All You Need to Know About Great Pretender Razbliuto!! 


Great Pretender Razbliuto is back with its unique art style, featuring Chiaki Kobayashi, Junichi Suwabe, Natsumi Fujiwara and Yuzu Komatsu as their main voice leads.  

This year is a special reward for every anime watcher as we got Mashle, Solo Leveling, Haikyuu! and now we are blessful with the Great Pretender movie Razbliuto. (Wit Studio ate and left no crumbs!).  

Fans admire this show because of its intricate plot, dynamic characters and voguish animation. Further the show blends in with humor, suspense and emotional moments. 

What is Great Pretender Razbliuto all about

Great Pretender Razbliuto

The storyline will carry on from where it left us on cliffhanger, Great Pretender Rabliuto is a sequel of Great Pretender series which aired on August 20 to September 21, 2020. 

This movie is packed with action-adventure, comedy, drama, crime and a bit of romance.  

The Sequel revolves around our main protagonist Dorothy who recruits our infamous Laurent Theirry into the world of crime and this time our characters will experience the streets of Kyoto and Taiwan. 

With a famous voice cast and a vast world-building, OST’s are the one that captivate everyone (the hint of Jazz) if you know, you know!!  

The fanbase is eager to see the party in action with the new main character (surely, we will miss out Edamame). 

You can please yourself with the trailer available on YouTube by IGN. 

Great Pretender Razbliuto: Release Date, Time and What More to Expect!

Great Pretender Razbliuto

The theatrical release gained a lot of popularity which scheduled for (22nd February 5:00 pm) excluding Japan and Middle Eastern countries. 

 Further it will release on 23rd February on Crunchyroll. The Sequel will premiere on DMM TV in Japan on (23rd February at 12:00 JST).  

The sequel made great progress with a box office collection of 22874 dollars in the first week. Directed by Hiro Kaburagi. Great Pretender Razbliuto is 1 hour 28 minutes long and rated R for profanity and violence.

Great Pretender, a Quick Recap! 

The Great Pretender package comes with chaotic, unpredictable, and complex moments. 

Most importantly, this show is all about Con Art and (JAZZ).  If you are an artist, the animation adaptation is ecstasy for you. From my perspective, I don’t think anyone would dislike this anime (After, it teaches you how to become a swindler and scam rich people) . 

The story begins with a Japanese swindler, Makoto Edamura, who tries to scam Laurent Theirry. Makoto, in turn, becomes the victim of his trick. Forcing him to join Laurent and his team on a fantastic Voyage. Who turns out to be an international con artist. Moving ahead, the party sets up the plan to scam a Hollywood star, two Arab brothers, and a corrupt king in the land of Asia.  

(isn’t it fascinating!!) 

After three whole years, we will witness the chaos and some romance between Laurent and Dorothy as they delve deeper into the political consequences that can manipulate the Nation’s fate. 


Directed by the maker of Kimi Ni Todoke, 91 days, this show crossed several hurdles to place itself into the top tier list. The sequel will be more of an action-adventure than a Con Movie.

 A proper heist plan is all that you need with a bunch of handy swindlers. Moreover, this show gives the same vibes as Cowboy Bebop. The best thing about this series is that the characters always felt natural and gave (go-with-the-flow vibes).


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