist in Akihabara, Japan, get teleported to a game of Elder Tale (MMORPG) after its update (12th expansion Nova sphere Pioneers) was released.

And our hero finds himself in the game as a level 90 half-Alph Enchanter. 

This anime consists of many characters and how they come up to solve problems they face in the world of Elder Tale.

 Likewise, its characters are as crucial to the plot and mainly focus on character power leveling up. You would also be able to see harem fantasy around Shiroe. 

The series has three seasons packed with action adventure, with a guild system and clearing dungeons to level up inventory.  

The art piece written by Mamare Touno, best known for his sci-fi novel series, and was produced by Studio Deen and later replaced by Studio Statelight. 

With three successful seasons, Log Horizon Ended in 2021. 

Overlord: The player becomes Overpowered character in a fantasy world

Another popular isekai anime is when a gamer gets trapped in the virtual world, and his new life filled with adventure begins.  

There are plenty of isekai anime, but Overlord has gained popularity and fame throughout the anime verse.  

In 2126, a full-dive DMMORPG game called YGGDRASIL gets released. 

After its long run in the game industry and being on the top, the company decides to shut down the server due to some circumstances, seeing that our protagonist Momonga, who’s the leader of guild Ainz Ooal Gown (which once consisted of 41 members, credited as the strongest guild in the game) decides to reminisce in the game with his only guild friend Hirohiro who later on quits.  

Savouring his last few moments in the game before the server shuts, he decides to roam, sits on the throne, and plays around with the game settings.  

After the time has passed with the server shutdown, he still finds himself in the game, unable to log out, and later on, he realizes that Nazarick teleports to another place. 

Following this, the main character decides to play as the guild leader, and his quest to conquer the world starts from here.   

If you liked Sword Art Online, this is a bonus gift from Kugane Murayama and Madhouse Studio; with four seasons overall, the series is on hiatus, and fans are waiting for season 5 to get premier, but there are no official announcements.  

Danmachi: Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?! 

As the name says, “Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in A Dungeon”, the series contains harem, many comedy elements, action-adventure, and fantasy. 

Danmachi is an anime with concept dungeons and levels in a game world.  

Our main character, Bell, wants to become the greatest adventurer in the land but tremendously fails and almost dies in dungeon adventures.

 While exploring the Labyrinth, adventurers can have the crystal shards, which are useful in upgrading inventory and exchange into the world’s currency; however, the plot differs from Solo Leveling, which is to save people from dungeons. 

Moreover, Bell is a rank-one adventurer and belongs to the Hestia Family.  

Like others in anime, people fight monsters in dungeons to level up; Bell unknowingly encounters a unique ability that helps him increase. 

As Bell goes on in his quest, he catches the attention of many, Alongside the affection of goddesses and another female character in anime (it’s always better to create your own harem as we all do). 

With a total of 4 seasons from Fujino Omori and J.C. Staff studio 

The storyline is good, and the series comes with relatively good animations.  

Tower of God: Bam has its extraordinary adventure  

What do you ache for? Money, Fame, Power and revenge or something that transcends them all  

The Tower of God is one of my favourite manhwas besides God of Highschool. The storyline, plot, and world-building are exceptional compared to all isekai anime in the community.  

The storyline revolves around our main character, Bam, who has never seen the outer world and lives in a dark cave with no life and shattered clothes.  

There is a tower that selects the chosen ones, called Regulars, with the promise of granting their deepest desire.

 Another character named Rachel is one of them; when, out of nowhere, she enters the dull life of Bam, his entire world changes around him.

 One day, Rachel leaves Bam to climb the tower. Bam is not chosen to climb the tower, but still in search of her, our main character vows to find her no matter what, which begins Bam’s unexpected journey to the tower.

 The concept carries the same vibe as solo leveling: climbing a tower and leveling up. 

The series comes with only season 1 from Lee Jong-Hui, a.k.a (S.I.U) and Telecom Animation Flim Studio, and season 2 is currently in the making.  

But if you’re a voracious reader, check out Manhwa too! 

Honorable Mentions!! 

The Devil is a Part-Timer: Dark lord starts to work at MgRonald’s in the world of humans. 

Sadao Maou is a part-timer at MgRonald’s in Japan after failing in his brutal quest to conquer Enta Isla by hero Emilia.  

Forcefully retreating with his general Alsiel through a portal. The demon lord finds himself stranded in modern-day Tokyo.  

“The Devil is a Part-Timer” is an excellent, hilarious anime with great potential.

 While returning to Enta Isla with his general Devil lord, he finds himself powerless with no magic in the human world.  

Though disguising himself as a human and in need to find food and pay rent, he climbs the corporate ladder as a part-time worker in MgRonald’s while his general goes on odd jobs and cleaning his house. 

Encountering many people through his quest to conquer Earth and return to Enta Isla, they live an everyday life. 

Living a responsible citizen life, Maou protects civilians from threats.  

From unexpected comedy and action, this anime has everything a fan could wish for ( in my opinion this show has a chaotic stoyline which is way better then my life!). The anime has two seasons in total.  

There are no official announcements of season 4 from Satoshi Wagahara and Studio 3hz. 

It follows a different story. No one had assumed Satan was such a hilarious character. 

My S-Class Hunters!! 

It is a South Korean web Novel, just like Solo Leveling on Webtoon. 

The manhwa has yet to adapt to animations. The storyline revolves around our main character, Yoojin, who is a F-class hunter overshadowed by his own brother, who is currently an S-class hunter.

The Web Novel is written by Geunseo. 

All Yoojin does is get in his brother’s way, causing trouble and damage wherever he goes. If you guys feel the same, it’s compulsion for you to read this (Just Kidding).

When a regular dungeon raid goes wrong, costing Yoojin his brother’s life, he decides to use the wish granted by clearing the dungeon and so on, his adventurer life begins. He plans to live a normal life, but seeing other people ranking up to S class, he also decides to rank up by clearing dungeons.  

This is also a fan-favourite manhwa with a potential storyline that clashes with Solo Leveling.  

If you are unable to wait for Solo Leveling, do watch all these manhwa and anime recommended above. It’s not easy to level up!!


Above mentioned manga and anime shows are the best recommendations is you already became a fan of Solo Leveling. And if you are someone who is eagerly waiting for Jujutsu Kaisen, then you can have a look at our article exploring the platforms to read manga online. Though this one is focused on Jujutsu Kaisen, but I am sure that you will get more amazing ones out there.


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