10 Strongest Vinland Saga Characters; Ranked

Strongest Vinland Saga Characters

Vinland Saga is one of the most admired anime in the Seinen industry. Moreover, this list is all about the heroic tales of the strongest characters from Vinland Saga. The series peaked in the charts due to its renowned storyline along with brawny characters. However, Vinland Saga’s animations have amazed fans worldwide. Many anime enthusiasts still choose manga over the adaptation. However, some of the characters may have influenced everyone around the world due to their ideology.  

Vinland Saga is an alluring lore that includes historical events with a unique twist. When it comes to the Nordic Region, we know there will be a lot of chaos. (But as this franchise has impacted my life with crucial life lessons, there’s only one thing to say: “I have no enemies.”) 

10 Strongest Characters of Vinland Saga

  • Canute
  • Ragnar
  • Ketil
  • Thorfinn Kalsefni
  • Snake
  • Cordelia
  • Bjorn
  • Askeladd
  • Thorkell
  • Thors

10. Canute 


King of Denmark and England, who once was a timid prince, develops according to his environment. His character development throughout the series is an absolute standout. After Ragnar’s assassination, Canute becomes more of a commanding and demanding king. He does not hesitate to kill anyone who interferes with his work. Though he is not strong like other characters, his manipulative personality leaves fans on the edge of their seats. From a crybaby to a wise king, Canute suffered hard during his old days. 

9. Ragnar 


Ragnar appearance in the series is shown as King Canute’s loyal bodyguard. Ragnar’s determination and loyalty make him a strong character in this series. He also played a vital role as Canute’s Foster parent. However, he is not that of a brute Viking. He took his job very seriously from Canute’s childhood till he became a capable king. However, Fans worldwide love Ragnar because of his spirit and grit to exterminate threats.  

8. Ketil 


Well, well!! The only guy who slaves Thorfinn along with Einar and Arnheid. Ketil is a farm owner in Denmark. He believes that every enslaved person should be given fair treatment. However, he is peaceful and emphasizes others on their work. But when it comes to battle, Ketil can defend him on his own. Even if he is a farmland owner, Ketil has the powers of a Viking. But rather than fighting, he believes in helping others and panics when the work is not in his favor.  

7. Thorfinn Karlsefni 


An anti-hero who seeks revenge for his father’s death turns out cold. Later, he becomes a person with a mindset of self-discovery and acceptance, which makes him one of the most complex main characters throughout the series. However, Thorfinn’s past really unveiled his beast mentality during the time he served Askeladd.  

Soon after, the vengeful warrior rethinks his whole life and starts from scratch with a new purpose. Thorfinn became more powerful during Ketil’s Farm arc. Moreover, Thorfinn may not be that strong, but he sure is packed with incredible agility and speed.  

6. Snake 


Roald, also known as Snake, is the head of Ketil’s farm. He is agile, and his speed tricks his enemies, resulting in their death. Snake is the man of Honour who stands beside Ketil to assist on his farm. Overall, Snake is a pure combination of strength, speed, agility, and strategy. During Ketil’s Farm Arc, Snake saved Thorfinn many times from Fox. Though he slouches around, no one’s deadly when it comes to his beloved soldier.  

5. Cordelia 


Previously known as Halvar, she is interested in Thorfinn’s expedition to Vinland. She is a sturdy woman who uses her brute strength in manual labor. Once an enslaved person, Cordelia transformed into a giant with power and muscles after gaining her freedom. And why not? She is Thorkell’s daughter. Moreover, she is a useful character who uses her strength to complete normal work.  

4. Bjorn 


How can we forget Bjorn!! An outstanding character with extreme durability and brute strength. His tenacity is what we all want at a crucial moment. Bjorn is Askeladd’s right-hand man whose strategies and skills surpass anyone on the battlefield. Moreover, Bjorn’s loyalty to Askeladd is like a jewel in the crown. Along with this, Bjorn can also go into berserker mode. (Imagining him gives a lot of goosebumps). Sometimes, loyalty is not upheld by both sides. The following happened in the epic battle between Askeladd and Bjorn, leading to his death.  

3. Askeladd 


When the conversation involves famous side characters, Askeladd comes up first with his perfect strategies and tactics to win a battle. Overall, I’ve never seen a perfect character other than him in any anime related to the same genre. However, Askeladd is strong, but his idealogy makes him more of a supremacy. In the series, we can see many events where Askeladd’s hidden desires, ambiguous actions, and internal conflicts among his bands intrigued us to the extent. Furthermore, he defeats Thorkell with Thorfinn’s aid. His charisma really outshines him as a peak character. 

2. Thorkell 


A menace to society!! Thorkell is a vicious Viking who defeats other Vikings for fun. Moreover, Thorkell is a monster and the most powerful character amongst other characters in Vinland Saga. Even other Vikings fear him as he throws a big spear a kilometer away, which impales 4 Vikings at a time. However, he is one of the jacked characters in the series. Finally, Thorkell satisfies his hunger by accepting his defeat by Thorfinn and declaring him a strong Viking.  

1. Thors 


Thors is Thorfinn’s father, a Jom Vikings commander with phenomenal strength and skills. After many years of battle and, of course, winning them exhausted him. As for the result, Thors shifted to Iceland, where he met these fierce Vikings. He is the only one who outnumbered Thorkell in a fight and defeated him unarmed. In the past, Thors was the top dog of the Vikings. Vinland Saga unveiled a cold and remorseless side of Thors when he faced Askeladd’s crew in the Faroe Islands. 


Mentioned above is a list of the Top 10 Strongest Characters in Vinland Saga. If you like anime that includes Historical events, Vinland Saga is a perfect match for you. Vinland Saga Seinen Manga and its adaptation will leave you speechless due to its epic lore about Vikings. Fans worldwide eagerly anticipate Season 3, and if you are unaware of it, Read our article about “Vinland Saga Season 3”. And yes, we will keep updating the rankings as per the latest development in the upcoming season of Vinland Saga. So, don’t forget to keep checking this peice at regular intervals.


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