Blue Lock Players And Their Possible Real Life Rivals

Blue Lock Players And Their Real Life Rivals

There have been more than a dozen anime shows on football, but none of them can challenge Blue Lock in terms of popularity. The first season of Blue Lock was a success and garnered a lot of fans all over the world. While the fandom is waiting for the second season, which is slated to release in October 2024, there are a lot of fan theories and comparisons that are spine-chilling for both Blue Lock and football fans. There are a lot of theories like which team Blue Lock Players will join in real life. However, one of the theories is not talked about a lot – If Blue Lock Eleven was real, which characters would have a rivalry with which real-life footballers?

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the details.

Isagi Yoichi and Kevin De Bruyne

Isagi Yoichi vs Kevin Debruyne

Isagi Yoichi, the main protagonist and one of the best Blue Lock players, has always amazed the fans with his tactical skills and on-field calculations. Keeping that in mind, it can be said that his biggest in-field rival would have been Kevin De Bruyne from Manchester City. De Bruyne has shocked the whole world with his spell-bounding goals and unmatchable passing skills. Another interesting fact here is that the character of Isagi’s biggest rival in Blue Lock, Rin Itoshi, is inspired by Kevin De Bruyne. Imagining how the fans would have reacted if Isagi Yoichi and Kevin De Bryune had ever gone face to face is something beyond the range of a normal human brain.

Rin Itoshi and Toni Kroos

Rin Itoshi and Toni Kroos

Rin Itoshi, in order to prove himself and escape the shadows of Sae Itoshi (his elder brother), joins the Blue Lock facility (brainchild of Jinpachi Ego) and makes a name for himself there with his play style. Rin Itoshi controls the whole game without sleeping on any goal-scoring opportunities. His fiercest on-field rival could have been Toni Kroos from Real Madrid. Kroos is famous for his goal-creation tactics and for exploiting rivals’ weaknesses. And since most fans think Rin Itoshi’s play style is similar to that of Kevin De Bruyne from Manchester City, it would have been great to see Rin Itoshi and Toni Kroos locking horns against each other.

Meguru Bachira and Vinicius Junior

Meguru Bachira and Vinicius Junior

Meguru Bachira has exceptional dribbling skills and plays just like Ronaldinho did during his prime in Barcelona. That being said, Bachira would have been the arch-rival of Vinicius Junior from Real Madrid. Vinicius plays aggressively, showing exceptional dribbling skills and mocking the weaknesses of his opponents. Bachira does the same and leaves no stone unturned to belittle his opponents. And in the manga, Bachira even joins FC Barcha (anime name of FC Barca) which puts him in the perfect position to kick off his rivalry against the current jersey number 7 of Real Madrid.

Baro Shoei and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Baro Shoei and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

While I was trying to compare the Blue Lock Eleven players with the currently playing football legends, this one was inevitable. Baro Shoei has impeccable strength and loses temper easily. The way he gives hard times to his rivals, Baro, reminds me of Zlatan Ibrahimovich, one of the most egoistic players to ever exist in world football. Zlatan was a legend in Inter Milan, and when he retired, he always kept himself above the other players in the interviews. Now, imagine two players backed with god-level egos going against each other; the energy levels of the match will be able to tear the sky down.

Wrapping up

Almost all the football fans and Blue Lock fans want to see what will happen if these players go to war. While this is not possible in terms of reality, we could see something like that in a game in the future (claiming nothing here, just speculating that as a fan). Keep checking on this piece as we add new players based on the comments and feedback. Until then, have a look at our article based on Blue Lock Season 2 and know what the update is regarding the same.

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