When will Blue Lock Season 2 come out; All you need to know

Blue Lock Season 2

Anime shows these days have covered a series of things. Whether you are someone looking for a family drama or someone who is more interested in crime thrillers, anime shows have your back. That being said, being anime fans, we just can’t sleep on the sports anime genre as the industry has produced a lot of gems to mention. Some of the best sports anime that you can watch right now are Haikyuu, Koruko No Basket, Blue Lock, and more. As of now, all the football and anime enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the launch of Blue Lock Season 2. 

The second season of this football-based anime is already on the cards, and chances are that it will launch by Mid-2024. Moving forward in this article, we will talk about a brief glimpse of Blue Lock Season 1, followed by the Season 2 release date, time, characters, plot, and more.

When will Blue Lock Season 2 come out?

Until now, there is no confirmed date for the release of Blue Lock Season 2. However, rumor mills are churning that the anime will make a comeback around Mid-2024. The second season was announced back in March 2023 with a teaser. And trust me, that teaser was like a ray of hope for all the Blue Lock enthusiasts.

Recently, a spin-off movie, Blue Lock Movie Episode Nagi, was released and took the hype for the second season a notch up. Having a look at the timelines, the production of Blue Lock Season 1 started in August 2012, and it was launched in October 2022. Keeping that in mind, we can expect the second season to drop in August 2024 (being super optimistic here). 

Blue Lock Season 2 cast details

When Will Blue Lock Season 2 come out?
CharacterVoice Artist
Jinpachi EgoHiroshi Kamiya
Seishiro NagiNobunaga Shimazaki
Aoshi TokimitsuShinnosuke Tachibana
Yoichi IsagiKazuki Ura
Meguru BachiraTasuki Kaito
Rensuke KunigamiYuki Ono
Hyoma ChigiriSoma Saito
Yudai ImamuraShoya Chiba
Asahi NaruhayaDaishi Kajita
Wataru KuonMasatomo Nakazawa
Jingo RaichiShugo Matsuoka
Gin GagamaruShugo Nakamura

Where to watch Blue Lock Season 2?

As soon as it is available to stream, you can watch Blue Lock Season 2 on TV Asahi in Japan. In the United States of America, Blue Lock Season will most probably be available on Crunchyroll. Apart from that, it can follow the footsteps of season one and land on Netflix as well for other countries. To watch the second season of Blue Lock on Netflix or Crunchyroll, you will be supposed to get a subscription to either of them. 

Blue Lock Season 2 plot expectations [Spoilers Ahead!!!]

Blue Lock Season 2 expectations

Blue Lock Season 1 ended with Kunigami’s disappointment because he was unable to make it to the Second Selection. And this was nothing but bad news for Isagi as well because now he is on his own without his best friend.

The second season could start by showing the repercussions of Kunigami getting out of the competition and how this will affect them. Comparing it parallelly with the Blue Lock Manga, high chances are that the Blue Lock Season 2 will be based on Volumes 12 to 23 (Third Selection arc). 

The main focus of Jinpachi in the second season will be to reduce the number of players from 35 to 11 to make the Blue Lock Eleven a reality. After that, Jinpachi’s next move will be to create a Blue Lock Eleven vs Japan Under 20 football teams battle(this is covered in the U-20 arc of Blue Lock manga). Undoubtedly, we can say that Jinpachi is eyeing on huge things for the Blue Lock Eleven that you will get to see in the upcoming episodes.

Wrapping up

So that’s it from our side for now. A lot of details related to the second season of Blue Lock are still under the wraps. Speculation is that more information about the anime will be revealed as soon as the launch date approaches. That being said, I’ll keep updating the article with the latest juice regarding Blue Lock Season 2 (don’t forget to keep checking this one at regular intervals). Until then, you can also have a look at my take on Anime vs Cartoon and drop your views as well.

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