Genshin Impact Killer: Wuthering Waves is on the Way; Here are the details!! [Updated]

Wuthering Waves

In the expansive world of Anime Role-Playing games, titles like Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, BBS and Naruto Franchise have set a benchmark. Now, Kuro Games is ready to come with Genshin Impact Killer, Wuthering Waves(WuWa), in the same genre. 

The hype that this company has created is beyond comparison. For your information, Kuro Games is a Chinese-based company like Hoyoverse (creator of Genshin Impact). People are eagerly waiting for this game as rumours have it that Wuthering Waves will have a better storyline than Genshin Impact. It is going to be an open-world RPG game with a vibrant storyline and high combat system that promises a considerable degree of freedom.  

This game offers a captivating Action-Adventure Journey in a Post-Apocalyptic world. With much better movements and fast and smooth combat, this game will probably hit Genshin-like (Apophis!!). From the creator of Punishing: Gray Ravens, there will be 11 minutes of gameplay, though it’s still being developed.

I have been eagerly waiting for the development and beta testing of this game since the announcement dropped. We can also witness a collaboration with NieR: Automata or any other RPG game soon because of frequent collaborations with PGR. If you are eagerly waiting like me, you can also check out the official Comic series of Wuthering Waves. 

Wuthering Waves details

Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves, currently under development, opened a CBT2 Recruitment phase for beta testing, which will open on 19th February. Till the Beta Testing is going on, the game is currently open for Pre-Registrations, and Rovers will get a huge number of in-game materials and gifts. 

As seen in the poster, this game contains endless hard boss fights and experience marvels with every stride. There is no official release date from Kuro Games till now, though there have been leaks of an official release in March 2024. The game will be released on each platform from PS5 to IOS and Android.

Wuthering Waves vs Genshin Impact: Is it going to be a Genshin Impact killer

Wuthering Waves vs Genshin Impact

The game is overall like Genshin, with the same combat mechanics, having a skill and an elemental burst reaction for each character. The gaming community still compares the complexity of grinding for ascension materials and each world level between both games.

The open world adventure and the world-building are almost the same, with at least 4 characters in the game, and it also has a skill and an Ult button, whereas the gameplay also contains a skill where the Rover is able to fly in the game similar to Genshin and a (T) button skill in Genshin where our main character can instantly dash in the air. 

During exploration, you can also witness world chests and interactions with NPC characters for world quests. In gameplay, we also witness a function of a scanner similar to the vision skill in Genshin Impact. The main comparison is the high-tech world-building and the ancient world-building with a fix in bugs and the Graphic quality in the game. 

Kuro Games as an underdog is really hyping up the gaming community, and it can be a major lesson for other game-developing companies for fixing bugs and avoiding anti-consumer products. Wuwa has hard boss battles and increases in enemy levels as you explore the world and ascend your Rover levels, but what makes Genshin better is the elemental reactions in fights to stack up the damage. Fans can have the pleasure of Rover’s exploration and world adventure from an 11-minute gameplay by Kuro Games.

The biggest flex by Kuro Games is their Combat Animations and their character designs, which followed up from PGR, and we will get that reward in Wuthering Waves. 

About the developer

Wuthering Waves

Kuro Games is a Chinese video game publishing and development studio from Guangdong, China. The company is well known for its game Punishing: Gray Ravens, which was released in 2019, an Action-Adventure Role-Playing hack-and-slash Gacha game on IOS and Android platforms. The anime community really loved playing PGR and is really excited for Wuwa.

PGR was first released in China on 5th December 2019 and later released in Japan on 4th December 2020. 

PGR contains a Hack and Slash style gameplay, and you play as a character known as Constructs. Also, the storytelling is in a light novel visual format. Overall, the game consists of various stages where you fight the enemy, controlling three characters in a squad. 

Like other Action anime role-playing games in PGR, you can evade enemy attacks by dodging, and it consumes stamina. The ascension is also the same as Honkai Star Rail. 

With AppaTheDog (Web Developer) from Dev Team and Kuro Games Staff, this game is still in the top tier list. 

More Information regarding Closed Beta Testing 2!!   

Wuthering Waves CBT2 Information

 Let’s get a sneak peek into a vast gameplay. The official site commenced the Closed Beta Testing on 19th February. Also, players can have an amusing view of the cinematic 4-minute trailer released by Wuthering Waves a few days ago! I admire Wuwa for mainly focusing on the player base, providing fast-paced combat and higher difficulty. You can play on the intro and outro attacks with three characters in the party setup.   

Intro attacks mainly focus on melee attacks, and outro attacks focus on the skill. The supportive attacks are initiated by other characters in the party. Along with the trailer, fans can witness the first impressions from Closed Beta Testing 2, which commenced on 19th February. Many gamers got a chance to play and explore the game through beta testing. Where they all the components related to the game and the ascension based on every character.    

I’m speechless on how Wuwa has a bag full of dynamic combats and liked how the camera moves according to the player’s movement. Which for sure tenses and relaxes the lock on the system on the enemy so the character can strafe back and forth, which, moreover highlights the combat style.   

The Gacha System of Wuthering Waves!!   

Wuthering Waves Gacha System

We can see the ascension of characters where each character has specific weapons, including a primary stat and a sub-stat. In similarity to Genshin, this game consists of Echosystem where we can equip the echos suitable to the character’s build. (I hope it will not kill the mood like Genshin’s artifacts farming)   

In Genshin, we can upgrade the attack, Crit Damage and other stats by upgrading the artifacts, but here in Wuthering Waves, we can use the skill of an echo selected in the primary slot. Further, in Wuwa, we will get an additional standard weapon banner along with a standard character weapon, whereas a weapon gets picked through a charted course in the special banner.    

Like other Gacha games, you will get a 5-star character when your pity crosses 80 convenes, and the probability of gaining a 4-star resonator or weapon is 6.0%. You will get a 4-star character after every 10 convenes pull. Following up, the probability of gaining a 3-star material is 93.2%. Likewise, Kuro Games is well known for distributing a free 5-star character, which we witnessed in PGR, and we hope they will follow the same in Wuwa.    

Story Faction and Character related information from Wuthering Waves    

Wuthering Waves Story and Characters

After CBT2, we have 18 characters in Wuwa, and the game has a dedicated site named WutheringLabs, where you can explore different builds for different characters. Wuthering Waves has six elements: Aero, Electro, Fusion, Glacio, Havoc and Spectro. Our main character, Rover (a resonator), is a 5-star character who belongs to the Spectro element, holds a sword, and plays the role of DPS.   

Huanglong and Black Shores are two of the factions introduced by Kuro Games. The story starts in the polity of Huanglong, which gets help from a dragon (seems familiar, right!). For more information regarding the storyline, you can see the impressions of Huanglong Nation from CBT2. The official site showcased 9 characters who belong to the Huanglong Nation and one character from Black Shores; for now, the nation from where Rover belongs is still a mystery.   

Glimpse of Wuthering Waves Characters!  

  • Jianxin is an Aero element-type character who uses a gauntlet during a fight. Some of Jianxin’s skills are Calming Air and Purification Force Field.   
  • As we all know, Rover is a Spectro element-type character who uses a sword in a fight. Along with this, resonators that have an unknown identity possess the power to absorb any sound. Moreover you have the choice to play as a male or female Rover.    
  • Midnight Ranger’s commander Jiyan is an off-field damage dealer character with Aero element. (A 5-star character who also uses a sword in combat).   
  • Chixia is a 4-star Fusion element character who uses a gun in combat. As a 4-star character, she outdoes other A and S Fusion rankers in the game. (If you know how to build, you can beat any Gacha game)   
  • Yuanwu is an Electro elemental 4-star character who uses a gauntlet in the game. He is also a master of Tea Therapy and is the boss at Nightingale Tea House. (We are getting more of Diluc). He’s an on-field and off-field DPS and is easy to build.    

Wuthering Waves Potential Release Date 

Wuthering Waves Potential release date

Wuthering Waves is getting more hype among Gacha players after witnessing extensive gameplay in Closed Beta Testing 2. Also, the game has become a hotshot in the Gacha Community because of leaks about its release date. Fans and the Gacha Community still believe that Wuthering Waves will premiere in October 2024 due to the game’s maintenance and final touch-up. Gacha Players and Beta Testers also believe that Kuro Games will Launch a CBT3 session in which they will sort out the payment options in China.

 22nd May 2024 is the perfect release date for Wuthering Waves, as patch 0.9.1 of CBT2 was projected last October, and patch 1.0 released a week ago. So, Kuro Games should work fast, as Wuwa can get overshadowed by Genshin Impact’s upcoming Natlan update if not released on the Initial date. As we all know Kuro Games launched CBT2 on 19th February.

It was a massive win for the company, as it received a good response regarding the game. As for now, Wuwa is all set to launch, but the official release date has not been decided either by Wuthering Waves’ official site or the developers.   

Wuthering Waves Release Date, Time, Platforms and More

Wuthering Waves Release Date

 As for the official website, the team has not uploaded any updates regarding character designs or CBT2. If you have still not pre-registered for the game, this can be your last chance to do so and grab free gifts. According to the official Epic Games Store Page, Wuthering Waves initial release date is 22nd May 2024. Wuwa is already available in the Epic Games Store. You can add to Wishlist to be notified when the game is available on PCs and Laptops. Though players have witnessed basic gameplay and other in-game mechanics through CBT2.

It’s hard to believe that Wuthering Waves will pop up on our windows in the upcoming months. So far, the official site has not uploaded any news or updates, but fans are frenzied by the Wuthering Waves Epic Games Store Page. Moreover You can play this exquisite game on Android, IOS, and PlayStation on 22nd May 2024.

Pull or Skip Banner 1.0?! 

As we all know, Wuwa premiered on 22nd May 2024, and the fans have gone frenzied. The first glimpse of the game got me crackling with excitement. However, the first question that comes to mind is which banner to select and invest all our Astrite in. Don’t worry! This will not happen again, like it did way back while playing Genshin. 

At the start of the game, you should go for the beginner banner, and after receiving 1 or 2 four-star, you should go for the standard banner. But invest properly, as many Gacha players have experienced this sadness (I’m one of them) after gaining an advantage in the first phase of the game. Store the astrite for the 5-Star Banners. 

Jiyan- Banner 1.0 

With an outstanding release, we got our first 5-star banner. Well!! This banner is a perfect choice if you are thinking of investing in your Astrite. However, it’s hard to get a 5-star resonator in the early pity. But if you are lucky enough, congratulations! You got your first 5-Star Aero-elemental character.  

However, if you have pre-registered and played for a few hours, it’s time for you to pull for Jiyan. Unlike other Gacha games, Wuwa has showered us with plenty of Astrite. The list below shows the time you have to invest in and pull for your favourite character.  

  1. American Server: May 22nd, 2024 -June 12th, 2024 

2. Europe Server: May 23rd, 2024 – June 13th, 2024  

3. Asia Server: May 23rd, 2024 – June 13th, 2024 

You can access the banner once you have reached Union Level 8. Another thing you can do to access Jiyan’s banner quickly is to complete the trial in the first resonance.  

More Info about Banner 1.0 

The process of pulling for a character might seem complex. But all you need to do is convert your Astrites into Tides. The Tides are the rarest currency in the game, and you can acquire them from the in-game shop. Moreover, Tides helps to pull a character from permanent or Limited-time banners. Meanwhile, Astrite can be used to pull from the beginner convenes or standard banners.  

Is it Worth to Invest in Banner 1.0?! 

When you start your journey as Rover, you will achieve Yangyang and Chixia for free through playing story mode and quests. However, if you are planning to pull for Jiyan, let me tell you that Chixia, Danjin and Mortefi are the 4-Star characters, and you can unlock them along with Jiyan. It’s all about your luck and pity system. Even if you get Chixia from Banner 1.0, you can unlock her constellation, which will increase her stats.  

Moving on, Jiyan, he’s an incredible Aero-elemental character. He uses broad blades in battles. Moreover, his resonator skill can strike multiple enemies at the same time. There is 50-50 pity to unlock Jiyan, but if you are the lucky one, Man!! Your team will create havoc!! Following up, Chixia, Danjin, and Mortefi are featured as 4-star characters. So, save your Astrite and pull on this banner.  

Weapon Banner 1.0 

If you have successfully pulled for your favourite character, it’s time to pair your character with their weapons. However, there is no specific 5-star weapon for Jiyan. You can pull for Verdant Summit through “Absolute Pulsation”, a 5-Star weapon banner. This banner also includes 4-star weapons like Dauntless Evernight, Hollow Mirage and Variation. But if you are one of those typical Gacha players. The game also has standard Weapon banners. Click Here to experience dynamic animations and astounding gameplay!! 


After CBT2 and many cinematic previews, I want to say “Wuthering Waves has a lot of potential”. Futuristic world-building and the new echo system intrigued me. Getting fast-paced gameplay on the smartphone may take a lot of work. Moreover, this game introduced a character who can use a gun, which brings all the points from my side. All we can now do is wait for this game to load on our screens!!


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