One Piece Chapter 1116 Spoilers: Dr. Vegapunk’s Final Message!! 

One Piece Chapter 1116 Spoilers

As we know, One Piece Chapter 1116 is nearby and fans eagerly anticipate one of the biggest mysteries to be revealed! One Piece Chapter 1116 Spoilers have been out on 27th May. With mixed emotions, fanfare flocks all over the internet to share their sentiments towards the upcoming peak.  

Though there are many reliable sources on social media. Today, we are going to discuss Chapter 1116’s respective spoilers in depth!! However, the following chapter consists of 13 pages only, which is less than normal!! Furthermore, the series will be on a break from 3rd June onwards!!  

If you have completed the title race till chapter 1115, it’s time to let your inner ghouls out and conquer the Iminent One Piece Chapter 1116 Spoilers!!  

One Piece Chapter 1116 Reveals Major Events about the Ancient Kingdom!! 

As Dr Vega-Punk continues with his massive broadcast, the whole sea knows about the ancient Kingdom and the alliance between 20 kingdoms. Though the extinction of Void Century remains a matter of fact!! 

A Reddit user, Kirosh2, is the guy you can always rely on and has posted spoilers for Chapter 1116. I appreciate Vega-Punk to call out the name of legendary pirate king Gol. D. Roger and state his crew useless. Just for not revealing the truth, they found out at the end of Grand Line.  

Joy Boy’s enemy was the World Government of the present day! More accurately, it was the precursor to the World Government…A provisional army put together by 20 Kingdoms known as The Alliance!!

Dr. Vega-Punk

Commoners from different islands remain shocked by knowing about the war 900 years ago. Meanwhile, One Piece Chapter 1116 depicts the situation at Egghead in Gorosei’s favour. The brief Spoiler also showcases the questions from people worldwide “How can the war continue if the participants have died long ages ago?”

One Piece Chapter 1116 Spoilers: Vega-Punk’s Final Message Might Trouble The World Government!!

Along with all this confusion, fans emerge and state their theories on weapons of mass destruction. Which probably is the main reason behind the disappearance of Void Century!! 

Besides all this mess, the scene flips, and fans witness IMU on Mariejo Island, continuously gazing at Vivi. D Nefertari. This individual scene becomes a major concern as we shift towards Alabasta, where people skim at Vivi’s missing poster. 

Moving Forward, Dr Vega-Punk also states Mother Flame, which was used as fuel in ancient weapons and has been used to destroy the Lulucia Kingdom. All of a sudden, York stumbles after hearing this message as she’s the one who stole Mother Flame. Further, she also calls out the 5 elders with the help of a transponder snail!!

Mugiwara’s Escape Plan Continues!! 

Where Luffy and his crew find a way to escape Egghead, Vega-Punk continues with his testament and shocks the whole world!! So far, we know the location of Poseidon and Pluton, but this message by Vega-Punk may have cleared my unsureness about Uranus, the third Ancient Weapon. Moreover, the world government used Uranus with the help of Mother Flame to eradicate the Lulucia Kingdom. 

In the last panel of Chapter 1116, Vega-Punk goes on accusing Roger and his crew of not revealing the truth. Furthermore, the chapter ends with Dark King Rayleigh in Sabaody questioning Roger and Vega-Punk’s ideology, ruining the enjoyment of the young generation!! 


One Piece Chapter 1116 Spoilers consists of phenomenal narrative!! Moreover, the plot and mysteries have become more intriguing as we move towards ELBAF!! With the end of Egghead, fans may unravel the mysteries that have been tingling us for years!! Tough, this spoiler was the first instalment of Chapter 1116. Who knows what Oda Sensei’s cooking!! Till the commencement of Chapter 1116, update yourself with the previous chapters only at VIZ Media. On top of that, if you like a powerful god with no money, read our article on Noragami Season 3!! 


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