Kakegurui Season 3: Is There A Release Timeline For The Same Until Now?

Kakegurui Season 3 release date

Anime shows have covered different genres, so who would have thought there would be anime about a legendary bartender? And one such anime that grabbed a lot of eyeballs was Kakegurui. This gambling anime has had two seasons until now, and the fans are dying to know if there will be a Kakegurui Season 3. Well, while we know that there is no official announcement regarding the same, fan theories and predictions around the same are getting pretty prominent. Moving forward in the article, we will talk about the status of Kakegurui Season 3, along with discussing the rumors around it.

Kakegurui Season 3 Release Timeline (Rumours)

Kakegurui Season 3

There is no official confirmation regarding the release date of Kakegurui Season 3. However, there are a bunch of factors that raise the hopes of fans. Firstly, the Kekgurui Manga is still running, which means there is a lot more content to cover in the anime by starting the story from where they ended it in season 2. Apart from that, the popularity of anime is increasing with more and more fans joining the cult. Moreover, Mappa, the studio behind Kakegurui, is free as of now as it recently got done with major anime shows it was producing.

A Kakegurui fan who goes by the name Yakudragon8 on Reddit suggested a theory according to which Mappa could be focusing on Chainsaw Man Season 2 and possibly Kakegurui Season 3. We already know that the Chainsaw Man Season is all set to hit the floors by 2024 end. Keeping that in mind, there is a possibility that we will get to see the third season of Kakegurui in the first half of 2025. That being said, we suggest that readers take all the information with a truckload of salt until there is an official confirmation.

Kakegurui Twin was not Kakegurui Season 3

This was one of the biggest confusion amongst the fans that Kakegurui Twin was Kakegurui Season 3. Well, it was not, and there are a lot of reasons for it. The first reason is that the protagonists in both shows are different. The second one is that it doesn’t follow the primary storyline and shows us a distinct point of view. Third, the timelines of both Kekegurui’s original anime and Kakegurui’s Twin are different, as the latter takes place a year before the main series.

Kakegurui Anime storyline

Kakegurui anime focuses on the Hyakkaou Private Academy, where all the rich and influential individuals of the society flock. Students of the school engage in gambling to show off their status and hierarchy. The students who win the gambles get immense power and wealth.

On the other hand, the losers are used as slaves and often referred to as pets. Our main protagonist, Yumeko Jabami, enters the university and shakes the hierarchy to the core with her gambling skills. In the series, you will get to see Yumeko making it big in the dark world of gambling while creating friends and enemies on her way.


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