Want to read Solo Leveling online? Here are the platforms

Solo Leveling anime has recently created a lot of buzz in the industry, with only four episodes available for stream. Without exaggerating anything, Solo Leveling has already pierced through the hearts of the fans, and now they are eagerly waiting for the show to move forward. That being said, there are two types of fans out there. Ones who will patiently (oy by containing their patience on the brink) wait for the new episodes and the ones who will give up their desire not to get familiar with spoilers and read Solo Leveling manhwa.

If you are someone who falls in the second category (just like me), then I have your back. You can head to multiple websites where you can get to read Solo Leveling online. Moving forward in the article, we will discuss the platforms where you can read the manhwa, followed by the details revolving around the story.

Platforms to read Solo Leveling online

There are many official and unofficial sources to read Solo Leveling online. First, we will start with the official sources. It dates back to the release of Solo Leveling Chapter 1 in 2016. It was published as a web book written by Chugong and published on Kakaopage. After a while, Webnovel.com purchased the publishing rights of the manwha, keeping its popularity in mind. So, as of now, you can get all the chapters to read from Webnovel.com. Apart from that, you can also head to Tappytoon.com to get access to Solo Leveling Manhwa.

Read Solo Leveling for free on these platforms

Apart from the sources mentioned above, you can also get your hands on a few websites that give you full access to all the chapters of Solo Leveling. One such site is Solo Leveling Manhwa. Here, you will get all the chapters along with complete panels. Another platform where you can read is slmanga. The website provides you with all the chapters of Solo Leveling in one place. However, you can encounter a couple of ads in between, for which you can use a good browser with a robust ad-blocker.

Note: Don’t confuse these websites with official Solo Leveling website as these are third party ones. On the official Solo Leveling website, you will only get to see the details related to the anime.

Solo Leveling: Basic idea about the story

read solo leveling online

The story starts with ‘the Gate’, which serves as a connection between the monster world and the real world. This phenomenon results in ordinary people getting the power to eradicate the monsters within the Gate. These people are called ‘Hunters’. And there are multiple types of hunters in the saga. But not everyone is a fighter, and not every fighter is super strong. Same is the case with Solo Leveling. The story revolves around Sung Jin Woo, the world’s weakest hunter. His journey from being the weakest hunter to becoming a living prodigy is covered in the story, along with other elements in the play.


You can visit any of the above mentioned platforms to read Solo Leveling online. Apart from that, if you can contain your desire to know more, then you can wait for the upcoming episodes of the Solo Leveling anime. That being said, if you want a little breakdown of the story so far, then you can have a look at the Solo Leveling episodes review.

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