Death Note Killer Within: Popular 2003 Anime Series To Get A Spin-Off Possibly

Death Note Killer Within

Fan Favorite anime show Death Note has got a new trademark by Shueisha. The rumours regarding the same popped up on X(formerly Twitter) and the fans theories are pouring down from almost everywhere. Shueisha is the publishing company behind Death Note and this activity is something that has given the fans hope of a sequel of spin-off. Possibly, the name of the project is Death Note Killer Within as mentioned in the tweets. The information regarding this is pretty limited.

Death Note Killer Within: What it could possibly be?

Due to the lack of any official announcements as of now, there are only fan theories in play. Multiple fans out there are saying that it could be a fresh anime adaptation of Light Yagami’s original story. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that Shueisha only handles the manga part, which pretty much raises question on Death Note Killer Within being an anime adaptation.

Other rumors suggest that the original authors of Death Note, artist Takeshi Obata and writer Tsugumi Ohba, will be involved in the project as well. There are high chances that it is going to be a spin-off series related to the original Death Note. Nonetheless, readers have to keep in mind that Shueisha has not made an official announcement regarding the project. So, the suggestion is to take all the information with a truckload of salt.

What do we want to see in Death Note Killer Within? [Spoilers Ahead!!!]

Death Note established itself as one of the most intense anime shows of all time with a crisp storyline. We see in the anime that after Light Yagami dies, Ryuk returns to the Shinigami realm, where he criticizes another Shinigami for giving Death Note to a weak human. Now, there is a possibility that Death Note Killer Within will explore the story of the new human being who got the Death Note.

Considering the events of the original Death Note, Light was also a weak human who just wanted to eradicate all the evil from the world in the beginning. So, who knows, this new weak human may also walk the path paved by Kira himself. That’s our theory. If you have anything to share regarding the same, don’t shy away from dropping your ideas in the comment box. Until then, you must know that Ninja Kamui Season 2 has been officially announced and will be in the works pretty soon.


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