Ninja Kamui Gusoku Gear Explained: Power Ranger Suits On Steroids

Ninja Kamui Gusoku Gear explained

Ninja Kamui anime has left fans intrigued to the core with the Gusoku Gear in play. The Gusoku Gear was first introduced in episode 5 of Ninja Kamui when Higan fights with the top-table assassins wearing the same. It was clearly visible that the futuristic suits had the upper hand over traditional Ninja Art. Finally, after a couple of episodes, we see Higan donning the Kamui suit and removing Lil with the newly obtained powers. Moving forward in this article, we will talk in detail about the Gusoku Gear introduced in the anime. 

Ninja Kamui Gusoku Gear Explained

Gusoku gear in Ninja Kamui

AUZA Tech, in alliance with the show’s oldest Ninja organization, developed the Gusoku Gear to enhance ninjas’ combat abilities. As the anime portrays it, the Gusoku Gear is an exclusive product, as only a handful of people, apart from Higan, can be seen wearing the suits. 

The fifth episode of Ninja Kamui shows Big D, Lil, and Emma Samanda wearing those suits while attacking Higan. That’s not it because at the end, we see Higan and Zai indulging in a battle, and they both have Gusoku Gears. However, on a conclusive note, it can be said that AUSA Tech has not produced a limited number of suits until now and that too for the top-tier members of the organization only. 

As for the abilities of Gusoku Gear, it makes the individuals wearing it formidable weapons. The suits are designed in such a way that they enhance and complement the fighting styles of Ninja and get better with every move. What is more fascinating about the suit is that it offers strength to those who are not that good of a fighter (now don’t tell me that you think Lil can fight Higan without the suit). 

And different Gusoku suits have different abilities. For example, Emma’s gear has the ability to hack systems around her, and Lil’s gear could throw fire as well; Big D’s gear abilities have not been explained in the series until now, but keeping in mind that he indulges in long-range combat, we can get to see something amazing in the second season.

Difference between Gusoku Gear and Kamui Suit

Mikado suit of Master Yamaji

The Kamui Suits in Ninja Kamui are a step ahead of the Gusoku Gear (If it had been the other way round, the show’s name would be Ninja Gusoku; sounds weird, right). When Emma stole it from the AUZA Tech facility, most of the fans already knew what will happen next (our protagonist will wear it and thrash all the villains). As for its ability, the Kamui suit connects with the user’s mind and enhances the moves based on the user’s prowess. So, the Kemui Gusoku Gear is not just a deadly weapon, but it amplifies the user’s powers, making it unbeatable. 

It works on the basis of what the user is visualizing, another ability that is not present in the regular Gusoku Gears. Another major highlight of the gear is that it should be in complete sync with the user’s mind in order to work at the best efficiency. We saw the example of the same when Higan with the Kamui suit totally outclassed Lil without breaking a sweat. 

Nevertheless, Higan’s problems are not going to end with an overpowered suit. AUZA tech has another one ready, Zai, and the glimpses of the same started appearing in episode 10 of Ninja Kamui.

Higan vs Zai vs Yamaji: The Ultimate Kamui Gear Battle

Higan vs Zai vs Yamaji

The last episode of Ninja Kamui is nothing but an ultimate treat for the fans as we get to see not one, not two, but three advanced gusoku gears in play. Yamaji, in his Mikado gear, gives Higan a tough fight in the Kamui suit. However, Yamaji gets the upper hand when Zai joins him in the battle, and they both start dominating Higan. However, things change at a rapid pace when Zai changes his team in the middle of the battle and saves Higan from dying. And what you will get to see after that is something that will go down in history – Higan’s Kamui suit evolves and provides him with the secret art abilities of Zai as well. This feature of the Kamui suit was not even discussed about, until the very moment you get to see it in the show. 

Wrapping up

By the end of Ninja Kamui Season 1, we get to see half a dozen Gusoku gears, the best of which were worn by Higan, Zai, and Yamaji. From a fan’s perspective, all of us want to see more about the Gusoku Gears. Keeping in mind that both AUZA Tech and the evil Ninja Cult are out of the game now, it will be pretty interesting to see how the story moves forward in the second season if we get one. One thing that we can say with certainty is that if there is a Ninja Kamui Season 2, then we are up for some high-voltage Gusoku Gear action. 

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