One Piece 1117 Spoilers: The Long-Awaited Battle Finally Begins!! 

One Piece 1117 spoilers

After a long hiatus, One Piece 1117 spoilers have made their way and fans are on the edge of their seats. As we all know, One Piece Chapter 1117 is around the corner, and we will unveil the truth behind Gorosei’s and IMU’s reason for destroying the advanced kingdoms. However, the leaks do disappoint fans for not extending the fable to an epic clash between StrawHats and the Five Elders.  

In addition, Vega-Punks message will conclude in the upcoming chapter which is also the main reason why One-Piece fandom fumes all over the internet.  

Meanwhile, it’s our duty to discuss the One-Piece Chapter 1117 with all the Otakus out there!! 

One Piece 1117 Spoilers Reveals More About Vega-Punk’s Final Message!! 

One Piece 1117 spoilers

It’s been a week since fans have been waiting for Vega-Punk’s broadcast to end, but how can we argue with Oda Sensei!! According to the leaks, the broadcast goes on with Vega-Punk spitting out facts about the ancient kingdom and the unreliability of Roger’s crew. Meanwhile, One Piece 1117 spoilers showcase a cover story in which Yamato visits Hyogoro and Nekomamushi. The alleged spoilers begin with more reactions to the Hachinosu Island raid. It’s the same raid that was led by Monkey. D. Garp himself earlier in the arc. However, the reactions are not showcased in the current spoilers. It is a possibility that Blackbeard and his crew are the ones reacting to the Hachinosu raid.  

On the other hand, as Vega-Punk’s final message comes to an end, He reveals evil deeds of the five Elders and IMU of how they used Mother Flame to charge the third Ancient Weapon Uranus to eradicate the kingdoms. Due to which the level of seas rose up to 200 meters.  

One Piece 1117 Spoilers leads to a heated battle!! 

One piece chapter 1117 spoilers

While others react to Vega-Punk’s final message and Hachinosu raid. The spoilers see Sword members recovering in a hospital where we also witness Tashigi talking to Smoker. Well!! This information is enough to assume that Smoker will also visit Hachinosu Island (Though the reasons are not stated!!).  

The Straw Hats and Luffy reunite to escape Elbaf Island along with Vega-Punk. However, One Piece chapter 1117 spoilers showcase an intriguing and anticipated clash between Roronoa Zoro and Nasjuro. Damn!! It’s going to be a bloodthirsty fight between the King of Hell and One of the Five Elders. Besides their face-off, Nasrujo seems to remember Sandai Kitetsu. How does Nasjuro know Kitetsu? Is there any relation between Nasjuro and Zoro? All these answers will be delivered in the upcoming Zeniths.  

One Piece Chapter 1117 Spoilers Highlight an Essential Mystery Regarding “The Will of D”

A scene from the One Piece anime

Amidst the chaos in Egghead Island, Vega-punk prematurely ends his broadcast with a final message for our protagonist Monkey. D. Luffy, along with Blackbeard, Dragon, and Sabo (Goodness gracious, Oda is cooking hard!! Fans worldwide are on a dopamine rush by knowing Sabo’s name in the list).  

As Zoro prepares for a voracious battle with the MVP of Egghead Island, people worldwide are thunderstruck by Vega-Punk’s message for Luffy and others. However, the broadcast gets interrupted by the Five Elders. Moreover, Five Elders besides Nasjuro surround the Ancient Robot for antiquity!! One Piece Chapter 1117 commences the final phase of Egghead Island, where we will unravel many mysteries regarding IMU, Five Elders, and especially Nasjuto’s relation with Zoro!!


One Piece Chapter 1117 Spoilers unveils many threads regarding the ancient Kingdom, Void Century, and the reason why Five Elders are preparing to attack the Iron Giant. However, the end of Vega-Punk’s message lashes out on the fanbase. While Vega-Punk’s broadcast restarts with the enthralling message regarding the “Will of D,” read our article on “Suicide Squad Isekai.”

Also, read the previous chapter 1116 on “Viz Media” and “Manga Plus Shueisha” to know what chaos is happening in Egghead Island.


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