Solo Leveling Episode 7 Ending Explained!! 

Solo Leveling Episode 7 review

After a quality release Sir Chugong would be happy seeing the increasing amount of fanbase worldwide. So far A-1 Pictures has provided us with what they promised, episode 6 a pure evidence for haters and proved us beyond a doubt that Sung Jin-Woo can finish the dungeons alone.  

To be more precise Jin-Woo is now a certified Lonewolf as he cleared the C-Rank dungeon alone and killed 8 other hunters on his own (Though they believed they were strong enough to kill him) 

As the most gifted individual in the world now Sung Jin-Woo will face real problems as he has passed over the power scaling on another level. 

Solo Leveling Episode 7 Review: Let’s See How Far Can I Go

solo leveling episode 7 ending explained

Sung Jin-Woo in danger? or Sung Jin-Woo creates Danger? 

What’s your pick, as seen previously Jin-Woo malevolently killed 7 hunters along with Hwang Dong-Suk and easily wiped out the Spider, well that’s what you call a peak fiction.  

The new episode starts with a scenery at Hunters Association building where Mr. Woo Jinchul is asked by a colleague to view on the dungeon incident, and this is where trouble begins. 

Jinchul deny the report because it’s normal for hunters to get killed in dungeons but afterwards, he satisfies himself after hearing two names who managed to escape the dungeon by clearing it and they are none other than our precious lads Yoo Jinhoo and Jin-Woo.  

At first both of them thought that Yoo Jinhoo cleared the dungeon as he’s a D-Class Hunter but this time they are not letting Jin-Woo go for easy. After all they Jinchul decides to persuade Sung because of Hwang Dong-Soo, older brother of Hwang Dong-Suk who’s an S-Class hunter working abroad in America (Isn’t Dong-Soo a look alike of Toji Fushiguro manhwa readers) It’s an achievement for Sung Jin-Woo as he made his first enemy. 

Jinwoo’s latent ability

Solo Leveling Episode 7 review

 Moving ahead episode 7 also reveals more details about Jin-Woo and his sister’s relationship and in other perspective we witness Jin-Woo drinking alcohol, and it leaves him flabbergasted as the player development system detoxifies his body (What else do we ask for, Sung’s lucky for real) the curiosity which kills him Leads him to swallow Kasaka’s Venom Glands and guess what the system detoxifies it also, amazing right?  

Episode 7 shows us that Sung is immune to everything whether it is any disease or any inconsumable thing in the world which he achieved for completing the quest in Double Dungeon Ordeal. Later on, Sung meets up with Jinhoo in a cafe where Jinhoo request Jin-Woo to join him only for 19 raids so that he can become a Guild Master but before even completing Sung denies with the given offer.  

What else is there in Solo Leveling Episode 7

Solo leveling episode

Following up Jinhoo offers 30 billion won which his dad will use for creating a guild. Seeing his financial conditions and probably thinking of his mother Jin-Woo accepts the offer to help Jinhoo. 

A different scene pops up where Jin-Woo asks Jinah what she will do with 30 billion won (Should have asked me) and the conversation shows his sister’s desire, as he trains himself and completes daily quests, leads him to dangerous situation and we witness a Pov of Hwang Dong-Suk in Washington, America asking his assistant Laura to book a flight to Korea for meeting our main character and his side kick Yoo Jinhoo but due to his busy schedule he’s unable to visit Korea for 2 months (Jin-Woo got some time!!)  

Carrying forward the episode becomes a bit emotional as Sung visits his mother in the hospital and decides to search for elixir of life for her.  

It’s impossible for A-1 Studios to give fans a dry episode, they sure become irritated without adding any fighting scenes in the episode and this one’s a real deal. Our Protagonist fights the keeper of Hell Cerberus, a three head monster and it’s an S-Class dungeon also considered a national dungeon. Jin-Woo achieves a key by completing daily quests and it’s an S-Class Dungeon Key (Dungeon keys resembles same difficulty) 

Solo Leveling Episode 7 Ending Explained

Solo Leveling Episode 7

The Fight Begins!!  

Jin-Woo attacks the monster with all his might and lands a slash on it’s body, seeing no difference he throws an infinite number of slashes to weaken the monster. Showcasing the murderer’s intent, second by second Sung activates a skill and now it’s the monster’s turn.  

 Cerberus mercilessly attacks Sungs and leaves him half dead, this fight shows us how far Jin-Woo can go if he desperately needs something. Slowly his hp drops which buffs his attacks, at last with his all might he aims for the eyes leading the monster’s death. In Final Scenes fans witness Sung has achieved another key which leads to a castle and formulae for Elixir of Life.  

The final scenery shows Sung’s priorities and how he gained his strength and courage from being the weakest hunter in the world. This episode was a banger and fanfare are thankful to A1-Studios for giving us such god tier anime. If you are a Solo Leveling Fan and cannot hold the curiosity, check our article about Solo Leveling Manga


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