JJK Chapter 261: Gege Akutami’s move of bringing Gojo back has got the fans fuming!! 

JJK Chapter 261: Yuta in Gojo's body

Jujutsu Kaisen has been going through a lot of emotions. As we all know, JJK chapter 261 has revealed a lot of things that are damn hard to swallow. However, let’s not point out Gege’s work, as the flashback scene in chapter 260 did create some hype for a lot of fans. 

But every fanbase has a level of toxicity. Well!! We witnessed it here, too. The overstressed fans, requesting Gojo’s return, rage out at Gege’s work. Damn, what he did is a work of art, and some of the fans need to understand.  

There was no way to bring Gojo back from the dead. Furthermore, Gege improvised the narrative by bringing out Yuta in Gojo’s body!!  

Okkotsu Yuta’s Role Explained in JJK Chapter 261!!  

For the fans who are nowhere near the conclusion of JJK chapter 261 and are still delusional about Gojo’s return, let me tell you that Yuta is in Gojo’s body. Somehow, it is disappointing, but what else was there to happen? After Sukuna obliterated every character, the only option that came to Gege’s mind was bringing back Yuta.  

According to Chapter 261, we witness Sukuna preparing for his domain expansion as soon as he sees Gojo. Soon after, he praises Yuta for this extreme move. Moreover, chapter 261 unveils a flashback event where Rika devours Kenjaku to copy his Curse Technique. So that Okkotsu can switch bodies. Following up, chapter 261 also unveils the disapproval of each sorcerer for Yuta’s decision, as no one knows what will happen after those 5 minutes.  

Great Powers come with great risk!! Yuta can only use Kenjaku’s cursed technique for 5 minutes. However, a new monster appears in the series, crossing all the limits to beat the soul out of Ryomen Sukuna. The flashback event in Chapter 261 also unveiled how Yuta used his reversed Cursed Technique to complete Gojo’s body and use it as a damn vessel!! 

Smart Yet a Disappointing Move from Gege in JJK Chapter 261 

Fans couldn’t care less for the final ending. All they want is for Gojo to be in his natural state, obliterating the soul of Sukuna. I can understand your feelings towards your favorite character. However, it is a smart move from Gege’s side to bring Yuta into Gojo’s body.  

But this move sure has a lot of consequences. The main reason this series came into the limelight was Gojo or Sukuna. If you remove the main factor from the series, then it is one of the most disappointing factors. Yuta is the new monster of Jujutsu Kaisen. But you can’t simply remove the prodigal sensei from the series.   

Well, Gege is an audacious person, for sure!! But this chapter majorly disappoints the fanbase despite the peak he’s delivering. All in all, Gojo Satoru was a mere weapon for the Jujutsu Society. Moreover, it took a long time to polish Yuta’s character in the series.  

In my opinion, this is a zenith of fiction, and JJK should end with this supreme fight between Malevolent Shrine and Infinite Void!! 


I’m speechless for this series. Jujutsu Kaisen has always delivered to the fanfare. But it’s hard to convince them with anything up on board. However, it’s time for Yuta to take the spotlight. However, it’s hard to believe that Yuta is in Gojo’s body. We will still be able to watch Infinite Void vs Malevolent Shrine in the upcoming Chapter 262 releasing on 9th June 2024.

All in all, I want to say that Yuta is the undisputed MVP in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 261!!  

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