Haikyuu!! Final Movie: Battle at the Garbage Dump gets a new trailer; Here are the details

Finally, after a long wait, the trailer for Haikyuu!! Final movie: Battle at the Garbage Dump has been released. In the trailer, we can see the Nekoma High and Karasuno players. The first premiere of the movie is going to take place on February 16, 2024, in the home country (Japan, of course). The movie for Haikyuu!! is going to have two concluding parts for the series. The first movie, which will be premiered in a couple of days, will cover the manga starting from chapter 291 and focus on the games between Nekoma and Karasuno High School. Moving forward in the article, we will talk about the trailer details and future expectations from the movie.

Haikyuu!! Final Movie: battle at the Garbage Dump trailer details

The trailer for the latest Haikyuu!! Final Movie was shared on the official website of the same along with X. It kicks off with Tobio Kageyama telling Shoyo Hinata, returning home from the All-Japan Youth Training Camp, that he can move forward and achieve bigger things. Following that, we can see Kageyama’s agreement with what Hinata said, taken over by the animal signatures of Nekoma High (Cat) and Karasuno (Crow).

After that, the scene transitions to the ultimate decider between Nekoma High and Karasuno. It also highlights Kenma Kazume and Hinaya Shoyo’s rivalry. Apart from that, the trailer also gives us a glimpse of Nekoma High School captain Tetsuro Kuro desperately waiting to take part in the Dumpster battle. He takes charge of the same after his dialogue, “It’s reward time.” Towards the end, we can see a nail-biting encounter between Nekoma and Karasuno coupled with SPYAIR’s theme song, Orange, in the background.

What to expect from the upcoming Haikyuu!! Movie

Haikyuu!! Final Movie

As we all know Haikyuu: Battle of the Garbage Dump is going to release in 2 days in Japan and whole fanbase is excited about it. With two movies to end the whole franchise viewers are sad for witnessing such a wholesome series. But what’s disappointing is that there is no season 5 (Manga readers you know well).

If you are not a manga reader let us fill you with some information regarding these movies.

Both movies will cover 110 chapters (4 arcs) roughly in 4 to 5 hours of screen time. In the first movie you will witness the match between the born rivals Karasuno and Nekoma.

I personally believe they are going to split arcs in these movies with Matches between Nekoma and Kamomedai High in first- and the-time skip arc in part two. With 33 chapters to adapt it will be a perfect movie which contains training and match with Nekoma

Wrapping up

We can say that the trailer has been dropped to maintain the hype of the upcoming Haikyuu movie. The visuals of Kenma and Kuro’s childhood work are the icing on the cake for the trailer. If you have been following Haikyuu!! then those one minute and 27 seconds are going to make you nostalgic and simultaneously give you an adrenaline rush. That being said if you are not familiar with Haikyuu!!, then you should definitely read the reasons to watch Haikyuu.

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