Ninja Kamui Season 1 Recap: A classic revenge anime topped with secret arts and futuristic armors

Ninja Kamui Season 1 Recap

Anime fans are more than overwhelmed these days with new releases like Solo Leveling and upcoming ones like Kaiju No. 8. Another anime show that is continuously making headlines is Ninja Kamui. Based on an old-school story, Ninja Kamui Season 1 has made its place in the best revenge anime shows we’ve seen until now.

The journey of Higan, our main protagonist, is filled with rage and thrill in an all-out war against AUZA Tech and Yamaji. Until now, eight episodes of Ninja Kamui Season 1 have been released, and fans are eagerly waiting for the ninth one, which will be released on April 7, 2024. In this article, we will give you a quick review of all Ninja Kamui episodes released until now, followed by some frequently asked questions (FAQs) revolving around the Adult Swim anime.

Ninja Kamui Season 1 Recap

Ninja Kamui is one of those anime that doesn’t believe in starting slowly and steadily. The story moves forward at a lightning-fast pace. In the beginning, we get to see an assassination by a Ninja Cult in the empty lanes of a running city. That is followed by the introduction of Higan and his family (wife and son) living a peaceful life in the countryside. However, things are going to get brutal from this point (and why not? It’s a revenge anime, not a daily soap).

Ninja Kamui Episode 1 Recap

Ninja Kamui Episode 1 starts with pure violence when we get to see a group of assassins murdering an individual who tries to put up a good fight. On the other hand, Higan can be seen living peacefully with his wife and son, away from the city’s chaos.

Due to the murders occurring in the city, Higan’s Wife Mari can be seen a little tensed while he is alert and trying to assure her that nothing is going to happen. Things take an ugly turn when the assassins attack Higan’s place and end up killing his wife and kid, leaving him in a close-to-death situation.

Higan wakes up on a hospital bed, trying to accept the fact that his wife and kid are no more. While Higan is trying to control his rage and cope with the truth, another attack takes place in the hospital to eradicate him. Well, Well, Well, the assassins’ had a bad day as most of them got killed by Higan.

Ninja Kamui Episode 2 Recap

Ninja Kamui Episode 2 kicks off with a story that tells us a lot about the roots of Higan. Right after, the Our protagonist got seriously injured in the last two attacks and meets an old friend (a doctor who must have cured him in the past, too) who tries to cure him. While recovering from the injuries, Higan loved torturing the assassin he held captive (not joking).

In the end, he finally torches the assassin and puts him in eternal sleep. As the episode moves forward, we get to see Mike Morris being removed from the case. Next, we get to see Higan meeting Mike Morris in a restaurant in order to know what’s the update and who killed his family.

However, the meeting becomes more interesting altogether when a delivery boy from AUZA Eats attacks Higan and Morris. And then, we witness the first glimpse of Higan’s hidden Ninja Art. The action sequences in the second episode of Ninja Kamui are going to level up the excitement, and you will want to see more of Higan in action.

Ninja Kamui Episode 3 Recap

In the third episode of Ninja Kamui, we are introduced to Lil, who is one of the most disturbed assassins ever seen. Lil gets into a conversation with Master Yamaji, and they plan to kill Higan. In this episode, they also mention the Reaper (we will talk about him in upcoming episode recaps), who is restricted from making any moves against Higan.

Finally, we get to know more about AUZA Tech and its messed-up practices. Emma makes an entry and starts revealing the secrets of AUZA Tech to Higan and Morris. On a personal note, the most gripping part of the show came in the final minutes when Higan took out another assassin from AUZA Tech.

Ninja Kamui Episode 4 Recap

Ninja Kamui Episode 4 starts with Higan getting a call from someone who is trying to help him infiltrate AUZA City. The episode commences by showing a glimpse of Morris’s past, followed by Higan and Emma visiting him. On the other hand, all the supremos of AUZA City gathered to devise a plan in order to kill Higan. Not only this, but we also get to see more about ‘The Reaper’ asking from Yamaji to allow him to kill Higan.

Right after that, we get to see the past of Higan and his relation with Mari and Zai (Reaper). Turns out that three were trained together got their Ninja named together as well along with getting a secret art. On one of their missions, Mari gets critically injured. Instead of completing the mission, Higan chose to save Mari and love started brewing between them.

This became a major reason behind Higan and Mari leaving the association and breaking the code to start a new life. As soon as Higan clears out the memory clouds and makes his way into AUZA city, we see him standing against Zai with a wall of lasers in between. And here the episode ends, leaving all of us curious about what is going to happen next.

Ninja Kamui Episode 5 Recap

This episode begins with Higan asking Zai if Yamaji gave the orders to kill Mari and him. Zai responds to Higan by saying that he has to accept death as no one can cheat it. While trying to find Master Yamaji, Higan gets into a fight with a plethora of assassins on the AUZA campus.

While Higan faced almost no difficulty in killing the assassins at first, things took a wild turn when he encountered assassins like Big D, Lil, and others equipped with some of the best fighting suits. The scene when Higan struggles to take them out, even with his secret art, will give you chills. As soon as Higan was on the verge of dying and Zai was going to kill him in a split second, one of the armored assassins took Higan away and ended up saving him.

Ninja Kamui Episode 6 Recap

Ninja Kamui Episode 6 starts by shocking the fans by revealing that the assassin who saved Higan was Emma. And another jaw-dropping fact is that Emma was the one who helped Higan in infiltrating the AUZA campus. In this episode, we get to see the reason behind its name.

Because Higan was badly injured, Emma wanted to make him better and stronger than before. For the same, she stole the Kamui suit from the AUZA facility. Further in the episode, we can see Emma establishing a connection between the suit and Higan’s brain.

While the connection is in process, Lil gets to know their location and attacks them. Emma tries to take on Lil, but he clearly outclasses Emma. While Emma is on the verge of getting killed, Higan’s brain gets completely connected with the suit. That’s it. The Ninja Kamui franchise feeds on cliffhangers, so hop on to the next episode in order to know what happens next.

Ninja Kamui Episode 7 Recap

After a long wait of six episodes, the Kamui suit is finally revealed in Ninja Kamui Episode 7. And the way Higan dons it and synchronizes it will make any fan jump with joy. Higan mops the floor with Lil and kills in the battle. He sends Lil’s head as a warning to the AUZA officials, and we can clearly see the impact.

And yes, Yamaji permits Zai to kill Higan, which means a lot of action is waiting for us in the next few episodes. In addition, the episode tells us more about the relationship between Emma and Mari, revealing some crucial details about the Ninja cult and Emma’s past. The episode ends with Emma telling Higan that AUZA Tech, in partnership with Yamaji, is trying to conquer the world.

Ninja Kamui Episode 8 Recap

Ninja Kamui Episode 8 starts with AUZA Reactor’s advertisement played by the founder of AUZA City. He can be seen trying to convince (or you can say force) the government official to give his organization a clean chit to take their reactor development forward. Emma makes a move to steal the portable energy tank from the AUZA campus.

While on her way back to Higan, she is stopped by Big D, and he goes out against her. Luckily, Ninja Kamui(Higan) saves her from Big D and gives him a tough fight, after which the notorious Ninja lets the two of them escape. Morris also reunites with Higan and Emma in the second half of the episode, where Emma apologizes for hiding the truth from him (that she is also a ninja).

Ninja Kamui Episode 9 Recap

Ninja Kamui episode 9 starts with Emma telling Morris that she, along with Higan, is going to focus on shutting down the active power plants of AUZA and stealing the power sources. Morris tells her that he will be moving forward with his investigation on AUZA Tech. Right after that, we get to see AUZA Tech CEO having a word with Yamaji regarding Zai and the power plant massacre. While the CEO was not in favor of calling him back again, Yamaji firmly took his stand by saying that engaging with Higan when he has his Gusoku gear would have been a foolish move.

The CEO’s concerns were pretty different from those of Yamaji. This results in a little spad between them in which Yamaji event threatens to kill him. The atmoshphere around Yamaji was pretty diffrent from what we’ve seen previously. We can see a statue of a scary entity and a crow sitting on it. This could be a hidden message that we can get to see a full-fledged Higan vs Zai battle super soon. The episode moves forward, showing Emma and Jason trying to hack the AUZA tech servers.

However, things get a little messy here as they are attacked by Big D. Well, that’s not a problem, because Ninja Kamui comes to their rescue right away. Along with Big D, an army from AUZA tech also joins the battle against Higan. However, Higan is not alone; Morris joins the battle along with Emma. The battle between Higan and Big D could be dubbed one of the best fights in Ninja Kamui. Higan puts a sword in Big D’s chest.

Ninja Kamui Episode 9 Ending Explained

As soon as we think that the fight is over, AUZA Tech CEO plays a trump card and activates a bomb planted in Big D’s gear. While Big D successfully saves Higan from the attack, Emma loses her life this time. The episode ends with Emma’s body being lit and Higan getting another reason to destroy the organization. We can see Higan filled with rage, saying it’s time to put an end to this.

Nonetheless, the last glimpse of Zai admiring his Gusoku gear has sparked curiosity amongst the fans. The battle between Zai and Higan has been pending for a long time. And the way Ninja Kamui’s story is moving forward, high chances are that Higan VS Zai will be the most important battle of the anime. At this moment we can’s say that the very next episode of the anime will show the most anticipated battle. But yes, the wait of the fans will be over super soon.

Ninja Kamui Episode 11 Recap

Ninja Kamui Episode 11 starts with showing Zai, Higan, and Mari in a conversation where Zai is telling the other two that the organization has ordered him to eliminate the Ninjas who are planning to ditch the organization. In the first scene, you can tell that their past is being explored. In the next scene of the episode, we get to see Zai and Higan indulging in hand-to-hand combat, which is a scene from the present where we can see they only have their pants on. 

The scene looks like something that happened after the battle they had in the Kamui Gusoku Gear. Firstly, Zai uses his Secret Art on Higan, and as soon as we think that the former is overpowering him, Higan changes the course of the fight with his secret art. While fighting, Zai’s mask falls off, and Higan sees that Zai’s face is damaged by one side. Their conversation during the fight was nothing but the suppressed frustration that Zai and Higan had for each other.

The battle between Higan and Zai was more like a war of belief between two individuals. The fight ends with Higan telling Zai that he has no other option but to destroy the Ninja organization along with AUZA Tech. The next major development of the show is when Joseph and Master Yamaji get into a conversation, and Joseph tries to convince him to start the mass production of Gusoku Gears.

Joseph and Yamaji’s Clash

Joseph was expecting that Yamaji would decline the offer, and he had already assigned soldiers to take the Ninja organization head out. Well, well, well, that’s Master Yamaji, for starters; taking him out is no piece of cake. He flew from the facility and even bombed a part of it, making Joseph furious and frustrated.

Master Yamaji and his Ninjas go on a massacre and start a massacre at AUZA Tech’s main building to find and eliminate Joseph. Scared to death, the AUZA Tech CEO was unable to understand what he should do. To his rescue, Dilly comes to the scene and takes out all the assassins in sight to take Joseph out of the facility. Finally, Yamaji and Joseph come face to face, and Dilly still tries to protect Joseph until the end. This anime is super mad, without a doubt. The moment Dilly throws Joseph out of the window, it looks like she wants to kill him. Only to realize, a few seconds after it, that she saved him by throwing him into a helicopter. 

Ninja Kamui Episode 12 Recap

In the beginning of Ninja Kamui Episode 12, Higan is seen in conversation with the doctor who healed him in the second episode. After the episode intro, the scene switches back to Dilly trying to tackle Yamaji’s assassins. The most mind-bending scene of the episode is when we get to see Lily fighting in her Gosuko Gear and still failing to hit Yamaji even once. And the most surprising part was when we got to see Yamaji in the Mikado Gear (similar to the Kamui Gusoku Gear). Then he takes out Dilly in a glimpse, which shows how overpowered he is with the Mikado Gusoku Gear. 

Ninja Kamui Episode 12 is full of surprises. Just when we thought only the final battle was left, the doctor who healed Higan revealed his true identity. He was one of the heads in the Ninja Organization along with Yamaji when Higan was a part of it. However, he started living in disguise because the codes of the cult were unbearable, and Yamaji had evil plans. The episode moves forward with Morris confronting his boss as the latter was involved with AUZA Tech along with other higher-ups from the FBI.  

Morris and his boss get into a hand-to-hand brawl because of the disappointment between them. However, Morris leaked all the data online which resulted in the exposure of AUZA in front of the whole world. However, Joseph is as evil as we thought, he threatens the Japan government and FBI that he will load his reactors and make them blast resulting in the ultimate destruction of the world. The episode ends with Master Yamaji deploying all his assassins to take out government officials.

Ninja Kamui Episode 13 Recap

The last episode of Ninja Kamui starts with Morris getting a call where his boss tells him that the white house and the Pentagon have been attacked by Ninjas. Yamaji is adamant to bring peace to the world by conquering every country. Sounds pretty similar to how Madara Uchiha wanted Infinite Tsukuyomi for peace. Morris gets Joseph’s location and finally stops him from fleeing away.Β 

The moment all the fans were waiting for finally arrived. Master Yamaji and Higan start a one-on-one battle against each other in their Gusoku Gears. The animation of their battle is mind-blowing; you should watch it right now if you haven’t. While they both were fighting, we got to see another suit, and of course, it was Zai. In the god-level battle, Zai and Yamaji started dominating Higan. And at that moment, Higan unleashed his secret art. 

But, Master Yamaji outclassed Higan with his secret art named God’s Will. Right when Higan is under the influence of the same, he sees glimpses of his past tweaked in a way to mentally disturb him. The moment when we thought that Yamaji was going to kill Higan, Zai took charge and attacked Yamaji. Higan and Zai were finding it difficult to tackle Yamaji. And the abilities of Yamaji’s Gusoku Gear were a lot more dangerous than those of Higan and Zai.

Higan becomes unbeatable

Lying down injured, Higan sees a glimpse of Mari, and she motivates him to take out Yamaji and stand for what is right. Then the impossible happens; Higan’s Kamui Gear changes its color, and he adopts the secret art of Zai, which is almost impossible. 

Well, not trying to draw any comparisons, but this scene looks straight out of Tekken 8 story mode when Jin was getting thrashed by Kazuya and meets Jun in the dream realm. Jin also makes a comeback as Angel Jin (an evolved version of him) to take out Kazuya and finally takes him out.

Returning to Ninja Kmaui Episode 13, Higan takes out Yamaji for all the good reasons this time. In the end, all the good things happen: Joseph gets arrested, Yamaji dies, and Higan saves Zai from killing himself. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to watch Ninja Kamui Season 1?

You can watch the first season of Ninja Kamui on different streaming platforms like Prime Video, Apple TV, MAX and Vudu. Nonetheless, you need to purchase a subscription of any of these application in order to stream Ninja Kamui.

Where to watch Ninja Kamui in India?

If you are in India, then you need to get a stable VPN service in order to watch Ninja Kamui on the above mentioned platforms. At the time of writing this article, Ninja Kamui is not available on any official streaming platform.

What is AUZA Tech in Ninja Kamui?

AUZA Tech is an evil organization in Ninja Kamui that wants to conquer the world in every sector with the help of Master Yamaji (leader of the cult ditched by Higan). Apart from that, AUZA Tech can be seen working on super-deadly weapons to make their assassins more and more powerful.

How many episodes are in Ninja Kamui Season 1?

The first season of Ninja Kamui has 13 episodes and all of them are available to stream on multiple platforms.

Is Ninja Kamui Season 1 Available on Netflix?

No, Ninja Kamui is not available on Netflix at the moment. And there is no rumor regarding the launch of Ninja Kamui on Netflix.

Is Ninja Kamui worth watching?

Yes, Ninja Kamui is an anime that you will not regret watching. Despite having an old-school revenge story, the anime series is going to leave you spellbound with the high voltage action and superb animation.

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