JJK Chapter 263 Spoilers: Sukuna’s Suffering Is Not Going To End Anytime Soon

JJK chapter 263 spoilers

JJK Chapter 263 spoilers are here, and finally, we get to see Purple Hollow by Yuta (In Gojo’s body) in action. The chapter is 19 pages long, and the spoilers were dropped this morning. The leaks were shared primarily by Myamura, who is one of the most reliable sources when it comes to JJK leaks on X.com (formerly Twitter). The chatter gets heavily intense, with Todo and Yuji joining the fight alongside Yuta in order to defeat the king of curses.

JJK Chapter 263 Spoilers: Sukuna’s Unlimited Void domain crumbles in front of hollow purple

JJK chapter 263 spoilers

JJK Chapter 263 starts with Sukuna taking a major blow as his skin gets torn off while landing out of the barrier. The King of Curses further says that his Malevolent Shrine barrier also gets eradicated in the attack. Sukuna concludes by saying that Yuta is not synchronizing completely with the techniques.

Seeking the opportunity, Yuji and Todo join the battle with Yuta. Todo then asks Yuta to attack Sukuna with as many purples as he can. And Todo also asks Yuta not to worry about him and Yuji as he can dodge the attack with Boogie Woogie.

Right after that, the narrator mentions that Sukuna is in a state where he cannot use his CT with ease. However, the very next moment, we can get to see Yuta falling to the ground, which means that Kenjaku’s CT has stopped. Yuta then exchanges words with his inner self.

All he wanted was to at least be able to deploy a barrier to keep Todo and Yuji safe. Todo then notices that Yuta is reaching his limits and, on the other hand, Sukuna is not giving up on his offence. This makes Todo say instantly, ‘I guess that’s why they call him the King of Curses.’ Sukuna hits Todo with a Black Flash as soon as he sees that the latter is distracted.

Yuji all set to change the dynamics

JJK chapter 263 spoilers

Sukuna saw that Yuji was coming to attack him, but before he could react, Todo teleported Yuji and the latter to Sukuna’s blindspot. This gives Yuji an upper hand over Sukuna, and he successfully throws some hard punches at the faces of the King of Curses.

Meanwhile, Todo is slapping Vibraslap to activate Boogie Woogie. Yuji then again hits Sukuna with dismantle accurately at the barrier between Megumi and Sukuna’s soil. Sukuna is in a state of shock when he realizes that Yuji can selectively choose whom to target with his technique. Yuji starts throwing dismantle aggressively between Sukuna and Megumi’s soul.

Sukuna tries to dodge the attacks from Yuji as he knows that he couldn’t survive for a long time with Yuji in action. Sukuna says that Yuji has applied a binding vow that will make Yuji’s strike more effective in ripping out Sukuna’s soul from Megumi’s body.

Yuji slashes down the pillar on which Sukuna is standing and tries to land a punch. Nonetheless, Sukuna hits back by dodging Yuji’s attack and paying him back with a strike. Todo slaps his Vibraslap in order to swap but fails. And when he snaps again, Todo brings Hana Kurusu with Angel’s CT and she directly lands above Sukuna’s head.

Hana Kurusu’s Jacob’s Ladder is the trump card against Sukuna

JJK chapter 263 hana kurusu

Vibraslap breaks after this final swap, and then we get to see a Flashback of Yuta having a word with Hana and asking her, along with Angel, to use Jacob’s Ladder as the last big move against Sukuna. Yuta says that this could be their final chance to break the connection between Sukuna and Megumi’s soul. Furthermore, Yuta also says that the strength of his copy technique is the ability to have two same cards in his hands. JJK chapter 263 spoilers end with Hana blasting Angel’s Maximum Output Jacob’s Ladder technique.

Wrapping up

The tail of JJK will end with the Shinjuku Showdown, as it has been announced as the last arc. Apart from that, JJK will be on a break next week. So, JJK 264 spoilers will be out at the earliest, around July 25, 2024. That being said, you can have a look at our detailed article on Yuji’s fate after Sukuna vs Yuta.


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