One Punch Man Season 3: All You Need to Know!!  

One Punch Man Season 3

One Punch Man Season 3 is back after five years since the second season concluded.  

The wait for decades is finally over with the announcement of One Punch Man Season 3 in an official trailer representing Garou and Our “Bald Cape Guy” Saitama.  

This series is one of the best in the Anime industry, with explosive animation frames and dull comedy.  

 One Punch Man owned the internet because of Saitama’s workout routine, and this show made its fanbase concerned about their physicality and health.   

Saitama can be a reason why some of us had a significant body transformation.   

So far, One Punch Man is an underrated anime, and it needs a lot of attention as it consists of a unique blend of action-adventure, humor, and an intensely overpowered protagonist.  

Don’t know about One Punch Man? Here are Some Details.   

One Punch Man introduction

One Punch Man franchise is the creation of ONE (Tomohiro), who also created Mob 100, one of the best Sci-Fi series in the Anime community.  

With a fantastic Storyline, OPM had some of the best OSTs, Intros, and outros.   

The opening theme song, The Hero!, holds every fan to the roots.   

The Hero! It is a fabulous work by the JAM Project and the main reason why Season 1 captivated many anime enthusiasts.   

The opening and OSTs throughout the series showed energetic vibes, fast-paced visuals, and the essence of “One Punch Man”  

The series made a debut on 4th October 2015 till 21st December 2015. This is when we get curious about “Can he beat Goku, though?”  

Following up, the second season aired from 10th April 2019 till 3rd July 2019.  

The amazing screenplay and an overwhelming power display are the main reasons this series is a peak fiction but still an underdog.  

An interesting fact about One Punch Man that many fans still need to learn is it’s adapted for animation from Yusuke Murata’s manga illustration despite Tomohiro, who is the original manga writer because of Murata’s Manga designs.   

Where to watch One Punch Man!!  

Where toWatch One Punch man Series

If you feel like an outcast, this is a call for you from Madhouse Studios to watch this marvelous feat.   

Anime fanatics can watch this show on Netflix and Crunchyroll. The franchise consists of 24 episodes now (it’s a hint for you to witness “Bald Guy” in action).   

If you feel burdened by two seasons, you can read Manga, which has 84 chapters depicting both seasons.   

What to expect from One Punch Man Season 3   

One Punch Man Season 3 expectations

An announcement trailer released on 29th February showcasing Garou and Saitama in it titled Supreme Power vs Ultimate Fear.   

The narration in the trailer is finely executed by Daisuke Namikawa, who plays Dr. Genus.  

In addition, a key visual of Saitama is released by Chikashi Kubota. The OST in the trailer is an art by Makoto Miyazaki.    

In the upcoming season, fans can witness an iconic fight between Saitama and Garou (manga readers know what I’m talking about).  The upcoming season will showcase the monster association arc along with Hero Hunter Garou who will play as an antagonist lead.

We will also witness the mystery behind the King’s power.  

Though there is no confirmation on the release date and time, the studio, staff, and voice cast are confirmed in this trailer.   

The theme songs and release date will pop out in the approaching weeks.   

Makoto Furukawa (Saitama) and Hikaru Midorikawa (Garou) return to the set along with a change in Studio.   

J.C. STAFF studio returns from season 2 to animate.  

One Punch Man Season’s Recap  

One Punch man Season 1

The first season starts with a serene day when Vaccine Man (blue Piccolo) enters the city, creating havoc. Justified by the title, our first antagonist is one punched!  

So, the plot is based on a flashback story when our main character (with hair), a 25-year-old self-proclaimed jobless guy, saves a kid from a crab monster and decides to become a hero.   

The journey of Saitama starts with 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10 km run every day (seems exhausting), which in turn took all his hair.   

 Disinterested and dismayed in his skill, he curses his powers because there is no thrill in any fight.   

In search of powerful monsters, Saitama wanders around the city but finds his own disciple, Genos.  

Later on, Saitama finds out about his first rival, Speedos, who gave his whole life in training to become an assassin, but a hilarious defeat (Nut Buster!!) makes Speedos vow to surpass Saitama one day.   

What Else is there in Season 1?   

Likewise, he notices that no one, literally no one!! Identifies his work, which puts Saitama in a depression for a short period.   

This is when Genos enters the frame and tells Saitama to become an official hero by joining the Hero Association.  

Agreeing with Genos, Saitama takes the Hero Association Test and finally becomes an official hero.   

Moving ahead, both Saitama and Genos are ranked in C rank and S class Heros, respectively.   

In season’s end, “Bald Guy” solos Sea King, who declares war on humanity.  

This is when Saitama finds Boros, who is somehow near to Saitama’s strength. Enjoying the fight, Saitama decides one punch Boros, and (bro is obliterated out of this world)   

One Punch Man Season 2 Recap (Spoilers ahead)  

One Punch Man Season 2 review

This season focuses on world-building and introduces characters like King, Bomb, Silver-Fang, Metal Bat, Atomic Samurai, and Garou.    

The premiere starts with a cameo of King, an S-class 1 rank hero who encounters G-4, but surprisingly, Saitama defeats him.  

 Further, we witness that King has no powers, but Saitama is cool with it and wants to be friends with him.  

While this is happening, the Hero Association invites all the villains worldwide and offers them the chance to join the Hero Association.  

Doing this will clear their past crime records, but our antagonist, Garou, makes their debut in the series and declines the offer by announcing himself on Monster’s side.   

Garou then mercilessly kills everyone present there and puts himself in the limelight.    

Continuing this, Fubuki B, class rank 1 hero, meets Saitama and offers him to remain on her side because she feels inferior to her sister S, class rank 2 Tatsumaki.   

Delving Deeper in this season, we find out the destruction created by Garou is unstoppable and how immensely he’s killing every hero out there.  

One Punch Man Season 2 Ending Explained!   

Fans witness Saitama taking part in a martial arts tournament in disguise as Charanko and is disqualified due to his identity breach.   

Conversely, Garou obliterates heroes and clashes with his master, Silver-Fang and Bomb.    

Moving ahead, seeing Goketsu dead, Gyoro Gyoro and Orochi declare war on the Hero association.   

As things seem to end for Garou, Phoenix comes in to rescue Garou.   


The announcement trailer relieved most of us.  

Though there is no official release date, the work is still in progress, and this makes our wait even more frenzied.  

Till the confirmation of One Punch Man Season 3, read our article on “9 Best Anime Series on Netflix”.  


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