Rin Itoshi in Blue Lock: Once His Ideal Is Now His Rival  

Blue Lock: Rin Itoshi

Blue Lock has been on the top of the charts in recent years. If you love football, this anime will be a televisual feast for you. While trying to make it bigger than his nation level player elder brother, Sae Itoshi, Rin decides to make it big in the Blue Lock facility. In this article, we are going to discuss Rin Itoshi as an individual along with keeping a focus on his relationships with others in the series.

Who is Rin Itoshi in Blue Lock?

Rin Itoshi Blue Lock

We know Rin Itoshi as a hard-to-talk and mean person, but he was not like that from the start. Rin Itoshi was a much more playful and happier child. He started playing football as he regularly saw his older brother, Sae Itoshi, play it. And gradually, he developed an interest in the game of football and started playing with his brother more often. Sae is a prodigy, which makes Rin proud, as his brother was quite famous for his outstanding football skills.  

But as Sae grew, he was soon sent to Spain and joined a much more professional team. Now that Rin Itoshi was alone, he was overwhelmed by the lack of facilities he had access to when he was with Sae. Rin’s transformation from a cheerful child to a serious player is a testament to his determination and growth. As he started to focus more on his skills to replace his elder brother’s place. Rin’s cheerfulness gradually faded, and he became a much more serious person. 

His dedication to the game is evident in his extreme rudeness to everybody, even towards Jinpachi Ego, the current head and coach of the Blue Lock program. Rin’s only goal is to be the best striker and defeat his brother in his own game. A main reason why he’s braggy even outside the field!!

Rin Itoshi in Blue Lock: Player with godly skills

Rin Itoshi Abilities

Rin Itoshi’s unique abilities and strategies are what set him apart in the Blue Lock program. His genius lies in guiding his team to help him score a goal, a skill that is enhanced by his immense charisma. His sense of authority is unmatched, making him a crucial factor in the team’s success.  

Rin Itoshi possesses unique abilities that set him apart from other Blue Lock characters. One of his major strengths is his highly precise long shots. He is one of the few people in Blue Lock who can shoot a powerful yet highly accurate shot from one end of the field. This ability, combined with his strategic foresight, makes him a formidable player.  

Rin also has a keen sense of his surroundings. He can briefly examine his surroundings to make his next move. Apart from his normal skills, let’s talk about his FLOW, which is quite interesting due to its complicated work. 

In his flow, he can intentionally make his opponent reveal their trump card against him just to shut it down and make them mentally and physically weak, i.e. break his opponent’s morals by just countering their most powerful move. It hurts the most when someone easily counters your best, but it’s all fair when it comes to winning and advancing.  The are the things that make Rin Itoshi one of the best players in Blue Lock facility. And guess what? We are going to more on-field miracles by Rin in Blue Lock Season 2.

  • Dribbling: Though many strikers possess demonic dribbling styles, my man has the best feet in the world!!  
  • Extremely fast penalty kick: Rin performs his penalty kick so fast that the goalkeeper cannot defend against it. In an instant, the ball goes rocket!!   
  • Foresight: Rin can predict his opponent’s move precisely and act just like he scared Yoichi’sYoichi’s soul!!  
  •  Tremendous speed reverse strategy: Rin Itoshi can trick opponents by suddenly changing his course and accelerating in the opposite direction. 

The battle of not being the shadow of Sae Itoshi

Rin Itoshi vs Sae Itoshi

As we all know Rin Itoshi is trying to surpass his brother, Sae Itoshi, though it will take a long route. Now, a crucial question arises: why would he try to surpass his brother? Rin Itoshi’s ultimate goal is to stop being a shadow of his brother and emerge as a distinct individual. He doesn’t want to be known as Sae Itoshi’s brother but as Rin Itoshi himself.  

To achieve this, he is determined to surpass his brother, a goal that is not only challenging but also holds the promise of a bright future in the Blue Lock Program.  

“I will defeat him and carve my name into the world!! This story is about me!!” 

Rin Itoshi

This goal is extremely tough for Rin, but with his exceptional growth, skill and charismatic personality, Rin can surpass Sae’s fame!! All in all, Rin made his name in the Blue Lock Facility due to his hard work and fierce determination!!   


Rin Itoshi is an extremely hardworking and talented football genius who tends to have full control over his teammates and even his opponents. Blue Lock Program was founded to produce the best striker and the biggest EGOIST. In addition, Rin is one of the best contenders for this specific goal. However, who’s your favourite Egoist!!   

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