Solo Leveling episodes review: All that happened until now

Solo Levelling Episodes Review

So, as far as we know, Solo Leveling is living up to the moment, and after a good build, fans are spellbound. With well-reputed Studios and overcoming several hurdles, this show made its way to the anime adaptation on the 6th of January. 

Still, the show is criticized for being more Japan-friendly. Truly speaking, episode one didn’t set the benchmark given by the readers and the hype they created. However, it gave us a hell of an animation, and what really got the viewer’s attention was the actual panels from manhwa without censoring.  

Solo Leveling Episodes review: E1 – I’m used to it 

So, Jin-Woo, an E-class hunter, goes to a dungeon raid with his guild team to collect mana crystals by clearing them but encounters a double dungeon. With the voting procedure, they all agree with Mr Chiyul and march towards the mysterious gate, where they unexpectedly face a God who is more likely considered to be in an S-class or A-class dungeon with all the elements discussed in the premiere; we also witness the Hunter Association and a glance of S-Class Hunters like GuildMaster Choi and Byung-gu.  

Besides characters and fights, fanfare also comes across the world system through which each character can buy their own inventory. Being a Bystander, Jin-Woo (I mean the weakest hunter in the world) does nothing but observe the brutal deaths of his own guild members who once shared talks with him. Working as a hunter and providing for his ill mother, Woo takes the lead, being disconcerted. 

Solo Leveling Episodes review: E2 – If I had one more chance 

Damn! It’s not easy getting a second chance, but our boy Woo gets a whole freaking choice to live (I’ll be highly obliged if I got such a plot Armour). Following up, Sung Jin-Woo, along with Mr. Chiyul, who got his arm amputated in a glimpse, solves the mystery behind the commandments and what really gets my acclamation is the creepy laugh of the God sitting there (to be honest, I was waiting for this moment).

Later in this episode, we shift towards Jinah, Woo’s sister, discussing his occupation with her classmates. We return to Woo’s perspective, where Mr Chiyul admires his skills, and Joohee guild’s healer is experiencing trauma and cannot move or do anything.  

Afterwards, Sung followed up on the first commandment to revere God and told the guild members to bow before God, by which they escaped their death.  

Suddenly, the God rises from his throne and marches towards the hunters. Remembering the second commandment, Sung tells us to praise God, but this time, a male hunter gets squashed beneath for wrongly praising him.

What else happens in episode 2?

Running away in desperation, Sung notices the statues with instruments and asks everyone to go near them. Following up, God returns to his throne, and an Altar rises. 

Also, Kim accuses Mr. Chiyul of his reckless decision and discusses the dungeon break. Sung asks two of his guild members to carry him towards the Altar for inspection as one of his legs is amputated.   

While inspecting, orange and blue flames rise, each representing a hunter present there. The final commandment was to believe in God (sacrifice), and blue flames acted as a timer. As time passed, members fled away, and Sung took responsibility, which led to a horror show of bloodshed. Remembering his past before a final blow from one of those statues, a screen appears in front of his eyes, giving him a chance to live or die. This leaves us fans at a cliffhanger. 

Solo Leveling Episodes review: E3 – It’s like a game   

Episode three starts with Jin-Woo being admitted to the hospital for three days. He stays unconscious and later meets Hunter Surveillance Team manager and his partner Kang. Further discusses the retirement of Mr. Chiyul and psychiatric treatment of Joohee, and she may not be able to go on any raids in future.  

For once, Sung thought he was dreaming by seeing his perfect condition but discovered that he had been rescued by the White Tiger guild, and only six members had returned safely. Feeling unsatisfied, Kang and his partner tell Jin-Woo about the “second awakening.” 

For once, Woo thought about this and placed his hand on the meter, revealing that he scored lower than an average E-class hunter. In the next scene, we notice Jinah visiting Jin-Woo, where, out of curiosity, he asks Jinah about notification panels in the game she played in the past. 

At first, Sung thought he was hallucinating but ended up in the middle of the desert for a penalty quest for not completing the daily quest. Somehow survives three hours from a monster centipede and this is how Sung Jin-Woo will get on the top through player development system. We now shift towards Joohee’s perspective, and she declines the offer to go on the raid. The man also informs her about Jin-Woo’s condition. 

This is when she arrives at the hospital and sees Jin-Woo working out on the lawn in perfect condition. Through the “Player development system”, Sung rapidly increases his strength and is tasked to an Instant Dungeon where he fights several goblins and gains courage to complete the dungeon as soon as possible.

But a steel-fanged Lycan appears in his way, and Woo cannot move due to remembrance of the double dungeon ordeal. This episode ends with the Lycan storming towards Jin-Woo. 

The Final Review

solo levelling episodes review

With a great storyline comes great responsibility! 

Solo Leveling is adapting with its fanbase. Some still point out the flaws, and some have already reached heaven after seeing these three episodes. Though it had a point of criticism with the name in Japanese, Producers have managed to overcome that hurdle. 

Overall, the world-building is excellent, and the character introduction is on-spot, but something is still lacking, which is the slow build-up compared to manhwa. 

These thirteen episodes will be an elemental explosion.  

What do you think?  


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