Solo Leveling Season 1 Recap: Sung Jin Woo is more legendary than we thought

Solo Leveling Season 1 Recap

Solo Leveling is a popular South Korean web novel written by Chugong. Its incredible narrative has charmed fans worldwide. Moreover, the electrifying fight scenes, character development, and unique world-building make this series the zenith of fiction. However, the series dissatisfied many fans due to it’s slow build-up but gradually tempted more. Along with strength and enthralling duels, Solo Leveling Season 1 is a lore of self-discovery, sacrifice and purpose.

Solo Leveling Season 1 Recap

I recommend Solo Leveling to those who are going to start their journey in the anime world, as Solo Leveling is the Sword Art Online of Webtoons. Though we will witness the last episode of Solo Leveling on 30th March, here we are with a full recap of season 1. So, without further ado, let’s step into the abyss to unravel mysteries regarding this scandalous world.  

(Warning!! If you are new here, gear up to feel an extreme dopamine lift). 

Solo Leveling Episode 1: I’m Used to It  

Solo Leveling Episode 1 recap

In a world where Monsters and Humans coexist, selected members of humanity gain powers and use them to combat this ongoing threat. Episode 1 kicks off with the incident on Jeju Island, where several Hunters attack the monsters to clear the dungeon break. As everyone fails sequentially, S-Class hunters come to the rescue. The world-building and character development have been fascinating from the start. 

The lore begins with our main character, Sung Jin-Woo, an E-class hunter who seeks to level up. The weakest hunter in the world explores a low-level dungeon with his team, where he experiences a deleterious defeat. As they delve deeper and clear the dungeon, they explore a giant gate (curiosity kills!!) and decide to investigate ahead, but guess what the hell awaits!  

Solo Leveling Episode 2: If I Had One More Chance 

Solo Leveling Episode 2 recap

Episode 2 begins with chaos. The God gets up in a jolly mood and starts his kill spree. After getting killed one by one, Jin-Woo finally comes into action, using his brain and commanding the team to do what he says. Further, in that chaotic environment, Mr. Song Chiyul, the party leader, gets himself amputated. 

However, only half of the team remains, and they start following the commandments slated there in the dungeon to survive a literal disaster (this is like you start a game as a new player and get matched up with an experienced one; it seems unfair!!). As everyone escapes through the door, our main character is left alone at the altar. Turn by turn, each statue obliterates Jin-Woo.  

Solo Leveling Episode 3: It’s Like a Game

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? 

Solo Leveling Episode 3 recap

Though in episode 3, Jin-Woo dies, he somehow manages to clear a secret set of trials within the dungeon and wakes up in the hospital. Besides, Jin-Woo gets a unique ability to level up after the double dungeon ordeal. Jin-Woo is astonished by the set of menus and inventories up ahead in the real world. 

Further, this incident begins the epic journey of Weakness to Transcend. Following up, Mr. Woo Jinchul and his assistant visit Sung in case he reawakes, but he remains an E-Class hunter. Through the Player Development System, Sung obtains a chance to grind his level up, and Oh Boy!! Yes, he does some grinding throughout the special dungeons that only he can visit.  

However, Sung takes the daily quest lightly, and we all know what happens next!! A giant centipede follows him, but somehow Jin-Woo escapes. Jin-Woo embarks on his journey as a lone wolf in an instant dungeon, where he kills many goblins and later finds himself in a grave situation against a steel-fanged Lycan. 

Solo Leveling Episode 4: I’ve Gotta Get Stronger 

SoloLeveling Episode 4 recap

Jin-Woo is again in a crucial situation, facing Steel-fanged Lycans. He somehow builds courage and slashes through the steel-fanged Lycan, but this doesn’t end. A horde of Lycans charges straight at Sugn, but he manages to kill them all. Further, Jin-Woo achieves ascension material instead of crystals or money. Episode 4 unveils the World-building and abilities of the Player Development System.  

Greed is Evil!! Sung could’ve teleported out of the Instant Dungeon, but he moves, seeking more points to level up. Well!! A giant Snake resides in the subway, and our protagonist decides to wake him up from his eternal sleep (that’s exactly how I play RPG games, too!). Sung strikes several times at Blue Venom-Fanged Kasaka, but nothing happens; instead, Jin-Woo tastes a devastating defeat. Finally, he lands a strike on the snake with all his might and kills him. 

Solo Leveling Episode 5: A Pretty Good Deal 

SoloLeveling Episode 5 recap

Superpowers come with 0 brain cells, and Sung truly depicts this statement when a nurse asks him out. In just five episodes, Jin-Woo glows up like Sirius in the night sky. Until now, Sung is on level 18. Episode 5 showcases S-Class Hunters and their training sessions, along with an interview with Baek Yoonho. 

As Sung grinds, he analyzes his financial condition, searches for a dungeon raid, and gets himself recruited into a strike team. Jin-Woo teams up with Hwang Dong-Suk and meets Yoo Jinhoo at the party. As they kill monsters and proceed to a boss battle, Hwang Dong-Suk and his part members leave Jin-Woo and Yoo Jinhoo up against the boss spider.  

Solo Leveling Episode 6: The Real Hunt Begins 

Solo leveling episode 6 recap

The brawl begins, and Jin-Woo dashes straight at the spider with all his might, though he panics and gets thrown here and there in the dungeon. Episode 6 unveils Sung’s new skill, “Dash,” due to which he obliterates the spider in one slash. Assuming his power and abilities, Jinhoo thinks he’s a false ranker.

On the other hand, Woo Jinchul trains with the president of Hunter’s association. Jin-Woo tackles Hwang Dong-Suk and his minions. Likewise, this series is not all about power fantasy and pictures the shady business amongst hunters. Overall, Jin-Woo ends up killing all 5 hunters mercilessly, along with Hwang Dong-Suk. 

Solo Leveling Episode 7: Let’s See How Far I Can Go  

Solo Leveling episode 7 recap

After killing Hwang Dong-Suk and his minions, Sung Jin-Woo continues his journey, completing various quests and gearing up to face formidable foes. Meanwhile, the incident of C-class dungeon raids comes into the limelight, and Mr. Jinchul overlooks the case. Moreover, Jin-Woo becomes a primary suspect due to his reawakening. After realizing Sung’s threat level, Jinhoo approaches him to join his guild to excavate mana and essence crystals. 

 Episode 7 focuses on the relationship between Sung and his sister. Each episode is filled with enthralling fight scenes, but this one, by far, is a work of art. To retrieve three elements of “Elixir of Life,” Jin-Woo enters the S-Class special dungeon, where he assassinates the gatekeeper of hell, Cerberus. 

Solo Leveling Episode 8: This is Frustrating  

SoloLeveling Episode 8 recap

After obtaining the first item for Elixir of Life, Song Jin-Woo continues his journey to max out his limits. He also accepts Yoo Jinhoo’s request to participate in dungeon raids. On the other hand, Guild managers approach a few S-Class hunters to join their strike teams. Solo Leveling Episode 8 also reflects Sung’s experience in a recent S-Class Dungeon.  

The plot paces up, and Yoo’s father provides insight into several hunter’s guilds, their origins, and their party members. From my point of view, Episode 8 was one of the crucial episodes in the franchise, with a unique and slow build-up that leaves fans on the edge of their seats. While Yoojin Corporation seeks to build its guild, Mr. Choi conversates with Baek regarding the Jeju Island Incident.  

Solo Leveling Episode 9: You’ve been Hiding your Skills

Solo Leveling Episode 9 recap

The guild party reunites again, and we have come far along with Jin-Woo in his epic fable. The commencement of the Dungeons and Prisoners arc brings anarchy. As the strike team delves, they encounter multiple goblins, and without a hiatus, the party moves ahead.

Solo Leveling Episode 9 is a literal treat for fans worldwide, which will surely stifle you to the extent of curiosity!! This episode features a bashing duel between Kang Taeshik and Sung Jin-Woo when Kang ruthlessly kills his allies. In fact, Mr Chiyul fights Kang with his bravery as a token of gratitude. (However, many fans have yet to notice the Goku Shuffle Sung did before fighting Kang.) This confrontation leads to Sung Jin-Woo’s murderous intent and shadow abilities. 

Solo Leveling Episode 10: What is this, a picnic? 

Solo Leveling Episode 10 recap

After killing Kang, Sung’s identity becomes more suspicious among the Hunter’s Association in Solo Leveling Season 1 Episode 10. I really admire Mr. Chiyul; I’ve never met someone like this who would cover up in many ways. Throughout the investigation, Sung witnesses a monstrous aura of Woo Jinchul, an A-class hunter. 

Coming into the spotlight, Ahn Sangmin visits Sung with a proposal to join the White Tiger Guild. Sung smoothly rejects his offer by revealing the contract from Yoojin Construction. Episode 10 also reveals the operation plans for the reconnaissance mission to Jeju Island. For more brief information read our article on Solo Leveling Episode 10  

Solo Leveling Episode 11: A Knight Who Defends an Empty Throne  

Solo Leveling Episode 11 recap

Directed by Takayuki Kikuchi and music by Sawano, this episode promises an unforgettable battle. After completing many quests with Jinhoo, Sung accepts a job change quest where he meets a formidable foe who resides in the shadow.

As the air crackles with tension a ferocious knight stands Jin-Woo. The fight is a heavenly delight and very well-choreographed with dynamic animations. Episode 11 unfurls the origin and abilities of shadow monarchs, who are the main villain group in the series. On the contrary Mr. Choi commands every S-Class hunter to join him on the secret mission at Jeju Island.  

Jin-Woo finds himself in an awful situation and gets obliterated by Igris. After many blocks and slashes, Jin-Woo finally slays Igris with his dagger. Moreover, Solo Leveling episode 11 unveils a reflection of Jin-Woo’s journey from a goblin slayer to something far greater. 

Solo Leveling Episode 12: ARISE

Solo Leveling Episode 12 Recap

At long last, the highly anticipated Solo Leveling Season climax is here, and fans worldwide are speechless due to the intriguing animations and the chef-kissed plot. In this enthralling finale, the stakes are higher than ever as the narrative builds up, informing about the Shadow power system and its origin. This nerve-wracking episode is an example of raw adrenaline that drives you ahead of your limits!!  

Episode 12 kicks off after a vicious fight between Jin-Woo and Igris. The environment remains unnerving as Jin-Woo faces multiple knights and mages who yank him to the extent. Moreover, Jin-Woo hallucinates his past self and his well-being because of exhaustion.   

The demoralization affects Jin-Woo’s mentality severely, but somehow, he grasps himself and puts in an astonishing fight against the knights. Due to lack of Stamina and other stats Jin-Woo hits Deja-Vu (but in reality). Further, Sung teleports to another realm because of a daily-quest penalty and prepares himself for another round.   

The animations and soundtracks are top-notch, and the studio sure did justice with the popular manga panel where Jin-Woo holds the Knight-Killer. Besides levelling up in the penalty zone, Jin-Woo acquires the skill of Rune Stone, which is the Ruler’s hand. Meanwhile, Sung gears up to beat the scare out of knights. The strike team arrives near Jeju Island and boldly prepares themselves for a devastating fight ahead. Meanwhile, the president and Woo Jinchul discuss the frequent reawakening of their Hunter’s Association.   

The Origin of Shadow Monarch!!

We revisit the action-packed screenplay in which Jin-Woo obliterates Knights and Mages. The choreography really captures the essence of the Webtoon. In the final scenes, Jin-Woo receives a ton of rewards and skills. Along with bonus points, he unlocks Class based on his performance.  

 Following up, Jin-Woo accepts the Hidden Class—Necromancer—and, in just a few seconds, ascends to the title of Shadow Monarch, where Sung can utilize the power of shadows. After Analyzing (all terms and conditions), Sung has officially become a Shadow Monarch and can summon Shadows, which will be a part of his shadow army.   

Episode 12 is an absolute banger as it depicts Jin-Woo’s revelation and a journey that defies limits. Lastly, Jin-Woo names his ability ARISE and calls out Igris to serve under him. Jin-Woo is gradually becoming a hard-core menace as he completes the first part of his epic.   

Wrapping Up  

Sadly, we will not wait for a new episode after 30th March. Solo Leveling Season 1 will conclude with its last episode, titled Arise. By far in the series, Jin-Woo has become a killing machine who’s levelling up on his own and likely a combo of healer, mage, tank and swordsman.

With an amazing experience throughout the journey of Sung it’s hard to argue that Solo Leveling is One Punch Man, Sword Art Online and Hunter x Hunter of Isekai Genre. Till the release date of Solo Leveling Season 2 pops up, check out our article on “Ninja Kamui Episode 8“. 

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