Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 7 Ending Explained!!  

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 7

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2 is ranking first in the charts. With Mashle episode 7 on our watchlist, the wait becomes more agitated. This Season is one step ahead of the previous one. A-1 Pictures delivers!! The level of animation is what we wanted from this episode.  

Fans have become exhilarated because of the intensity of this episode.   

With a remarkable build-up from the previous episode, we witnessed an overwhelming fight between Mash Burnedead and Margarette Macaron. The time has come to unravel the mysteries with Mushroom Head.   

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 7 review – Mash Burnedead and the Magical Maestro!  

Mashle Season 2 Episode 7 Review

Mashle: Magic and Muscles episode 7 screenplay starts with a cameo of Innocent Zero in action, and then all the viewers are blessed with the musical rap (how to move on?). As seen in the previous episode, Mash and Margarette kick-start their engine to initiate a ferocious battle.  

The slow build-up sure turned out sweetly. In the starting scenes, viewers witness an inventory of magic thrown recklessly at Mash.   

Slowly, the clash picks up pace, and suddenly, both stops, aiming their attacks right in front.  

Well! Of course, we need to save creampuffs. The brawls start again with applause in the colosseum, and fans shift towards the POV of Lance and Kaldo, where they believe Margarette Secondth will abruptly finish the match.   

Following up, Margarette gives him an immense beating, and this delightful sight hyped Margarette to go all out in the fight.  

The Episode 7 showcased how Mash becomes a mole to evade “Sound Surround Orchestra” and kicks Margarette in the face with all his might (Such a disgrace for a prodigy). Behold “Quadriceps Magic: Guillotine Kick!!  

The animation art style and OST grade this episode in the tier list.   

However, sound travels faster, but here Mash defies Physics with his physique!! (I can imagine what Finn is going through).  

Without wasting time, Mash becomes Jotaro and again summons the whole JOJO Fanbase (ORA! ORA! Is mandatory).  

Further, in episode 7, Margarette releases his true form, “Sound Metamorphosis,” and becomes younger and hot!!!  

Hajime Komoto won’t let us watch any of Mashle’s episodes without a prick of humor, and indeed, here it is.   

Later in this episode, viewers witness Ryoh complimenting himself and get flashed with the news of the Innocent Zero Outbreak.  

 He orders to increase the security and wishes for Kaldo and Orter to see it through.   

Mashle Episode 7 Ending Explained!  

Mashle Episode 7 ending explained

The conclusive showdown begins, and Margarette himself evolves with sound. Throwing punches and attacking one by one fiercely, Margarette releases his Sound Secondth: Death Gong.  

This ability sure gave Mash a panic attack, but the fight turned into a game of tag later.  

 With his sonic speed, Mash catches Margarette, leading to Margarette’s defeat. 

As an achievement, we see Innocent Zero (Kisuke Urahara fits everywhere) meeting Mash and recalling him as his son, but Mr. Wahlberg soon invades him. With mysteries up ahead, this series is cooking hard!! And as usual, we all left on a cliffhanger.  

I liked how Margarette admires Mash and recognizes him as a formidable opponent. Till the next episode, dive into nostalgia with our article about “ Naruto Live Action Movie“.

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