Failure Frame Anime Release Date, Platforms, and Plot

Failure frame anime

July is going to be an important month for anime fans, with Suicide Squad running and new anime shows on the cards. One such masterpiece, Failure Frame anime, is all set to bless the month and woo fans all over the globe.

Failure Frame anime adaptation would be a perfect blend of mind-bending events and dark themes. It is based on a dark fantasy light novel with the same name, Failure Frame: I Became the Strongest and Annihilated Everything with Low-Level Spells. Moving forward, in the article, we will talk about the release date, basic intro, and platforms to watch for Failure Frame.

Failure Frame Episode 1 release date

Failure Frame Episode 1 is going to be released on July 5, 2024, in Japan. However, the time and date differ in various regions according to the differences in time zones. The anime will be streaming on TBS and BS11 in Japan. Apart from that, the anime will be available to stream on U-Next and Anime Hodai starting from July 9, 2024. Additionally, the anime will also be available on larger platforms like ABEMA, Mil Plus, HULU, Amazon Prime Video, etc. You should know that the availability of the anime on different platforms will be based on region-based distribution.

Failure Frame Anime Plot

Failure Frame Anime

Failure Frame anime revolves around Toka Mimori and his classmates. All of them have been summoned to a fantasy world by a goddess, and now they are supposed to showcase their skills and talents as heroes. While discovering the skills, Toka Mimori learned that he is an E-rank and is way weaker than the others. Due to the revelation, he is banished to a dungeon by the goddess. And things take a wild turn after that because it turns out that Mimori is not talentless.

Furthermore, his skills were pretty different from others as he possessed the power to change the scenario entirely. Nonetheless, because of the treatment he got for being considered weak, Mimori decides to take revenge on others. The rest of it is something you definitely want to watch in the anime. This one will defy what we got to see in Solo Leveling. Where Sun Jin Woo used his powers for himself and the greater good, Mimori used his powers to get revenge on those who did wrong with him.


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