Blue Lock Episode Nagi Movie Global Release Dates are out; Is your country on the list?

Seishiro Nagi and Reo Mikagi in Blue Lock Episode Nagi Movie

There have been a plethora of sports anime produced until now, and a few of them have definitely left a long-lasting impact on the fans. One such anime is Blue Lock, which is based on football and takes inspiration from real-world football legends as well. The first season of Blue Lock made its debut in October 2022. And now speculations are that Blue Lock Season 2 will be releasing in October 2024. Amidst all this, the franchise pretty recently dropped Blue Lock Episode Nagi Movie.

The movie is based on a spin-off manga published with same name. The movie was released in Japan a few days ago, and fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for its global release. In a recent development, Blue Lock Episode Nagi Movie’s global theatrical release dates have been announced. Moving ahead in the article, we have mentioned the dates and countries followed by a little gist of what we will get to see in the upcoming Blue Lock movie. 

Blue Lock Episode Nagi Movie Global Release Dates

Blue Lock movia Japan poster
CountriesRelease Date
Hungary, Greece, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and DenmarkJune 27, 2024
North America, Latvia, Estonia, and NigeriaJune 28, 2024
Lithuania, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia, and SerbiaJuly 4, 2024
Spain, United Kingdom, and IrelandJuly 5, 2024
NetherlandsJuly 11, 2024
Norway, Romania, and South AfricaJuly 12, 2024
Slovak Republic, Iceland, and Czech RepublicJuly 18, 2024
Finland, Bulgaria, Kenya, Sweden, and PolandJuly 19, 2024
Austria and GermanyJuly 23, 2024
French-speaking Africa and FranceJuly 31, 2024

Will Blue Lock Movie release in India?

As of now, there is no confirmation regarding the launch of Blue Lock Episode Nagi Movie in India. As we can see, the franchise has already revealed the release dates globally, so there is a slim chance that we will get to see Blue Lock Episode Nagi in Indian theatres. 

High chances are that the movie will make its way on an OTT platform like Netflix or Crunchyroll. Keeping in mind that the first season of Blue Lock is available to stream on Netflix in India, we can see the movie making its way to the Indian audience via Netflix as well. 

Blue Lock Episode Nagi Movie plot

This one by the Blue Lock franchise will revolve around Seishiro Nagi’s life. The movie will cover the events that happened in Seishiro’s life before Blue Lock. Its first trailer shows Nagi’s transition from a not-so-active high schooler to a football legend in the making.

Furthermore, the movie will focus on Seishiro’s friendship with Reo Mikage. The movie is going to be a treat for the fans who were even a little bit interested to know what factors contributed in the development of Nagi. 

Impact Of The Movie On Blue Lock Season 2

Blue Lock Episode Nagi Movie is not going to have a direct impact on the Blue Lock Season 2. The reason behind the same is that the movie deals with the past and the second season will be the continuation of where we left in Season 1. However, after the movie, fans will have more clarity about the goals of Seishiro Nagi and what he wants to achieve in the Blue Lock facility. Not to forget, that Seishiro Nagi is going to play a major role in upcoming seasons.

Blue Lock Episode Nagi Movie Characters and Voice Actors

Seishiro and Reo
CharacterVoice Actors
Nagi SeishiroShimazaki Nobunaga
Reo MikageYuma Uchida
Yoichi IsagiKazuki Ura
Hyoma ChigiriSoma Saito
Jinpachi EgoHiroshi Uchiayama
Megura BachiraTasuku Kaito
Zantetsu TsurugiKazuyuki Okitsu
Rin ItoshiKouki Uchiyama
Rya NameokaSubaru Kimura
Rensuke KunigamiYuki Ono

Wrapping Up

Blue Lock Episode Nagi Movie is on a successful run in Japan. Now, the movie is all set to make an impact on the global market. If your country is not mentioned in the list, then there’s no need to worry. In a few days, either Netflix or Crunchyroll will come to your rescue.

However, you will need a subscription watch the movie on both. We will update the article to see if there is any kind of modification in the movie’s release dates.

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