Why should you watch Haikyuu??

While Solo Levelling is ruling the action anime genre as of now; Haikyuu!! The ace of sports Anime created by Haruichi Furudate and Production I.G, continues to be in the limelight. With a steadfast fanbase in the anime verse, Haikyuu has gradually become an iconic and highly rated sports anime even after the release of the infamous series Blue Lock alongside Kuroko no Basket.  

After its initial release in the spring of 2014, the Haikyuu franchise comes to an end in 2024 ( finally, it’s leaving us with sentiments). This series’ hype is incomparable to other sports anime in the anime community.  

Our gut-wrenching wait ends with two upcoming movies that will complete the whole series. Besides its remarkable Storyline, Plot, Character Building and comical presence in the entire series, along with great determination and sportsmanship, Haikyuu puts the whole fanbase on an emotional ride.  

Will there be a Haikyuu!! Season 5  

A lot of confusion arose among the fanbase regarding season 5 of the popular volleyball anime series. Still, Haikyuu’s official Twitter page later declared that the series franchise would end with two movies coming Up Front.  

Haikyuu!! The movie: (Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump) premiers on 16th February 2024 in Japanese theatres, and it is believed that there will be a limited theatrical release in other countries ( the dates are not confirmed yet).

The movie is a sequel to the Haikyuu series!! To the top, they face Nekoma once again, their destined rival in the National Finals, after beating Shiratorizawa, Tsukibara and Inarizaki in the second round. 

Fans still worry that these upcoming movies can cover up to 100 chapters in Volleyball manga, which has created a lot of mixed emotions in the fanbase; on one side, fans are happy that it will end in a movie format, while on the other side, manga readers are criticizing the author and director for ending the series in only two movies, which may not be able to cover more than 100 chapters and the studio would cut short the storyline and plot to end it fast.  

This decision may be due to a restricted budget or seeing successful earnings in other anime movie productions like One Piece Red and JJK movies. 

According to the official announcement, the original soundtrack will release on 20th March. 

Who doesn’t want to root for “the underdogs”? The fanbase is going wild after the famous voice cast returns to the set, which includes Hinata (Ayumu Marase), Kageyama (Kaito Ishikawa) joining Tetsuro Kuroo (Yuichi Nakamura) from the nekoma side and others.  

Where you can watch Haikyuu!! 

Haikyuu has a total of 4 seasons, with part 2 of the 4th season “to the top”. You can watch Haikyuu!! At Crunchyroll, seasons 1 and 2 are also available on Netflix.  

Why you should follow Haikyuu!! 


The series tells us about the Karasuno Volleyball team and its members, how they rebuild their reputation in their prefecture and go on winning with our main character, Hinata and his rival Kageyama, who plays and builds chemistry together with the whole team. 

 The series comes up with character drama to intense matches with other powerhouse teams in prefectures. 

What viewers like about this series is that it extracts potential from side characters and rivals more than our leading team and MC. 

1. As said above, who doesn’t like to vouch for the underdogs: 

Karasuno ( The Flightless Crows) is the leading team that the series focuses on, and you will fall in love with every character of this team. Their backstory and how they climb up the ladder together is so unbelievable!  

2. The rival teams are on par that’ll make you scream out: 

Along with Aoba Johsai, Fukurodani and Inarizaki, Shiratorizawa is a team of monsters you can’t imagine. ( All Hail the Kings!)

3. The situational comedy and the humour that builds up character drama make this anime fun, besides fierce moments. The duo of Tanaka and Nishinoya is incredibly hilarious; you can’t stop laughing.  

Haikyuu!! The Recap  

Hinata Shoyo, who saw the little giant volleyball player on TV, changed his world forever, which inspired him to play volleyball. In middle school, he met his first-ever rival, Kageyama Tobio, a setter known as “King of the Court” because of his ego, not knowing that their fate would cross to play on the same team as Karasuno.  

Daichi, the team’s captain, slowly builds up the team by recruiting 1st years and gradually tasting a bitter defeat by Aoba Johsai. They recall old team players and evolve further to defeat other powerhouse schools. The duo of Kageyama and Hinata gets the title “the Freak Duo” due to their techniques and God-level skills. That sums up season 1 pretty much. 

Carrying on, the team goes into a summer camp to practice with other rival teams. After defeating Aoba Johsai on the second try, they play Shiratorizawa, a powerhouse feared among other schools, with their ace Ushijima Wakatoshi ( his egoistic gameplay is what I subscribed for). The ace and captain of Shiratorizawa High, Ushijima is also an under-19 representative for Japan in the Youth World Championship.  

After fighting fiercely against Shiratorizawa, Karasuno went on to defeat them in the finals to get their place in the nationals, where they faced off against Inarizaki and their twin Miya brothers. Following Karasuno’s mind blowing win over Inarizaki, they are ready to fight their destined rivals, Nekoma High, and how they will change their fate from ” Flightless crows” to an unbeatable powerhouse.


After three long years, Haikyuu!! And its legacy comes to an end. The fanbase is always thankful to Haruichi Furudate for creating such a masterpiece, 

Viewers have also built a strong connection with characters who are not crucial in the series but play a handful of roles. If you still need to be made aware of this masterpiece, it’s your time to complete Haikyuu!! in a single go. And witness the final match between borne rivals.  

Who do you support the most?    

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