Solo Leveling Episode 10: Release Date, Time, and Episode 9 Recap

Solo Leveling Episode 10

Solo Leveling anime has successfully managed to meet the expectations of the fans. The one-week delay for the eighth episode launch was a little turnoff, but the franchise covered the same with the intensely forward-moving story in episode 9. Now, the fans are eagerly waiting for Solo Leveling Episode 10 which is going to release tomorrow.

And why not, speculations are that the episode will be set in a battle-infused environment. Without any further ado, here we are penning down all the information that you need to know about Solo Leveling Episode 10 – release date, time, platforms, and more followed by the recap of Solo Leveling Episode 9.

Solo Leveling Episode 10 Release Date, Time, and Platforms

Solo Leveling Episode 10 release date and time

Solo Leveling Episode 10 is going to be released on March 17, 12:00 AM, as per Japanese Standard Time (JST). Apart from that, the release time and date will vary according to the time zones. You can check out the list below to learn the release time in your region.

  • On March 16, Saturday, at 3:00 PM as per GMT
  • On March 16, Saturday, at 9:00 AM as per CST
  • On March 16, Saturday, at 10:00 AM as per EST
  • On March 16, Saturday, at 7:00 AM as per PST
  • On March 17, Sunday, at 2:00 AM as per ACST

Solo Leveling Episode 10 will be available to stream in Japan on channels like YTV and Tokyo MX. All the international fans can watch the latest episode on Crunchyroll. One thing which you need to know is that the content releases on Crunchyroll after a little delay. Not only this, but the viewers will also need a subscription of Crunchyroll in order to watch the latest content. The subscription price of Crunchyroll varies in different countries.

Solo Leveling Episode 9 Recap

Solo Leveling Episode 10 expectations

Solo Leveling Episode 9 is a literal treat for you, depicting extensive power-scaling, which makes this episode one of the best. Furthermore, the foreshadowing in this episode is at its peak and will leave you on the verge of excitement.

Solo Leveling Episode 9 features a terrifying duel between Jin-Woo and Kang Taeshik. As we delve deeper, Jin-Woo confronts Kang Taeshik with his overwhelming powers of Shadow Monarch. To know more, you can also check out Solo Leveling Episode 9 Ending Explained.

Solo Leveling Episode 10 expectations

Solo Leveling Episode 10

Other than the high-voltage action, fans can also expect to see the betterment of relationship between our main protagonist and Jinwoo in upcoming Solo Leveling episode, ‘What Is This, A Picnic?’. It will be interesting to see how the makers strike a balance between romance and action in the latest episode.

That being said, The world of Hunters is not something straight out of fairytale and Jin Woo is slowly getting the hang of it. We can also get to see Sung Jin Woo’s new squad indulging in conquering dungeons together.

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