JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure Mobile Game to debut in 2025; Here’s all you need to know

Jojo's Bizarre adventure mobile game

JOJO Bizarre Adventure is set to make its mark in the mobile gaming world with a game by Gumi Inc in 2025. (This is a moment of pride for every manga and anime enthusiast). Hirohiko Akari’s iconic series, JOJO’s legacy isbuilt on its Unique art style and intricate family tree, has garnered a massive and dedicated fandom.  

JOJO’s mobile game, set to launch in 2025, has fans buzzing with excitement. The details, shrouded in mystery, heighten the anticipation for what Gumi Inc. has in store.  

According to the press release, Gumi Inc. claims to have acquired the rights to distribute a mobile game in Japan based on JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure and plans to release it in 2025. Gumi also stated that progress updates on the development will release accordingly.  (Fan theories related to the same suggest that it will have a Gacha system like others and will run through the previous storyline) 

About Gumi Inc.  

Gumi Inc. is a mobile game and blockchain company situated in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. It was established on 13th June 2007. CEO of Gumi, Hiroyuki Kawamnoto, officially published a statement regarding the game via press release. The company values itself and works on the motto “One Step Beyond.” Gumi is notable for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Phantom of the Kill, and Crystal of Reunion.  

Wrapping Up 

When it comes to JOJO, we all know that something will mess up eventually among Joestars. Even if most of you have not watched this heavenly delight, JOJO is ridiculously famous for its humor and jokes all over the internet. With a successful season, the fanbase, a crucial part of this journey, eagerly awaits the remontada of the upcoming season and cries in joy due to the special announcement of JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure mobile game. Fond of Gacha Games? Check our article on Wuthering Waves and get ready to farm! 


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