Ninja Kamui Episode 2 Ending Explained: Violence has a new name

Ninja Kamui Episode 2

One anime that is topping the charts these days is Ninja Kamui. And the best part is that it is getting better and better with every episode. After the highly intense Ninja Kamui episode 1, the second episode does nothing but scale up the level of action sequences and storytelling. You can watch the Ninja Kamui Episode 2 on multiple streaming platforms as of now. Moving forward in this article, I will try my best to give you the details of everything that goes on in Ninja Kamui Episode 2, along with explaining the ending of the same.

Ninja Kamui Episode 2: Joe Higan goes on a hunt this time

Ninja Kamui Episode 2 review

Ninja Kamui Episode 2 starts with the narration that is based on a Ninja clan where we can hear the narration of the elders telling them not to share the secrets of the clan with outsiders. It seems like Joe Higan is dreaming all this, along with the massacre of his family. Right after that, we can see our main protagonist sitting in a warehouse kind of location with the main assassin (the one with a gem engraved in his skull) captive and tied, hanging upside down.

Well, due to the attack incurred by Jeo, he is not well (and why not because the attacks were more than deadly). Nonetheless, to his good luck, an old doctor who had possibly cured him in the past came to his rescue. The doctor clearly asked him to take a decent amount of rest because he was on the brink of death. Higan, being Higan, keeps torturing the assassin even at the time of his rest and finally puts him to death by setting him up on fire.

Further, in Ninja Kamui Episode 2, we see Mike Morris being stripped of Higan’s case along with his junior. Frustrated to the core, he went to the office to ask Emma why she backed out from the case on her own. To which she replied that now she will work on the case exclusively on her own (with Mike Morris in the loop), of course.

Ninja Kamui Episode 2 ending explained

The episode takes a wild turn when we get to see Joe Higan giving us a glimpse of his fighting spirit in the bar against two police officers. The last punch he threw at the policeman was a straight-up banger. In the last 10 minutes, Joe Higan (after a lot of contemplation) gives a call to Mike Morris to meet him regarding the deaths occurring in the city. They decide to meet at a restaurant.

In the restaurant, when they both meet, Joe directly asks him for updates related to the attacks. As soon as Morris threatens to arrest him and puts a gun on his head, a delivery boy from Auza Eats disturbs the same. Then, the second delivery boy spoils the show. However, this was the start of something super abnormal. In the third time, there was no delivery boy, but a couple of assassins who wanted Joe Higan’s head. The battle will surely make you skip a beat with the fast-paced action and a background score that sets the vibe for the same.

Joe Higan clearly outclasses both the assassins with a special trick up his sleeve in which we get to see two heads at his back along with four hands. After killing the assassins, the restaurant is attacked by another group of assassins with a rocket launcher. Joe uses the smoke as an opportunity to vanish from there. In the meantime, we can see Morris trying to figure out the caliber of the weapons used by the assassins. The episode ends with showing a cult headquarters kind of setup where a character named Zai tells the Master that he is alive. The master takes the name Higan.

Ninja Kamui Episode 2 Ending Explained

Ninja Kamui Ep 2 ending

Ninja Kamui Episode 2 ending suggests that we will get to see the clan ditched by the protagonist in action. Moreover, speculations are that Ninja Kamui episode 3 will showcase a clash between a direct clan member and our protagonist. Apart from that, the mention of AUZA technology was clearly a message that the organization has something to do with the clan and Joe Higan as well. Whatever the case, the way Ninja Kamui anime is moving forward, we can expect to see perfection every time, undoubtedly. That being said, you should also give a try to Solo Leveling, which is another anime proving its mantle these days in the industry.


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