One Piece Chapter 1118 Spoilers: Eiichiro Oda Reveals Bonney’s True Powers!!

One Piece Chapter 1118 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1118 is around the corner, and the spoilers regarding the upcoming zenith have left fans on their toes. While the fan base worldwide awaits the end of Vega-Punk’s broadcast, Oda Sensei dropped another phenomenal explosion. 

So, today we all Nakamas are going to discuss One Piece chapter 1118 spoilers. The fable continues with Straw Hats and their legacy to provide a better world!! Get ready for the adrenaline rush as we unravel Bonney’s secret and get a glimpse of a voracious clash between Zoro and Nusjuro.

One Piece 1118 Spoilers Sees Gorosei’s Final Attack to Claim the Transponder Snail!!

Certainly! In One Piece chapter 1118, Spoilers fans unveil the Elders’ tactics to surround the Iron Giant and claim the transponder Snail. In the last phase of One Piece chapter 1117, we witnessed Warcury and others unleashing their zoan types against the Ancient Robot. As we revisit the scene, the Iron Giant is eliminated by Warcury’s attack, which shocks everyone present there.

Though, One Piece chapter 1118 was going to be the end of the Egghead Arc with Straw Hats escaping towards Elbaph. However, One Piece chapter 1118 focuses on Gorosei’s strategy to claim the transponder snail and their fallout. 

On the other hand, we witness many characters, including Leo and Rebecca. The purpose is still unclear, but they do have some connections with the broadcast. The spoilers then jump toward the issue storyline where Topman Warcury showcases his zoan-type powers. Moreover, the title “I’m Free” explains York’s deal with the Gorosei to become a Celestial.

One Piece Chapter 1118 Spoilers: It Is All Chaotic Out There

While Warcury claims the elimination of the Iron Giant, Fans unveil Saint Marcus Mars attacking an Elbaph ship with all his might. As shown before, Luffy struggled to block Warcury’s attack, and it seemed impossible for the giant to hold its ground against Mars.

As Mars’s powers and abilities are not showcased in these spoilers, fans’ expectations are increased vigorously!! Meanwhile, the remaining Elders target VegaPunk Atlas and VegaPunk Lilith to capture them. 

As the battle between Zoro and Nusjuro continues, Jinbe also joins hands with Zoro to beat Nusjuro’s soul out. Nevertheless, the spoilers focus on Gorosei instead of a staggering battle between Zoro and Nusjuro, which definitely lowers the hype all over the internet.

One Piece Chapter 1118 Spoilers Reveals Jewelry Bonney’s Prime!!

During all these chaotic events, Oda really did something great that neither I nor you expected!! The end phase of the issue story reveals how Bonney described her feelings and transformed into her full Nika form using the age-age fruit.

It is claimed that Luffy’s Gear 5 encouraged Bonney to do the same. This may be a hint that the person Vega-Punk called during his final message is Bonney herself. Following up, the Spoiler ends when the Iron Giant senses Booney’s complete Nika form and says, “It’s here.” Though it’s unclear who he is referring to!! One Piece chapter 1118 spoilers end with an enormous cliffhanger!!


The upcoming chapter will be astonishing as we witness Bonney’s proper Nika form and different Elders’ abilities. The series makes it attractive for the fandom as no hiatus follows One Piece chapter 1118. While you wait for the peak, read our article on “Ninja Kamui Season 2.”

Read One Piece chapter 1117 on Viz Media before experiencing the blissful events of Chapter 1118.


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