Naruto Filler List: Arcs that are Worth Watching!!

Best Naruto Filler Arcs

Naruto has been part of the big three anime for 15 years and has delivered the finest to its fandom. It is, without a doubt, one of those series that you should watch if you plan to start your journey as an anime fan. However, this action-adventure series disappoints some fans due to its Filler Arcs (which are nearly more than canon episodes!). 

More than half of the series covers Filler Arcs and Episodes that are up to the mark. The Naruto Franchise has 720 episodes in total, which makes you weep, thrilled, and stunned due to their magnetic epics, staggering animations, and alluring fight scenes.  Without further ado, raise your ramen bowl, and let’s delve deeper into the world of Naruto fillers. Where spontaneous detours and bizarre adventures await!! 

Naruto Filler Arcs Fans Should Watch!! 

The Shinobi that Lives in the Darkness Filler Arc

Kakashi Black Anbu Ops Arc

Filler Arcs featuring Kakashi as a main lead sure leave a good impression on the fandom, as their hot and sneaky sensei gets a lot of screen time to shine all over the internet. This Filler arc covers episodes 349 to 361, revealing Kakashi Hatake’s background as an Anbu Black Op. It’s a shame that this arc falls into the filler category, as it contains an enthralling storyline depicting Kakashi’s past along with Yamato and Itachi Uchiha. In this Filler Arc, fans are rewarded with Yamato’s Back story and Itachi’s intentions before leaving the village. 

Six-Tails Unleashed Filler Arc

Six Tailed Beast Arc

Some of the Naruto Filler Arcs may need to be filled, but this arc does have important information regarding Tailed-Beasts and their origins. This arc covers episodes 144 to 151, where the storyline deals with a mutual bond between a master and his student. In comparison to the Three-tailed beast arc, this filler is more impactful. Though this narrative is considered non-canon, it gives much lead to the fanfare regarding tailed beasts. This arc takes place just after Jiraiya’s death, and it’s hard to watch something emotional again (until now, Samidare hits hard). Every Jinchuriki lives a harsh life, and here, the plot revolves around Utakata, a vessel of the Six-Tailed Beast who realizes his hardships as a Jinchuriki. 

Lands of Rice Field Investigation Mission Filler Arc

Lands of Rice paddies filler arc

This filler arc leads towards the evil of Orochimaru and is cited as one of the best Naruto Filler Arcs. While other fillers consist of absurd missions and ramen delivery. This arc focuses on world-building and welcoming fans with unexpected twists and intriguing action. This Filler arc starts just after Sasuke’s Retrieval Arc. Where the narrative shifts towards a non-canon story from the main plot. Lands of Rice Field Investigation Mission Arc starts from episode 136 to 141 of the Naruto series and focuses on the meeting between Jiraiya, Naruto and Sasuke with the Fuma clan. 

New Chunin Exams Filler Arc

New Chunin Exam Filler Acr

This filler arc focuses on the remaining Genin, who are given a second chance to get Chunin Status and start after Sasuke’s treason and Naruto’s departure from the Hidden Leaf to train with Jiraiya. This filler arc covers episodes 394 to 413, where the remaining ones showcase their skills to promote as Chunin. Though this filler arc has an alluring storyline depicting everyone’s true potential and character building, the pause dissatisfies Fans’ excitement as it airs in between the Fourth Great Ninja War, and most of the fans believe to skip this arc. 

Mecha-Naruto Filler Arc

Mecha Naruto Filler Arc

One of the shortest Filler Arcs ever created in the Naruto series (startled, right?!). This non-Canon arc consists of only two episodes, 376 to 377, where hilarity is everything. Let’s say a fourth wall break in the Naruto franchise, as Kishimoto played well with this arc. The decent writing full of humour, fight scenes and a giant robot Naruto is all that we wanted! 

This arc revolves around Naruto and his companions discovering a Mecha Naruto. A creation of Orochimaru, reprogrammed by Akatsuki to capture Naruto. This arc takes place when our protagonist learns Rasen-Shuriken. Want a break from the main story? This short filler arc is a masterpiece that ensues chaos!! 

Wrapping Up 

When it comes to Naruto, many anime enthusiasts think of the density of filler episodes in the series. Here are the best Naruto filler arc suggestions for you to start rewatching the series. Moreover, we will constantly keep updating this list for you. Till then, check our article on “Best Aniwatch Alternatives.” 

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