Blue Lock Season 2 Official Teaser Visuals Are Out

Blue Lock Season 2 Official Teaser Visuals

The buzz around Blue Lock season 2 is increasing with each passing day. In a recent development, the official Twitter account for Blue Lock has released the teaser visual along with two new cast members who will be joining the Blue Lock Saga for the second season. The visual teaser focuses on the players who will set the stage for the second season. In addition to that, we will also get to see new cast members—Nijiro Nanase and Hiori Yo.

Blue Lock Season 2 is all set to release in October 2024, and the expectations from the same are already high. Previously, Blue Lock Season 1 came to an end with the Second Selection Arc from the Blue Lock Manga. The season concluded with Ego Jinpachi announcing a crucial match between the Japan Under 20 Team and the Blue Lock Eleven. This clearly means that the second season of Blue Lock will cover the Third Selection Arc from the manga.

Blue Lock Season 2 official teaser and new cast details

Blue Lock Season 2 Official Teaser Visual
Image Credits: Twitter

Blue Lock Season 2 is getting two new characters – Eji Mikami will be making it to the team as Yo Hiori and Kakeru Hatano will be joining it as Nanase Nijiro. Considering what has been written in manga, Yo Hiori will be playing as the right wing and right back for Blue Lock Eleven in their match against the Japan Under 20. Apart from that, Nanase Nijiro will be seen as the reserve member of the Blue Lock member against the Japan Under 20 match.

As per the manga, he is one of the players from the final string of forwards. Yo Hiori has exceptional passing and ball-possession abilities. On the other hand, Nanase Nijiro doesn’t have any unique abilities, but he is one of the best strikers from the Blue Lock fraternity. Now, if the story is taken directly from the manga, then we will get to see both of them in the same way as we got to see in the manga.

The teaser visual of Blue Lock shows us some of the most anticipated players like Meguru Bachira, Sae Itoshi, Nanase Nijiro, Seishiro Nagi, Yoichi Isagi, Rin Itoshi, and more. The Third Selection Arc will focus on the Blue Lock Eleven and how they will prove their caliber against the U-20 Japan. And things are going to be more electrifying as both the new players, Hiori Yo and Nanase Nijiro, will be squadding up along with Isagi.

Wrapping up

So that’s it regarding the update for Blue Lock Season 2 as of now. Expectations are that we will get to know more about the season as soon as the launch date approaches. Until then, you can also have a look at our article based on Ego Jinpachi, who is the mastermind behind the creation of Blue Lock.


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