Wind Breaker Season 1 Recap: Tokyo Revengers has a new rival now

Wind Breaker

Wind Breaker is an absolute standout illustrated by Saturo Nii and produced by Clover Works. The epic narrative is all about delinquents and how our main protagonist will carve his way up to become a top dog. Wind Breaker Season 1 premiered on 5th April, which created an elemental explosion in the anime industry. The intriguing fight scenes and dynamic animations captivated fans globally. Moreover, the Wind Breaker Franchise has some famous Voice Actors behind the scenes, who are going to add life to the characters for sure.  

Wind Breaker Season 1 Recap 

Wind Breaker

This series perfectly blends hidden desires, secrets and one’s motive to become street supremacy. High chances are that Wind Breaker will outrageously wipe out Tokyo Revengers from the top-tier list of Shonen anime.  Let’s delve into the adrenaline-fueled world of delinquents, where our protagonist aspires to become a hotshot.  

Wind Breaker Episode 1 Recap 

Wind Breaker ep 1

Wind Breaker Episode 1 begins with a scene where our protagonist walks alone on a rope. However, the scene gets filled with flashbacks of school students and local civilians accusing our main character due to his odd appearance. As the criticism increases, the scene concludes, and we witness Sakura Hakura, a high schooler who aspires to become a hotshot among delinquents. 

The early era of Japan was famous for its gangs and delinquents, and now these narratives have become a televisual feast for us all. Following up, Sakura strolls around the town and claims that he loves the strong and hates the weak. Soon after, Sakura saves a girl from some delinquents and receives appreciation for the first time. 

The first episode paces up, and we unveil many characters along with the plot building. However, the girl invites Sakura for lunch and further discovers that he is out of town. Besides fighting scenes and a destructive narrative, the chibi comedy is top-notch. While having lunch, the girl introduces herself as Tachibana Kotoha and suggests Sakura find some friends at Furin High. 

What Else is there in Episode 1

Feeling outraged and disrespected, Sakura leaves her cafe and decides to explore the town more. Sakura gets treated with warmth and love for the first time, but this awkward feeling disgusts him throughout his core. However, the goons who teased Tachibana jump out on Sakura for revenge. And this here, my friend, is a perfect example to hit an axe in the foot!!   

The brawl begins, and it’s 1 vs. many. Sakura obliterates half of them, which frightens them. Hearing all this commotion, Tachibana steps out and witnesses an outstanding clash. Soon after, a random delinquent slashes Sakura’s ankle, which seems problematic for him to fight ahead.  

Though Sakura has the upper hand in the combat, he finds himself in a grave situation. However, Sakura gets saved by Hiragi, Matsumoto, Kaji and Yaganida, who are students at Furin High. This scene surely gives dopamine rush and has successfully hyped fans all over the internet.  Following up, Tachibana reveals the town’s past and how Furin High saves ordinary people from other gangs, which gives them the name Wind Breaker (Bofurin). 

Wind Breaker Episode 2 Recap

Wind Breaker Episode 2 Recap

After an epic beginning, Wind Breaker episode 2 kicks off with Sakura carrying Grandma Sato on his back to the cafe. However, our annoyed protagonist changes according to other’s behaviour. At the Cafe, he again meets Kotoha, who offers him two deluxe egg sandwiches with seasonal fruits, which amazes him to the core (Whatever Sakura is up to, but the food looks really tempting!!)

According to the fast-paced build-up, this epic lore regarding Sakura’s journey to the top will be enthralling and compelling. Following up as the humour floats in the room, our blowsy protagonist can’t control his expressions. Admits this ridiculous conversation and enters a hilarious guy with yellowish hair. The Hero of Bofurin, Nirei, enters the scene with his maladroit actions. 

According to Wind Breaker, alluring lore, along with introducing many characters within two episodes, is incredible. Moreover, Nerei warns Sakura about his dream of becoming a hotshot. But the hilarity doesn’t stop as Nerei is one of those typical guys who invites chaos due to his clumsiness. 

Sakura’s Perspective

Later in the episode, Nerei leaves the cafe for the opening ceremony, whereas our saint Tachibana preaches an important lecture to Sakura regarding one’s perspective. Well! It may change his ideology for others. As usual, Sakura strolls around the town for more fights but encounters heartwarming gifts from many shops. However, a girl rushes toward him for help. Yeah Boy!! It’s time for some good action. 

Sakura arrives at the location where some goons wreak havoc. Moreover, the goons threaten Nerei for interrupting them. Seeing him in a desperate situation, Sakura kicked the goon straight to his face.

Seems impossible to beat many at a time, but it’s just a cup of tea for Sakura. Witnessing him and his commitments, Nerei decides to join Sakura on his journey. (The way Sakura’s mind changes for Nerei shows the drastic change in his behaviour) 

At last, our lads arrive at their destination, Furin High. Where Sakura is all pumped up for immense action. But Nerei’s emotions reach the climax as he unveils the class roster. Sonn, after his expression, takes a sudden left, which thunderstruck Sakura. At this point, Nerei is all hopeless and curses his luck, whereas Sakura prepares himself for fierce combat.

In the ending scenes of episode 2, we get to see other top dogs of Furin High, which include Sou, Kiryu, and Tsugeura. Eventually, Sakura gets what he dreamt of and faces Kyotaro Sugishita. This series is full of action comedy along with many hidden desires. Wind Breaker also includes many famous voice actors behind the scenes. 

Wind Breaker Episode 3 Recap  

Wind Breaker Episode 3 Recap

Wind Breaker Episode 3 commences after an intriguing build-up. The previous episode ended with Sugishita challenging Sakura for the top spot, setting the stage for an intense showdown. The alluring narrative of episode 3 unfolds with a gripping fight between Sakura and Sugishita, each determined to prove their strength.   

The battle between Fanatics begins!!   

As the heated battle between Sakura and Sugishita unfolds, their classmates scramble to intervene, fearing for the outsider’s safety. Yet, our (Jack Sparrow) Sou remains unperturbed, even light-hearted. He steps forward, advocating for Sugishita and sharing his backstory with the others.   

However, Sugishita, who thinks he won the fight, trips around and starts bleeding. The environment tenses up, and Sakura and Sugishita move again to continue their fight. A person interrupts the whole mood with a welcoming announcement.   

Just as Sakura is left bewildered by the sudden shift in Sugishita and the others’ demeanor, the series takes a dramatic turn. The mystery is unveiled – the person behind the announcement is none other than Hajime Umemiya, the strongest student at Furin High and a Bofurin representative. The revelation sparks excitement in Sakura, as it seems to hold the key to his problems.   

The seriousness fades away quickly with a glimpse of hilarity. Moreover, our protagonist’s excitement also turns pale while listening to Umemiya. The hilariousness exceeds to such an extent that the art style changes to the chibi version. It seems like Umemiya is more of a jolly nature.   

Umemiya’s Influence captivates Sugishita to the core  

Episode 3 also talks about the enigmatic leadership of Hajime Umemiya. His immense influence controls the school, and he is a ridiculous person.   

Moreover, Sugishita takes Sakura’s challenge personally as the characteristics of Umemiya deeply influence him, and he devotes himself to the top dog at Furin High. Sugishita is the only student who’s allowed to go to High school. He is currently studying in middle school because of his admiration and trust in the leaders at Furin High.   

While everyone is dedicated to the safety of Furin, Sou calls Sakura and Sugishita to form a truce and live as dear classmates. Despite their individual goals at Furin, Sakura and Sugishita agree to set aside their differences. As Sakura extends his hand in friendship, other classmates join in to celebrate this moment of unity.   

Later in the episode, Everyone, along with Sakura, goes out to paint in the town. However, everything goes normally. Hiragi dashes straight at Sakura after hearing Kotoha’s name. However, Hiragi is one of the four kings at Furin High. He takes Gas Kun 10 tablets to calm down his heart.   

Devotees of Power  

Episode 3 also unveils Furin High’s hierarchical system, which involves four kings under a representative who controls each class in three grades. Further, we witness the Tamon team, Jikoku Team, Zojo Team, and Komoku Team, who are in charge of each class in each grade.  

Moreover, our lads go out to patrol throughout the town. While patrolling and helping others, our team of menaces ends up at the border of Bofurin and Shishitoren. Amidst the conversation, Nerei explains Shishitoren’s turf. Sakura and Sugishita jump at the guy from Shishitoren to save a middle schooler.   

During the commotion, Hiragi hesitates by seeing Tomagi Jo, who is second in command at Shishtoren. Further, the commotion turns threatening and unsafe.   

Where Tomagi beats his subordinates to a pulp, Sakura jumps in with his ideology toward the weak. The air crackles with stress, but even Tomagi gets fascinated by Sakura’s hair. The Episode ends with a proper schedule for a fight between Tomagi and Sakura.   


The next episode of the anime is going to launch in a few days and fans are already excited. While you are waiting for Wind Breaker Episode 3, have a look at our Ninja Kamui Season 1 Recap.

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