Ninja Kamui Season 2 Confirmed By Adult Swim

Ninja Kamui Season 2

Ninja Kamui Season 2 has been officially confirmed by Adult Swim and fans all around the globe are more than excited for the same. The first season of the anime was a hit despite having a lose storyline and not that impressive animation in the second half (Gusoku Gear saved the day though).

A report published by Business Wire suggested that Sola entertainment has already started working on the same. Originally, the announcement was for a game based on the anime names Ninja Kamui: Shinobi Origins but we also get juice on the second season as well. Furthermore, Ninja Kamui Season 1 emerged as the most popular anime on Adult Swim ever. This could be a major reason why the series is getting another season.

Ninja Kamui Season 2: What are the latest updates?

We could already judge the hype of the anime by considering the fact that it got a game and Season 2 announcement at the same time. It joins the likes of anime like Demon Slayer and Solo Leveling in terms of getting a game instantly after the first season bundled with the season 2 announcement. The IMDB rating of the show, 7.4, suggests that the show is nothing that fans should sleep on.

As of now, there is no word on the Ninja Kamui Season 2 release date and time. However, speculations are that we will get to know more about the same via rumours, leaks, or official announcements by Adult Swim. One thing which we already know is that the fans are eagerly waiting to see Ninja Kamui Season 2 teaser to get a gist of what they will get to see.

Ninja Kamui Shinobi Origins: What we know about the game?

Ninja Kamui Shinobi Origins is a prequel game that deals with the events that happened before the first season. The story revolves around Tsukumo, who is a member of the Ninja Organization under AUZA. However, things go haywire when he gets to know AUZA’s evil plans and decides to eradicate the threat. As of now, the game is only available for Nintendo Switch. There are chances that we will get to see the game for other consoles in the future too.


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