Ninja Kamui Episode 3 Review: AUZA tech is more messed up than we thought

Ninja Kamui Episode 3 review

Ninja Kamui is getting more and more promising with every episode. Recently, Ninja Kamui Episode 3 made a debut. And it has matched the expectations of the fans with ease. There is not a lot of action in this one (now, I am not saying that there isn’t even a little), as the director has focused more on taking the story forward and introducing new characters.

Moving forward in the article, I will offer you a review of the episode, followed by the Ninja Kamui Episode 3 ending explained, followed by expectations from the fourth episode along with its details.

Ninja Kamui Episode 3 review

Ninja Kamui Episode 3 Ending Explained

Ninja Kamui Episode 3 starts with a sculpture in the frame getting painted red by blood. Right after that, we can see dead bodies lying on the ground, followed by a scene where a politician is trying to escape in a car with his bodyguards.

In the closeup shot, we can see his terrorized face, and the next, we get to see demonic hands killing him along with his bodyguards. After that, we can see the assassin (he looks more psychotic than you can imagine) looking at the photo of his next target (our main protagonist) and licking the phone screen (Yes, I know it’s gross).

Once the intro is done, we can see the assassin getting into a conversation with Master Yamaji. Their conversation clearly tells us that the assassin is being hired to kill Higan. Then Yamaji is asked about the Reaper, possibly another subordinate, to which Yamaji replies that Reaper is not allowed to indulge in anything related to Higan.

Ninja Kamui Episode 4 release date

And the glimpse of Reaper that we get to see in between is super cold. He is shown in a battle where he takes out the opponent in a blink of an eye.

Mike Morris can be seen after the first few minutes of the episode being forced to take a leave and drop the case. Further in the episode, he goes to meet Higan at his hideout. Morris digs a little bit deeper into the details of AUZA.

He finds out that the weapon used to attack Higan used an alloy that is patented by AUZA technologies. Right when you will feel that the episode is moving a bit slow, Emma makes an entry with a Carputer.

She then shares her extensive research related to AUZA technologies and tells Higan how they are dominating the global technology market. Nonetheless, their conversation is hijacked by an attack on their car by a mercenary in a red suit kind of. And then comes the high-voltage action we have been waiting for since the beginning. We can see Ninja Kamui mopping the floor with the one who was sent to kill him.

Ninja Kamui Episode 3 Ending Explained

Ninja Kamui Episode 3

Ninja Kamui Episode 3’s ending is one that seriously needs explanation. And here I am to do it for you. Once Higan kills the mercenary, he throws him off the roof but snatches the camera over his body. Then he shows a sign of death on it to make sure the attackers know who they are messing with.

That is followed by the main assassin (one hired by Master Yamaji) getting excited to kill Higan. At the end of the episode, we get to see Higan getting a call. He is surprised as the person on call knows him by his original name. As far as I can guess, the call was either from the assassin or the AUZA technology founder. It will be interesting to see how Ninja Kamui Episode 4 unfolds.

Ninja Kamui Episode 4 release date and time

Ninja Kamui Episode 4 will be released on February 2, Saturday, at 9:00 PM as per GMT. People in the Japanese and Indian time zones can expect to watch the episode on Sunday. This will only happen if the episode is not delayed. So, we have to wait for the official confirmation by Adult Swim. They usual drop a preview a couple days before an episode drop.

Ninja Kamui Episode 4 expectations

Ninja Kamui Episode 4

Ninja Kamui Episode 3 ends with showing Higan in a conversation with someone on the phone who knows him. We expect to see more about AUZA technologies and Higan’s previous organization in Ninja Kamui Episode 4. Moreover, speculations are that a full-fledged battle between Higan and the psychotic assassin can also be a part of the upcoming episode.

The only thing that I (or other Ninja Kamui fans) know right is that the upcoming episodes are going to raise the temperature for sure. Until then, you can also watch Solo Leveling, another popular anime that is topping the charts these days.

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