Bartender Glass of God Season 1 Review: Ryu Sasakura and his God-level skills are fine as wine

Bartender glass of God Review

You must have seen a lot of anime shows and movies on different genres and themes. But this one anime, Bartender Glass of God, is way different from what we have seen until now. As the name suggests, it is based on a Marvelous bartender named Ryu, who serves the most amazing cocktails to the customers.

In addition, he also has an all-ear attitude toward what the customer wants to share and even tries to solve their problems. Bartender Glass of God Season 1 has recently started airing, and the first two episodes of the anime are already live.

Here in this article, we will take you through Bartender Glass of God Season 1 review, where you will get to see explanations for every episode of the anime.

Bartender Glass of God Season 1 Review

Bartender Glass of God Season 1 is going to have a total number of 12 episodes. Out of which, the franchise has already released the first episode and the second will drop in a few days. Moving further, we will talk about the episodes in detail and explain everything that you need to know about this fine as wine anime.

Bartender Glass of God Episode 1 recap

Bartender glass of God episode 1 recap

The first episode of Bartender Glass of God anime starts with a quote, “In this world, there are two types of profession that absolutely must not deceive the customer. One is the physician or pharmacist, and the other is.” The intro of this anime was on point. Right after the sigma-level dialogue, the intro song appears, and you get to see the visuals of the best drinks and alcohol being served to the customers.

In the begining, we get to see that there is a bartender test going on in Hotel Cardinal. Kurushima from the Business division of the Hotel introduces herself to the candidates and they are told a little bit about the hotel.

She further says whoever will pass the test will be gives the position of bartender at the hotel. Unfortunately, or you can say obviously, no one passes the test. Chief Kamishima wants someone who is more than efficient for the role.

Disappointed with no one making through the test, Kurushima and Yukari can be seen worried about who is going to be the perfect candidate as per Kamishima. The chief has also mentioned in the job criteria that they are looking for someone who can make the ‘Glass of God’.

The unknown weirdo’s debut

While Kurushima was lost in her thoughts trying to figure out what is Glass of God, our protagonist makes an entry, sleeping and a bench, getting surprised with a call that he didn’t knew how to pick and a Tokyo Bar Book.

In a hurry after picking up the call, he left the book with the ladies. In the next scene, we get to see a senior from Cardinal asking the chief to find someone quickly who can make the Glass of God.

He meets the Cardinal ladies again in search of his book in a bar, where he luckily gets his book back. In search of someone who can make a godly drink, Kurushima and Hukaru go to a private bar where there is a bartender who has won international competitions for his skills.

As soon as they reach the place, they get surprise to see the man who lost his bar book as the bartender. Finally they start testing his skills and he really makes them go gaga with that. Kurushima takes his ultimate test by asking to make something for her as per his chocie. And that’s when the real deal happens, he makes her a highball (that too a delicious one).

Bartender Glass of God Episode 2 Recap

Bartender Glass of God Episode 2, One for the Road, starts with Kurushima and Yukari trying to find a way to bring Ryu as the official bartender of Hotel Cardinal. Next, we got to the scene where Ryu could be seen working at some other bar.

Here, he is tested brutally when an old customer of the bar comes there and starts tasting all his drinks, only to call them awful. The other bartender tells him that the oldie is an old customer who comes every month on the 22nd and behaves badly because he misses the owner. After the last drink, he sends Ryu to bring Japanese Sake from the shop nearby.

Ryu gets pretty disappointed with what happened and visits a bar where he has a conversation with the bartender. Here, he again meets Yukari and Kurushima, and both of them offer him a job at Cardinal, for which he is not completely sure.

Bartender anime review

Ryu, being Ryu, again visits the bar where the oldie scolded him the other day. And this time, with his god-like skills, he impresses the oldie with a drink named Old Pal and a story that makes the customer deeply emotional. He was so impressed by Ryu’s skills that he says asked Ryu to be his ‘New Pal’.

In the end, it turns out that the customer was none other than the CEO of Hotel Cardinal. While all this is going on, Kurushima and Yukari can be seen visiting Eden Hall time and again to convince Ryu for the bartender role.

Suddenly, a customer drops in and asks Ryu to give her something strong but not whiskey. Ryu’s unmatched skills woo this customer again, and here we get to know about the reason behind the episode’s name, One for the Road.


Bartender Glass of God has two released episodes, and the third one, The Perfect Taste, is coming in a week. One thing that I can say here is that the anime is going to teach you a lot about drinks and life. In the upcoming episodes, we will see Ryu joining the Cardinal and making the best drinks for the customers out there. However, we cannot say that the journey is going to be a linear one. High chances are that Sasakura is going to experience a lot of ups and downs.


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