Solo Leveling Episode 9 Ending Explained!! 

Solo Leveling Episode 9

Solo Leveling Episode 9 aired a couple of hours ago, creating a high intensity among fans. 

With episode 9 on the watchlist, fans are closer to the end of the 1st season. 

For some reason, the 8th episode was on hold, but how it concluded with an impressive build-up is remarkable! 

The exact adaptation from the web novel is the reason why Solo Leveling is topping the charts.  

Without further ado, let’s delve deeper into the battlefield. 

Solo Leveling Episode 9 Review: You’ve Been Hiding Your Skills 

Solo Leveling has continuously offered enriched storyline, plot, and character development. 

Episode 8 showcased these through their slow but fascinating build-up.  

In the previous episode, we noticed many characters and plot-building scenes. 

With the conclusion of the previous Episode, fans proceed with an epic tale of Sung Jin-Woo.  

Solo Leveling Episode 9 starts with a screenplay showcasing Kang Taeshik and the convicts accompanying Sung and his old crewmates.  

Jin-Woo is prone to problems, but can he overcome a grave situation ahead? 

Following up, the strike team kills the Goblins quickly, and Jin-Woo is appreciated by Mr. Chiyul and Joohee. 

Mr. Chiyul also discovers changes in Sung’s personality and his aura.  

The scenes are in preparation for a fantastic duel up ahead.  

Moving ahead, the strike team stops due to three different paths, and the members split up to excavate the cave.  

Jin-Woo, Joohee, and Mr. Chiyul form a team and take the left path according to our protagonist’s intuition. 

Which leaves Kang Taeshik, along with the convicts, on another path.  

On the other hand, Mr. Kim forms a team with Jungho and curses himself for leaving Sung in the double dungeon ordeal.  

Though Mr. Kim’s intentions were not bad, he only thought about his family and regrets leaving his companion behind as a hunter.  

As we delve deeper into this puddle of shady business, we notice an evil side of Kang Taeshik.  

A flashback is shown where a man begs for help from Kang Taeshik to avenge his late daughter, whom those three convicts violated. 

This episode also depicts the evil world of hunters and the Hunters Association.  

What Else is There in Solo Leveling Episode 9 

Further, viewers witness Kang Taeshik, an overseer from the Hunters Association, mercilessly killing the criminals.  

Well!! Well!! It was not expected Kang Taeshik, in return, dashes towards Mr. Kim and Jungho, who witnessed a murder.  

Jin-Woo smells something terrible and rushes back with Mr. Chiyul and Joohee to find out Jungho is dead, along with the convicts. 

Joohee recovers Mr. Kim, but it is only for a short time where Mr. Kim accepts his mistake and apologizes to Sung for leaving him behind.  

Shortly after completing his sentence, Mr. Kim died due to fatal injuries, which left Mr. Chiyul, Joohee, and Sung in shock. 

Following up in this episode, Kang Taeshik attacks Mr. Chiyul and Joohee. 

Sung blocks his attacks, and Mr. Chiyul commands Joohee and Sung to fall back as he will fight Kang.  

With pride, Mr. Chiyul enters the battlefield and asks Joohee to enhance his strength through magic.  

Mr. Chiyul attacks Kang with all his might but is overshadowed by Kang’s speed.  

Unveiling Kang’s speed, he also increases his speed and challenges Kang in a fair sword fight.  

Though Mr. Chiyul is a master of S-rank hunters in this fight, he’s in a grave situation as Kang goes all out and obliterates Mr. Chiyul with his speed.  

Kang leaves Mr. Chiyul in desperate need, and suddenly, Mr. Chiyul pulls magic out of his pocket.  

Hoping to deal some damage, he finds himself on the verge of death.  

Our main character enters the fight scene with his cold aura.  

Sung Jin-Woo vs. Kang Taeshik!! 

The previous episode bored some fans, but this is how the series works (plot building is important, guys!!). 

The long-awaited fight concludes the dungeon and the prisoner’s arc. 

Sung defends Mr. Chiyul from Kang’s final blow, which unravels his mystery.  

Kang realizes that Sung is a victim of the Double Dungeon Ordeal and declares his second awakening, which shocks Mr. Chiyul and Joohee.  

This fight is short but is shown in unique dimensions and great animations.  

Finally, Kang and Sung clash with full speed and agility.  

Slashing each other leaves Kang vulnerable, and Jin-Woo hits him with the poison trait. 

In the fight scene, we witness Kang’s true personality and killer instinct.  

The portrait is terrifying, showcasing Kang as a maniac who loves to kill humans instead of monsters. 

Later, Jin-Woo increases his speed to deal more damage but is stuck in a grave situation.  

Suddenly, Kang disappears, showing his stealth skills, leading to a fatal attack on Sung.  

What a jaw-dropping reaction!! Sung instantly heals himself, which leaves Taeshik in doubt, and finally, we witness Jin-Woo’s true skill. 

Jin-Woo lures Kang into his skill, “Murderous Intent,” which casts a shadow around him. Suddenly, he’s struck with Sung’s dagger.  

Solo Leveling Episode 9 Ending Explained!!  

In the last moments of Kang, viewers witness a conversation between him and Jin-Woo. 

 Kang warns Sung about the abyss and how Jin-Woo will prevent his identity from being breached.  

Ending the episode with a majestic OST in the background, Sung collects Rune Ston: Stealth and delves deeper to clear the dungeon himself, leaving Mr. Chiyul and Joohee behind.  

In the ending scenes, Episode 9 showcases Mr. Woo Jinchul, who finds out Mr. Chiyul is the one who killed his subordinate in a self-defense act. 

Sung discovers that Mr. Woo Jinchul is an A-class Hunter.  


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