JJK 261 Spoilers: Gojo Is Back From The Dead

JJK 261 spoilers

The Jujutsu Kaisen Manga is getting more intense with each chapter. In JJK 260, we saw that Sukuna possibly witnessed Gojo Saturo’s comeback. Now, JJK 261 Spoilers have arrived, and they make things more intriguing. According to the Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 261 spoilers, Yuta used Kenjaku’s Cursed Technique to bring Gojo Back to life. Moving forward in the article, I’ll explain how this happens and what are the other details regarding JJK 261 spoilers.

JJK 261 Spoilers: Yes, Gojo is back with a bang

Twitter user Myamura, who is completely reliable when it comes to JJK spoilers, shared the spoilers on X.com. Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 261 kick starts with Yuiji Itadori on his way to destroy Sukuna’s heart. Sukuna, while trying to use domain expansion, gets a glimpse of Gojo Saturo right in front of him. Sukuna is unable to process the situation but soon figures out that it’s not Gojo. And he calls the individual Yuta Okkotsu. And then the spoilers shift to a flashback where Rika wolfs Kenjaku to steal his Cursed Technique, giving Yuta the ability to switch bodies. 

Maki, being sturdy on the moral compass, questions the move, but it is the only way left, as per Hakari. Apart from that, we can see in JJK 261 spoilers that Kusakabe is asking Shoko about the possibility of using Limitless or Six Eyes. Nonetheless, Shoko says that Limitless is not worth using without the six eyes and that the latter is a part of Gojo’s physical body. 

On the other hand, it was clearly visible that Maki was worries for Yuta and was trying to calculate the consequences of using Kenjaku’s curset technique. The main detail here is that a sorcerer can copy a technique for not more than five minutes. Mei Mei, theory regarding the same suggested that there is a possibility that Yuta will ve supposed to live on Gojo’s body forever. 

JJK Spoilers: Who will be the new monster?

While everyone was questioning Yuta’s move =, he was adamant about switching his body with Gojo’s corpse. The reason behind this was that becoming the monster would defeat a monster. Yuta says that every time a large threat is encountered, all the sorcerers were Gojo Saturo to become the monster. Now, when he is not there, someone will be supposed to take responsibility and become a monster to defeat the King of Curses. 

In a flashback, we also get to see Yuta saying to Gojo that he will take the latter’s body if needed. Surprisingly, Gojo agrees to the same and says that he doesn’t care what happens with his body after he is gone. This part of JJK 261 spoilers can stir the emotions of any fan without a doubt. When Gojo asks all his students to leave so that they get saved from the impact of things coming his way, Yuta asks him not to become a monster alone again. This dialogue from Yuta was soul-crushing as he knew that Gojo was going to take the impact of everything on him.

The manga switches to the present from the flashback, and we can see Amai explaining how his cursed technique can magnify the sugar output. Shoko then puts Amai on the medical team along with Nitta to supply their brain with some sugar using his CT. In the next scene switch, we can see Yuta slashed by Sukuna’s move, and he is taken to the medical ward. Yuta then says that he is conscious and is slowly reaching his limit. Shoko says that she has already stitched Gojo’s body. As soon as Yuta switches bodies, he will have to activate the Reverse Cursed Technique at the maximum capacity. 

The scene finally switched to the battlefield, where we saw Sukuna and Yuta (in Gojo’s body) opening their domains. The narrator also mentioned that Gojo had shown the solution to Sukuna’s open barrier domain. The chapter ended with Sukuna Using the Malevolent Shrine and Yuta using Gojo’s Unlimited Void. 

Wrapping up

The JJK 261 spoilers are twisted enough to make any fan go crazy. No one was expecting this kind of a comeback from Gojo (or Yuta). Things are going to get more intense with JJK 262. However, the wait will be a little long as the JJK manga is going on a break next week. Until then, have a look at our article and learn how Todo’s new arm became the best seller in Japan.

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