Vinland Saga: Everything You Need To Know

Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga has gained immense popularity, with two seasons in play. Based on the Nordic history, this anime has single-handedly introduced the way of the Vikings to people who are into watching anime shows. And if you are curious to see a mixture of emotions and brutality, then you must try watching the anime ASAP.

That being said, there are multiple queries revolving around the anime related to the number of episodes, story development, platforms to stream, etc. Moving forward in this article, I’ll briefly talk about the above-mentioned points and give you a glimpse of what we can expect in Vinland Saga Season 3

Where to watch Vinland Saga Season 1 and Season 2?

Vinland Saga episodes are available on Netflix as well as Crunchyroll. You can choose any of the platforms according to your preferences in order to watch this exemplary show based on Vikings. You can purchase a Netflix subscription in the United States starting at $6.99 per month and going up to $22.9 per month for the high-tier plan.

On Crunchyroll, the subscription prices start at $7.99 per month for the Fan Tier and go up to $15.99 per month for the Ultimate Fan Tier. Another major highlight of Crunchyroll is that you can also bag the 7-day free trial with any subscription of your choice.  

Vinland Saga total episodes


Vinland Saga season 1 made a debut in 2019, and the anime had a total number of 12 episodes. The same pattern was followed for the second season, released in 2023, consisting of 12 episodes. That sums up to 24 episodes until now. Surprisingly, the arc that is going to be adapted for Vinland Saga Season 3 is a longer one. Rumour mills are churning that we might get to see more than 12 episodes in the third season. 

Is Vinland Saga finished?

Starting with the Vinland Saga Manga, Makoto Yukimura recently tweeted that the manga will be coming to an end super soon. As for the anime, it has covered 99 chapters (War Arc – Chapter 1 to Chapter 54 and Slave Arc – Chapter 55 to Chapter 99) until now. And Vinland Saga Season 3 is going to cover the Eastern Expedition Arc, roughly covering chapters 100 to chapter 166. 

So, one thing which I can say here is that Vinland Saga is not finished yet, and we can get to see a couple more seasons of the anime after Vinland Saga Season 3 makes its way to the market. Nonetheless, none of this information has been validated by any official source, and it is just a theory. Keeping that in mind readers are suggested to take the information with a grain of salt. 

Where is Vinland in real life?

If you are curious about how much truth Vinland Saga holds, then you are at the right place (I have a habit of taking a deep dive into details). Vinland Saga anime has perfectly mixed proportions of history and fiction. At the end of season one, Thorfinn had no goal because his rival and mentor, Askeladd(the one who killed his father), died. 

After that, our main protagonist plans to find Vinland, a country popular for all the good reasons. The anime version of Thorfinn has a pretty identical story to real world Thorfinn Karlsefni. Assumptions are that the real Vinland was located somewhere around the atlantic coast of Canada. Currently, the same place is referred to as northeastern or eastern Canada (comprising Gulf of Saint Lawrence).

Is Thorfinn real?

Is Thorfinn Real?

What history tells us is that Thorfinn Karlsefni hailed from Iceland. He got to know about Vinland from Leif Erikson (popularly known as Leif the Lucky) and decided to visit there. The journey commenced somewhere around 1004 AD, and Thorfinn successfully located Vinland.

Now, coming back to the anime, the death of Thorfinn’s father was pure fiction because nothing like that ever happened. Have you watched The Vikings web series? If yes, then you will be fantasized to know that Ragnak Lothbrok and Bjorn Ironside were great-great-grandfathers of Thorfinn. Not only this, but most of the Vinland Saga Characters are based on real life individuals.

Vinland Saga Season 3 Expectations

Vinland Saga Season 3

Vinland Saga Season 3 could make a debut in the beginning of 2025. It will probably cover the Chapter 100 to Chapter 166 of the Vinlang Saga Manga(Eastern Espedition Arc). In the third season, we can see Thorfinn and Einar heading to Greece.

The scenarios based on war and politics will likely be prominent in the third season. Leaks and rumors regarding the same also suggest that it could have more episodes than the last two seasons. Apart from that, we will update this section as soon as there is an update.  

Wrapping up

So, this is it from my side as of now. The Vinland-verse is vast, and many fan theories are going around the same as well. I know a lot of information can be added to this article based on the details of Vinland Saga manga, anime, and real concrete history. 

Don’t forget to check out the article at regular intervals, as I’ll keep adding new and not-so-popular kind of facts related to the Vinland Saga in this piece. Until then, you can also have a look at our list of best anime fights and watch the ones you find phenomenal on YouTube. 

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