Ride Kamens teaser trailer is out now: All You Need to Know About the Upcoming Gacha Game!!  

Ride Kamens

Ride Kamens, the game based on Kamen Rider series, has got a new teaser trailer as promised by the franchise. Fandom has been going all out since the Ride Kamens website dropped (it dropped so hard, other Gacha games felt a tremor beneath them!).

As for Kamen Rider, it is an old series that was initially released in 1971. It didn’t get any anime adaptation because of the hike in the Toku genre (live-action); Kamen Riders achieved the peak along with the Gojira and Gundam series at that time.   

We got a sequel, ‘Fuuto PI,’ which aired from 19th August to 17th October 2022. Kamen Riders is a perfect match for you if you like to watch live-action series.   

For once, a Power Ranger series fan will gladly watch Kamen Riders as it almost carries the same vibes. With so many parts and seasons, Kamen Riders Zero-One and Shin Kamen Riders are like jewels in the crown.   

Ride Kamens teaser trailer details

Ride Kamens teaser trailer dropped on 9th February, it includes the main voice cast and other staff members; as we all know, Yuya Takahashi, the renowned author who wrote Kamen Riders Zero-One and Kamen Riders EX-Aid, is working on the main script with Hiroko Utsumi, who is in charge for character designing.  

Bandai Namco will also play a vital role in game structuring through planning and management with its main studio. Further seen in the teaser trailer, we can expect most of the male cast.   

What else is on the cards?

Ride Kamens teaser trailer

The game is open for pre-registration; depending on the number of pre-registrations in the campaign, the game will reward unique training materials, recovery items, 60,000 game currency and 10 Gacha tickets.  

(You may get a good character from your 10 Gacha tickets spin roll)  

Following up, the title of the game is Ride Kamens, and it’s a training adventure genre game; it’s free to play, but some items may charge. Besides the appearance of the male cast in the game, fans are disappointed for not showcasing the gameplay.   

Venue, date, and time for the Special Release  

The game will get a unique platform at the “AnimeJapan 2024” exhibition booth scheduled for the 23rd and 24th of March at Tokyo Big Sight East Exhibition Building Hall 1-18. It will share a special stage with the main voice cast of the characters appearing in the trailer – Kohei Amasaki, KENN, and Jun Fukuyama.

Ride Kamens Special Booth will start from 9:00 to 17:00 (JST)  

Ride Kamens Special Stage will begin from 13:20 to 13:50 (JST)  

Story and Possible Factions!! 

Ride Kamens teaser trailer

The story is set in Nigoo City, where everyone lives in harmony, and an Evil secret society called Chaosism is operating in the shadow. One day, our main character learns about the Kamens Riders, which he forgot due to Chaosism.  

In the game, you will play as an agent with 16 Kamen Riders to destroy Evil and learn more about the protagonist’s late father.   

The Gacha game also includes Rainbow City, divided into several districts, and a Kamen Rider operates each district.   

Each district consists of a class: Justice Ride, Mad Guy, Slam Days, Wisdom Thinks and Tower Emblem.   

Finally, the characters’ identities are disclosed in the trailer; with our main character, Saigo Mikami, we witness Kyosuke Araki, Hayato, Taiten Takato and Q.   


It can be a similar Gacha game like Bleach Brave Souls or Honkai: Star Rail. Unfortunately, Kamen Riders will not get an anime adaptation, but playing a Kamen Rider Gacha game is eye-pleasing for us all. If you like to play and grind such anime games, check out the article on Hagoromo joins Naruto X Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections.  


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