Solo Leveling Episode 11: Release Date, Time, and Episode 10 Recap 

Solo Leveling Episode 11

Solo Leveling Series has intrigued fanfare with its rousing storyline and blazing action scenes. The previous episode filled the fans with dopamine rush and expressed ruthless emotions through an intense fight between Sung Jin-Woo and Kang Taeshik. 

Furthermore, let’s dive into the nefarious world of Solo Leveling, where Jin-Woo prowls for strength and the boundary between humanity and supernatural beast blurs. Moreover, Solo Leveling Episode 10 leaves the fanbase elevated as Sung continues his journey full of overwhelming opponents and drastic battles.  

Solo Leveling Episode 11 Release Date, Time, and Platform

Solo Leveling Episode 11 release date and time

Solo Leveling Episode 11 is going to be released on 23rd March 12 at 00 AM (JST). Besides this, the release date and time can differ depending on your province. The list of various time zones is given below.  

  • 23rd March, Saturday, at 15:00 (GMT) 
  • 23rd March, Saturday, at 10:00 (EST) 
  • 23rd March, Saturday, at 20:30 (IST) 
  • 23rd March, Saturday, at 21:30 (PT) 
  • 24th March, Sunday, at 2:00 (ACST) 

To watch Solo Leveling Episode 11, you need a subscription to Crunchyroll; the site has three subscription plans that our anime enthusiasts can select. Likewise, in Japan, Solo Leveling Episode 11 will air on Tokyo MX, GYT, BS11, and Japan YTV.  

Solo Leveling Episode 10 Recap: “What is this, a Picnic?” 

With just three episodes left, fans eagerly await the end of this infamous Winter anime. Solo leveling is, by far, one of the greatest action-adventure anime of all time. 

Episode 10 starts from where the previous one concluded. After an intense battle with Kang Taeshik, surprisingly, Jin-Woo escapes the suspicion easily (we meet cultured ones again!!). Along with a furious battle, episode 9 also showcases emotional attachments between Mr. Chiyul and his subordinates; in fact, Mr. Chiyul faces Kang fiercely to avenge his dear ones.  

The first scene of Solo Leveling Episode 10 depicts a mutual bond between Jin-Woo and Joohee. They discuss their past and end their story with a heartwarming goodbye. Viewers also witness Joohee announcing her retirement and giving mana crystal to Jin-Woo (the OST really melts my heart). 

Following up, fans unveil Mr. Woo Jinchul, alerting Jin-Woo of Hwang Dong-Soo, an S-class hunter who’s targeting Jin-Woo for killing his elder brother Hwang Dong-Suk. The scene flips, and Jin-Woo and Yoo Jinhoo, along with the strike team, prepare to enter the dungeon. While the preparation goes on, Jin-Woo meets the strike team (a team of drunkards injured). 

Episode 10 also showcases a new character, an E-Class Hunter who begins her journey but soon is amazed by seeing Jin-Woo clearing the dungeon by himself (it feels like farming in a game to gain excessive ascension materials!!). 

A new scene pops up depicting Sung thinking to work on his intellect ability, and suddenly, he gets a change quest.  

What Else is There in Episode 10!

Delving deeper into the episode, we get a glance at a new character: Ahn, manager at White Tiger Guild. Shocked by hearing Sung’s name, his interest grows as he tries to recruit him. Moving Ahead, Mr. Choi wakes up from a dreadful nightmare and soon checks up on the Reconnaissance Mission of Jeju Island.  

(Soon, Solo Leveling will come up with the incident of Jeju Island) 

On the other hand, Ahn Sanamin goes all out in desperation to recruit Sung for White Tiger Guild, but the negotiations soon break down due to Yoojin’s offer. Though Ahn is flabbergasted by Yoojin’s offer, he still shows interest in Sung after witnessing his stealth skills. 

(Though our good boy Sung deals with Ahn, giving him three C-rank Dungeons in 200 million Won, he scams Ahn for spying on him, which gives Ahn relief!!) 

Solo Leveling Episode 11 Expectations

Solo Leveling Episode 11 Expectations

Solo Leveling Episode 11, “Hunter conflicts reach a new height in the most unexpected way,” will air on 23rd March. After an incredible build-up, Solo Leveling Episode 10 ends, and the peak fiction continues with exhilarating rides through dungeons.  

As the title suggests, we can expect Jin-Woo to be in grave danger and how he overcomes his overpowered skills. We may see Hwang Dong-Soo in action for the first time!! Until you wait for the next episode with fierce battles, check out our article on “Suicide Squad Anime.”

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