Solo Leveling Episode 8 Ending Explained!!   

Solo Leveling Episode 8 review

Solo Leveling Episode 8 returns after a week delay, and fanfare starts their weekend with an upbeat mood.   

Though Solo Leveling has garnered a tremendous fan base worldwide. It’s very soon for an episode hiatus in a mid-season run.   

Solo Leveling is a work of art and has captivated hearts with an epic of Sung Jin-Woo.  

Episode 7 unveils Sung Jin-Woo’s inner strength and willpower, which, as a result, gives him a heroic victory against Cerberus.  

Without any delay, let’s level up!!  

Solo Leveling Episode 8 Review: This is Frustrating 

Solo Leveling Episode 8 Review

Sung Jin-Woo is a killing machine; without hesitation, he slains “The Keeper of Hell” Cerberus and instantly achieves the goal.  

Episode 8 starts from where the previous episode concluded. Viewers saw Jin-Woo collecting the Demon Castle’s door and getting one step ahead to collect the “Elixir of Life”.   

So far, we have all witnessed Jin-Woo getting in danger and how swiftly he takes action. But this time, the screenplay can make a grown man cry!  

A new arc begins titled Dungeons and Prisoners Arc.

In the starting scenes, Jin-Woo visits his mother, thinking of obtaining three items for the “Elixir of Life”.  

Knowing the consequences, Jin-Woo decides to get stronger and level up more to defeat monsters in the “Demon Castle”.  

This episode showcases the agreement between Jin-Woo and Yoo Jinhoo but under the condition that Sung and Jinhoo will only participate in dungeon raids.   

What else is there in Solo Leveling Episode 8?   

Solo Leveling Episode 8

Further, we notice our beloved Cha Hae-In running on a track, which is interfered with by Yoon Beomgil, Manager- Personal Development at Yoojin Construction.   

Following up, the spotlights are on Yoo Jinhoo and his father, discussing the change in dungeons, and dungeons break over a decade.   

The maximum profit is earned by guilds who hire hunters instead of working as part of the Hunter’s Association, a public institution,    

which unravels the mystery behind the shallow business in the world of hunting.   

Solo Leveling Episode 8 is like a save point in a game from where the storyline builds up again.  

The world-building is expanding fast in Solo leveling verse explaining to viewers about several guilds like The Hunters Guild, The White Tiger Guild, The Reaper Guild, The Fame Guild and The Knights Guild.   

OST is one of the crucial things in this episode, which made the conversation heavy and agitated fans.   

A new scene opens where Sung overviews his level and skills and thinks to increase his efficiency. The Player Development System rewards him with a Bingo card (concerning the system playing dirty).  

What’s the catch behind Jeju Island?   

The storyline slowly moves ahead, showcasing Mr. Choi and Mr. Baek ranting about the past of Jeju Island and their motive to destroy the dungeon on Jeju Island.   

Dungeons and Prisoners Arc  

Solo Leveling  Episode 8 Ending Explained

This arc consists of a reunion of our lads who encountered the double dungeon ordeal, and if you want to catch up with Manhwa, you can read from 25 to 34 chapters in Manhwa.  

After receiving a Bingo card, Hunter’s Association invites him to a D-rank Dungeon gate, which is forming a strike team to clear it.   

It feels like another skull-bashing scene is coming up ahead from the dungeon, but no (This is Frustrating),

The build-up continues with a scene showing Mr Chiyul sparing with his disciple in his dojo, and this is from where the Tsunami of emotions emerges.   

Shows flashbacks of Mr Chiyul’s memories regarding the double dungeon break, yet he’s persistent in participating in the D gate dungeon to contribute to society.  

The scene follows up, showing Mr. Kim discussing the invitation with his wife.   

Even after a rough denial from his wife, he joins the strike team to earn and pay for his daughter’s preschool.   

Gradually, fans witness Joohee and her traumatic experience ending after feeling motivated by Jin-Woo; this pushes her to participate in the D Gate Dungeon.   

Solo Leveling Episode 8 Ending Explained!!  

The last screenplay of Episode 8 displays a meeting between Mr. Chiyul and Sung. Coincidentally they are on the same page. 

Later on, they confront all the members from the ordeal and obviously!! Our main character is happy seeing them all in a good state.   

Mr. Chiyul leads the party!!

We bump into a new character, Kang Taeshik, a B- B-class hunter from Hunter’s Association. He accompanies the strike team while overseeing the three hunter convicts throughout the raid.  

Off they go into a new adventure!!  

This episode ranked top in the charts for a good build-up, slating every hunter’s motive. We all needed some tissues to cover up the entire episode.  

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