Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2 Episode 9 Ending Explained 

Mashle Season 2 Episode 9

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 9 is out and feels like Heaven to Betsy. Mashle Season 2 is considered a God-tier series because of its impressive build-up, a blend of hilarity, and delightful concoction. 

This winter anime has allured our hearts with a fascinating storyline and fatal fight scenes with dynamic animations. So far, in Mash’s journey, we have seen comical presence to the extreme, but in episode 9, we will witness a meeting between two overpowered characters. 

(Don’t worry. Hajime Komoto will amuse us with an extreme amount of hilariousness.) 

Mashle Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Wahlberg Baigan and the Magic of Darkness

Mashle Season 2 episode 9 explainers

Mashle season 2, episode 9, kicks off with a screenplay showcasing Mr. Wahlberg’s meeting with Innocent Zero. In the previous episode, we witnessed Innocent Zero pulling out forbidden magic from his inventory, which shocks Mr. Wahlberg. Following up, we notice Mr. Wahlberg up against Innocent Zero, who reanimates Adam Jobs through his forbidden magic “Timez: Living Dead.”  

The remaining one fights the monster to save everyone in the Colosseum, where time has stopped due to magic. We will again witness a brawl between Mash and Cell War in this episode. During the fight scene, the storyline narrates a flashback about Adam Jobs, one of the most powerful magic users who is considered the same as the god.  

Adam Jobs was the one who created the magic theory and started the educational system. Furthermore, he also created the Bureau of Magic and worked for social influence. (It seems like Adam was a good guy). Later, fans shift towards the plot where Adam creates Noblesse Oblige. 

This flashback tells us about the past relationship between Innocent Zero and Mr. Wahlberg.  

Mr. Wahlberg vs. Adam Jobs 

Mashle Season 2 episode 9 ending explained

Instead of going all out against Innocent Zero, Mr. Wahlberg is flabbergasted to see his master as his opponent, who is controlled by Necross Mance. Mr. Wahlberg recites his master’s saying and fights with all his might against Necross Mance. However, he trembles due to heavy attacks of Dark Magic but soon copes with his Spatial Magic.  

Being controlled by Necro Mance, we can still witness how strong his master was in his prime. As usual, dark magic swallows everything in a void and cancels out other magic (it feels like Yami taught Adam his magic). Gradually, Mr. Wahlberg shows his true power and uses his spatial magic to split Necross Mance’s body in half.  

Terrified by his spatial magic, Necross Mance goes full throttle with his Dark Magic and throws Dark Tremendos straight at Mr. Wahlberg. M. Wahlberg increases his mana and attacks him with Space Sacrifice. Which obliterates Necross Mance and Adam Jobs (that’s why guys take lessons and don’t mess around with old geezers).  

Giving his master a farewell, Mr. Wahlberg calls out next for Innocent Zero!! 

Viewers move towards the next screenplay, showing Dot, Lance, Kaldo, and Orter killing the never-ending monsters. Kaldo tells everyone about the depletion of magic due to the heavy reinforcement of monsters. He also insists on assisting Mushroom Head, who’s up against Cell War.  

Mash’s relationship with Innocent Zero!! 

Mashle Season 2 episode 9 breakdown

Following up, we shift towards the perspective of Mash and Cell War, where we witness Mash’s past and relationship with Innocent Zero. Cell War describes the immortal heart created by using Dark magic from six blood relatives. Further, he tells Mash about his father, Innocent Zero, who created six children as vessels to nurture hearts.  

Fans will also get a glimpse of the other five characters, who are Mash’s brothers and sisters. Along with this, Cell War unravels his creation, and he acts as a helper to Innocent Zero. Gaining all this intel is like an overload for Mash because he feels heavy inside. 

 Suddenly, we are all filled with excessive hilarity, and the dead silence is on point. The way this scene is expressed in gig comedy makes this episode a jewel in the crown. Realizing the truth, Mash takes a nap to feel light, but this doesn’t help either. Feeling disrespected by Mash and his actions, Cell War decides to go all out and kill him mercilessly.  

While Cell War yapping continues, Mash smacks hard on his face, dealing heavy damage.  

Mashle Season 2 Episode 9 Ending Explained!!

Mashle Season 2 episode 9

Finally, the fight between Mash and Cell War is here. Cell War goes full throttle from the start, summoning Hephaestus, and becomes a three-liner mage. The aura and power Cell War unleashes is terrifying, leaving Dot and Kaldo stunned. So far, In this season, we witnessed many significant events, but this episode takes the storyline to another place. 

The immense power unleashed by Cell War disturbs everyone but doesn’t even move mash a bit. Cell War starts attacking with his magic “Diamond Cutter,” where he sends two big blades. These two blades persuade Mash, and with impressive agility and flexibility, Mash dodges every attack. 

Mash ignores the blades to attack Cell War and dashes directly towards him. Mash is in grave danger due to four blades attacking him and Black Diamond pointing towards the audience. To beat Cell War, Mash flees away with the blades pursuing him.  

Nothing is impossible for Mash; he rushes back with sonic speed and clings on Cell War from behind. This particular comical scene is what I am talking about!! Due to a lower oxygen intake, Cell War hallucinates the defeat of Mash Burnedead. Afterward, he choked because he had a lot of Cream Puffs in his mouth! (Even Cell War is hallucinating a Cream Puff Party!!) 

Mash grabs Cell War and puts him in his magic “Biceps Magic- Python Choke,” eradicating his magic and defeating him in one go. This episode unveiled many things that will take us to another plot and introduce new characters.  

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