One Piece 1119 Spoilers: Luffy And Bonney Attack The Gorosei As Vega-Punk’s Final Broadcast Returns!! 

One Piece 1119 Spoilers

One Piece 1119 spoilers have dumbfounded the entire world with its intriguing plot development (Damn!! Oda Sensei is in clutch mode to reveal the Elbaph Arc!!). The previous chapter unveiled many things that we didn’t even expect. The fable continues with Vega-Punk’s final broadcast and enthralling clashes between Straw Hats and the Elders.  

Meanwhile, worldwide fanfare took time to get some relief. One Piece 1119 spoilers delivered the epic battle between Luffy and the remaining Elders!! Moreover, we will also unravel the long-hidden mystery behind the Will of D and JoyBoy’s connection with the IMU and the Ancient Robot! 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the void century and witness JoyBoy’s adventures!! 

One Piece 1119 Spoilers See Mugiwara and Bonney vs. Mars!! 

The issue story continues from where we left off. Jewelry Bonney transforms into her full Nika form due to Luffy’s influence. Moreover, in One Piece 1119 spoilers, Luffy and Bonney target Saint Marcus Mars, who attacked the Elbaph Ship.  

However, Mars claims that Nika’s transformation is fake and continues to attack Luffy and others. Meanwhile, Luffy transforms into a giant balloon and deflects Saint Mars’s attack.  

Following up, as per the leaks, Luffy uses his brain for the first time and tells others to send the “Monster” flying so they can recover quickly. Eventually, Luffy, Sanji, Franky, and Bonney strike Mars with a combined attack, which sends him far away. However, their respective attacks are not disclosed in the current spoilers!!  

One Piece 1119 Spoilers Reveals Vega-Punk’s Message for The “Will Of D” 

One Piece chapter 1119 Spoilers

While Luffy and Bonney struggle to fight the remaining Gorosei, the Ancient Robot staggeringly enters the battlefield!! Moreover, Vega-Punk’s massive broadcast continues (at least we are not on a cliffhanger anymore!!) While the Ancient Robot recovers from Warcury’s attack, Den-Den Mushi wakes up and continues the unsettled broadcast.  

During the final message, Vega-Punk states the inheritance of the Will, presumably speaking for the “Will of D.” Moreover, Vega-Punk’s hope for passing down the Will gives many hints to the whole fanbase about the Void Century 900 years ago. 

One Piece 1119 Spoilers Unveil Ancient Robot’s Memory regarding JoyBoy’s Voice!! 

One Piece 1119 Spoilers

As Vega-Punk continues with his vicious speech, the issue story showcases some crucial reactions from the Big Mom Pirates, Vivi, and Morgans. However, their reactions are not described in the spoilers. Fanfare is attracted by Vivi’s connection with IMU and the World Government itself (Well, theories are not that bad!!)

Moving ahead in the spoilers, we witness Luffy attacking Ju Peter, whereas Warcury targets the Elbaph Ship. However, Bonney turns back into a kid due to severe exhaustion. In the last phase of One Piece 1119 spoilers, viewers unveil Ancient Robot’s flashback regarding Joyboy’s voice. The statement “Emeth, when the time arrives, you must” assures the fandom that Ancient Robot’s name is Emeth, and he attacks Warcury as Luffy yells, “Robot.” 


The issue story ends with a stunning plot development. Yet another feast by Oda Sensei. However, this spoiler also confirms an Oda series break!! While you wait for One Piece Chapter 1119, read the previous chapter on Viz Media to feel pure bliss!! 


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